Autism and hate are two very different things

Neither have the right to break the law and violate other people’s rights.

When autistic people do hurtful things, that’s because they don’t understand that they’re hurting you. Perhaps they merely don’t care, that is, the thought never seems to enter their minds that they might be hurting you or violating your boundaries. They don’t seem to have a good idea of what boundaries are, what other people’s boundaries are and that other people have them. Maybe this is a bigger problem in the west, but less so in societies where property ownership is much less individual and where maybe even everyone can freely walk into other people’s homes and do whatever they want there.

When hateful people do hurtful things, that’s because they understand very well that they’re hurting you. They’re merely being despicable.

Go sit and stare at a peaceful pond today. It will be calming and soothing.