So what is 4chan? And how does this relate to Portsmouth? (Local leaders, watch this.)

Local leaders, watch these videos. (And step into the shoes of the rest of Portsmouth, the people who aren’t watering lilies and roses and daffodils and mowing lawns and growing orchids and doing needlepoint and knitting and crocheting and eating very very well.)

That is, you should also check out these links:

Here are links to highly explanatory pages about how this bizarre bullshit works: WikipediaCNETThe IndependentBuzzFeedThe IndependentTimeWikipediaWikipedia. It just so happens that I’ve said a few times that I am highly critical of this movement, too. They are nowhere near the benevolent force for good that some people mistake them for (more in The Guardian). Here is another recent story:

And, oh yeah, I’d forgotten, but yes, they also targeted an 11-year-old child some years ago.

There are so many people in Portsmouth who feel like that, what this guy in this video below describes, like they’re worthless and have no future.

The shit they pull all over town, including the massive fights, that’s the only way for them to feel that they matter, that they have some significance.

I hate, therefore I exist. I fight, therefore I exist.

No, of course, this is not all related to 4chan. But looking at 4chan shows you how some of this shit in Portsmouth comes about. Portsmouth is extremely insular, for which it is well known. It’s actually a lot like 4chan in itself, isn’t it? Whether these folks use 4chan’s messaging boards or not…

After the riots in England in 2011, young people who were part of that said that this sort of stuff could be prevented by giving them something useful to do and they mentioned things like… sports facilities.

These are people who feel they have no lives, in other words. They are desperate for a sense of significance and for something useful to do.

Yeah, this clicks with what I have been experiencing.

These are people who have no idea of how academia works, how immensely competitive it is, let alone of what scientists do, and have no idea either as to why many of my clients want(ed) confidentiality from me instead of seeing me being hacked to pieces, and they thought that me having supplied certain services to a certain large international organisation when I was still based in Amsterdam was certainly bullshit. (The latter two things may explain what seems to have been one of their most recent stupid ploys and these ploys increasingly often cost me money, not just in terms of missed income but also in terms of expenses.)

And so on and so forth.

These are also often people who believe that all women are literally essentially brain-dead. Because that’s what they get told all the time, so often, and tell each other, so often, that they end up believing it.

Note: “UTV from Kent, UK”

Yep, certainly watch that one about the Philmarillion too!

I have recently run into this OK hand sign as mentioned in this 2019 CNN video, but I had no idea that it stood for white supremacy/nationalism crap. I did wonder what it was about and I assumed that it was sexual in nature, but the context did not seem to fit. It was not targeted at me, I think; I probably saw it in passing in a video or on Twitter or perhaps someone’s arrest photo in a news article.

These forums prime people for hate, aggression and violence, and if some of these folks say that they only post hate as some kind of joke – which I do understand because their idea, in that case, is to ridicule this hate – they’re still encouraging hate, aggression and violence. Because they make hate as matter-of-fact as cornflakes or baked beans to everyone who consumes what they post. The thresholds to it disappear.

And yes, 8chan moved to 8kun, so I understand (and “kun” may stand for “young males”) and the 8 as you can see stands for “infinity” but I have no idea why. I have no idea what the 4 in 4chan stands for either.

So I looked into it. Turns out that 4chan was supposed to mimic a Japanese message board that was dubbed 2chan, for “two leaf” (likely some Japanese symbolism?). Hence the four leaves for 4chan. Infinity may stand for anything goes? No, for Infinity software.

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