Toxic communities


I don’t have a nasty stalker but am surrounded – both in real life and in a digital sense – by on the one hand miserable people who are guided by blind hate and on the other hand people who are too gullible and believe everything that they are told or that they hear and only a handful of people to whom this doesn’t apply.

I don’t know any of the latter personally, but I do know that it includes a young woman who works at the navy, locally.

Okay, also a large group of people who don’t know what to make of it all. Of course!

What can I do with that?

The hate that the first group is driven by (to vilify and abuse and even sabotage me) reveals their personal insecurities. I can’t fix that. But maybe I can overcome it or go around it.

The geographical constraints of the tiny island that I am on limit me greatly.

I’ve been having bad headaches and yawning a lot for a few days and I am not going to rush into anything.

But I am done with being abused. These anonymous people who hate me, they will literally have to kill me in order to make me succumb to their hate. Maybe they can place bets on that this time, instead of on whether I will commit suicide. 🤪

Frankly, I am flabbergasted by the hate. Until a few days ago, I hadn’t even realised how much blind hate is behind my abuse. Nor had I realised how much of it is about age, not just about me being female and foreign and a feminist.

It’s certainly got nothing to do with someone out there perhaps being autistic. This isn’t humourous either, not in the slightest. This is mostly regular narrow-minded anonymous folks who let hate dictate everything that they do and who have zero respect for their fellow human beings.

They literally seem to think that everyone over 45 is brain-dead 😂 (and is better off dead?).

Cutting or restricting my internet access – or hiding all the UNIX books or going into my flat to steal my car club card or my bankcard so that I have to go to the bank instead of going to Southampton that day or blocking income opportunities or spreading these stupid rumours about me – doesn’t make me brain-dead either, folks. You can try from here till eternity. It’s not going to work.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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