8.08 pm: more gaslighting

Hahaha. I just received a spontaneous elaborate email from one party (STAT) under the heading “unable to deliver” explaining to me why I have no longer been receiving their newsletters. Hahaha. Telling me they can no longer deliver them because I unsubbed. Hahaha. Genius.

What’s next, dude, an elaborate explanation for why I get so much commercial nonsense from others instead now and why I so often can’t reach anyone, and why I for example get access codes for nonexisting email from scientist friends I used to know and can never reach any medical practitioners unless I stop by in person and at best get replies from Daffy Duck at the Donald Duck gmail address?

Dude, stop the nonsense. Het ligt er duimendik bovenop. You may be able to successfully fool everyone in this town but you never managed to do that to me and you know it.

Whoever you are…

(Is this even only one person?! Doubtful. Far too much time goes into this effort of controlling so many aspects of my life and thwarting just about everything that I do.)

21:30: Ah, so you don’t want to be “homeless” after all, eh?

(An email about the year ahead, from Streetlink, which I do not even support, thanking me for my continued support. I was in touch with them once about a local person and they advised me to contact what turned out to be a nonexisting council program. I was not impressed. I remember that there was another factor that made me doubt either their usefulness or their intentions.)

21:44: And now you have signed me up to something new, which I will undoubtedly not be able to access, as usual, so I am not even going to look into what it is.

(An email at another email address, at protonmail, something about flocks)

21:59: What else is new?

What? Elon Musk has killed the idea of me supporting myself, has he? Really?!

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