The good and the less good

Yep, I definitely feel a lot better. Yep, the tinnitus just came back a little, but I have done a lot of walking today with no ill effects and a decent level of energy so I am happy.

Also, re the hacking, in the past year or so, both my computer and my phone kept telling me that they were logging into a network. It’s a little odd. It only seems to happen on one SIM card/number.

Pompey clowns, hackers, lock-pickers, alt-right folks, antifa folks and all others who are obsessed with me and get angry when I talk about stuff you do – and yes, I saw that! – if you do not want me to talk about the stuff you do, then stop doing the stuff you do. Period.

Trying to exercise coercive control does not make things look any better for you. My mother if she were still alive could have told you that I can be very strong-willed and determined.

Why do I call what you do vile? Because if you first knock out someone’s income, via interference via the internet provider and lock-picking and all that, and then keep stopping the person from making a living, then hacking into the very old crap that I am currently using to go online says a lot more about you than you want the world to know. I get that.

It does not make me a stupid old cow, it makes you vile Pompey people.

I get that you do not want the world to know that.

I currently have four phones that in theory should be able to accommodate 6 SIM cards. One of them is really really really old and does not tether via USB and that is the one that I am currently using to go online. Because I have to. That it’s easy to mess with that is not because I am a stupid old cow, you nitwits.

Do you really want me to add the page about my IT background again?

Let’s just say that when I wanted to start toying with OpenBSD some years ago, to see if that would help against the hacking, mysteriously enough, none of the UNIX books were on the shelf at the public library.

To elaborate some more, my IQ is 130 (133 if you correct for gender bias). That makes me someone like Richard Feynman, not stellar and uber goofy, nerdy or dorky, but down to earth, highly practical, original and versatile and very strong-minded.

By the way, it used to be that you could walk into a bookstore and purchase these types of books. You have to order them online these days. Bookshops no longer have them in stock and the university bookstore no longer exists either.

(Yes, dear readers, “they” were very busy again in my computer this afternoon. It’s often a mix of good and bad but that signifies a desire to control and manipulate. I don’t know yet what they were up to. Just now – around 17:40 – too.)

(This “they” – at least part of them – has probably been a succession of 18-year-olds and 22-year olds or so over the years. New folks all the time who have no idea yet of what is going on and believe everything they’re told. The problem with hacking is that you can’t see who it is. Anyone who’s hacking into your shit can pretend to be anyone if you don’t have a live video feed with them. Sometimes, these yokels even follow me to Southampton to check if I buy a new phone there or just to have some silly fun. So these days, whenever I travel by train, I do not plan my journey and I use cash to pay for my ticket.)

19:35: Btw, typing some of the above put a stop to the interference.

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