For Toucan Diversity

In November 2014, someone contacted me, impersonating one of you. I have no idea what was behind that charade (other than that I’ve had nearly 15 years of this kind of thing at this point and a local character called Charlie seems to be behind it).

I met with the person who had contacted me, who seemed legit, but there turned out to be no valid reason as to why that person wanted to meet with me.

I don’t know who I really met with. None of what was said gave me a reason to check ID. Articles of Association can be found online. (I had extensive security procedures in place at the time. I had to, to protect clients’ interests and, in hindsight, also to make sure I wasn’t for example accidentally getting hired to stalk someone.)

I was asked to take a look at your Articles of Association, which I did, but the person impersonating you wasn’t interested in my suggestion to remove a discriminatory clause that Companies House had meanwhile removed from its standard articles because it was discriminatory. (Inclusivity? My ass, then, if I had really been dealing with one of you.) The person also indicated that the lawyer in your organization had already looked the Articles. Why ask me, then?

I later got some more (in some or most cases, clearly spoofed, however) communications. The person also said that your e-mail wasn’t working.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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