Thank you, England

You taught me a lot. But I am very pleased to feel like a human among humans again. I’m no longer an outcast. I no longer feel hunted down. I no longer feel like I need to watch my back all the time. Nobody is yelling contemptuous remarks at me.

I’m in a much more egalitarian country. Much less inequality. Much less spite, despair and envy. People here have fulfilling lives of their own.

If you want that too, start voting Green Party.

Yes, there’s a reason for the g&t. There are unhappy people everywhere, also in the Netherlands, and I can’t even begin to heal them all. I’m nowhere near that arrogant that I think that I can.

I closed off a chapter when I left Portsmouth. Btw, I do hope that Dave killed Mrs Pie. She had far more empathy in her tiny body than I would have expected and she deserved peace.

I believe humans were an evolutionary mistake. We humans destroy everything that we touch. Kind and oh so intelligent Colomba livia does not. It’s us barbarians who caught these wonderful creatures and spread them all around the world and then started hating them for what we ourselves had done. They are not the only species we have done that to.

We are not Homo sapiens. We know nothing. We are not capable of anything but destruction, as a species.

We inherited the earth from species like Colomba livia. They had been around so so so much longer already. In a second, humans do more damage than other species in a million years.

We do it to each other too. Years ago, before I enrolled in earth sciences, a man checked in at my place of work who somehow got my attention. He was living in the US but completed his registration form in a mix of French and English. His first name was Hocine. He was born in Algeria. It struck me that it was a country I knew nothing about.

I went to the library and borrowed some books. I bought some too. I explored Algeria, and the Sahel and Touareg culture and lots more and the arrogance and destructive nature of white folks in Africa was impossible to overlook. I realized that it was us white folks who seemed to have caused the famines there. We white folks thought we knew everything. We knew nothing.

We continue to pitch nature against science as if they are separate while they are one and the same. We humans are the stupidest species on the planet and the whole that is so so so much bigger than the arrogance of humans can ever fathom is trying hard to get rid of us as a species. How can it not?

Some scientists call it Gaia. Other scientists simply call it the planetary system. Lay people may call this the universe. The powerful perpetuum mobile that we humans didn’t create. It always strives for balance. It’s the nature of nature, the nature of science, the nature of the mechanism that created us and that can also get rid of us.

Intelligence has nothing to do with having millions, billions or bazillions in one’s bank account. That’s where we went wrong. That is how we started the destruction of our own species.

We started seeing ourselves as separate from nature, and started seeing nature as something that we could impose our will on, at will, like some gardeners will cut shrubs into a shape that they feel represents them or honors them. That is a minor case of destructiveness for the sake of human vanity or human frustration, but it’s illustrative.

I don’t think that the demise of the human species can still be stopped and I consider that a good thing. Because we are far too destructive even for our own good.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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