What is “server” urban slang for, you pathetic O2 script kiddie babies?

16:23 Stuff continues. (Of course.) I now know what bed slats, cage, bluetooth and god knows what else stands for, but I haven’t figured out yet what a server is, in urban slang.

It’s cropped up often over the years, here locally, along with “dog”.

The latter can mean lots of different things, both very positive and very negative, so I totally ignore that BS. People who don’t do me the courtesy of communicating with me as civilized adults are up to no good and aren’t worth wasting my time on. And that, by the way, seems to include many (or even may only concern) English people, but the English also have a word for them… “time-wasters”. So I don’t stand alone in that opinion here.

18:49 Am being pestered again. Am editing – am trying to edit – a long educational video and am forced to reboot repeatedly because someone out there thinks it’s funny to insert cute little – not! – sound effects into my videos and do other typically English utterly inane stuff and in order to do that, he needs to freeze what I am doing. Piss off, you English O2 script kiddie baby. Go do your dishes.

19:05 Boris keeps at it, throwing his food and toys out of the pram – at me. Am giving up. This is useless. I’ve rebooted ten times in the past 30 to 60 minutes alone.

England – its stupid hate-based culture – SUCKS.

These are typically English store clerk types, anonymous little boys who hate women and who wet their pants at the idea of ever taking responsibility for anything and acting like a proper capable grownup. Nah, turds must be thrown out of the pram at the adults who are trying to work. Stupid Borises and Jacobs. Bah.

19:18 I said: PISS OFFF!

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