Hi. This site is currently very messy. I am aware of it.

That photo, yep, it’s me with my vibrant henna-red grey-white hair and my nowadays often quite haggard and stressed face. I’m in my early sixties. I specifically mention this because it means that I still have as much potential and as much to look forward to as any twenty-year-old. I can expect to turn at least 90. So if I think back to all the things I did between the ages of 20 and 50, then it is clear that I still have heck of a lot of exploring, learning and contributing ahead of me.

I used to be an earth & life scientist (geologist and marine biogeochemist), although I am highly versatile and have done many other things. I used to work with clients who use and/or create science and technology knowledge. I did that with an international network of associates within the context of self-employment as a VAT-registered small business since October 1997, initially in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and later in Hampshire, England. I am also a company director and I’ve previously lived in the US. 


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I just managed to get access to this website again (to which I lost access on the 19th).

After lots of hiccups and other stuff. In a nutshell, my new computer kinda collapsed on me and my mobile continues to do some weird things as well.

I also continue to get jerked around, regardless of who exactly is doing it to me and why. Ha. What else is new?

De Pfeffel’s priorities

Trump may be on his way out but we still have a vindictive irrational narcissist at the helm of the UK, where the situation was already beyond the havoc that Trump created before De Pfeffel hopped into the saddle.

26 June 2020: 26 pence per day increase for refugees

20 October 2020: Covid-19 support for Manchester 22 million instead of 66 million

21 October 2020: No free school meals for poor deprived kids during school holidays

30 October 2020: 3 pence per day increase for refugees (who by the way often become homeless as soon as they get refugee status) so they now get £39.63 per week.

19 November 2020: 16 billion increase in defence spending

Stalking/hacking update


My phone – on which I now do a factory reset every 1 to 7 days and which I mainly only still use for internet access on my computer – keeps switching wifi on (and hotspot off, but that may be a different story).

(That seems to refer to urban slang. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=wifi%20wifey) (Often, when I can’t figure out what on earth something that I am bombarded with means, it later turns out to be related to urban slang.)

And that connects to the weird “married/marriage” windows that opened up on my screen some time ago, I suppose.



My new computer – different architecture, different OS – essentially behaves the same way as my old computer did since it was directly accessed on 19 July 2020 when I was out to collect something via Freecycle (old newspapers) which took a 3-hour walk.

The computer freezes all the time, various websites and services are not accessible and some of those are reporting strange error messages and so on. As with the old computer, I now keep having to flip the power switch on the wall. Because it freezes and throwing power off it is the only way to get out of the freeze. But the BIOS has stopped producing its beeps when I log in so that the reboots are less noticeable in adjacent flats. Could that be due to a software update? Sure..



On my old computer, he briefly threatened to delete another directory yesterday. Taunting. It concerns something that I am working on right now. The other directory is still missing. The one that he deleted in, when was it, September, is still missing, that is, two new directories, both empty, took its place back then. The point of that? No idea.

I also appear to have received at least one spoofed e-mail today.t

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“Assuming the worst of others”

“Because that is what people do, in the UK.”

I just heard it said by what I think is an Englishman (definitely a Brit). In a video.

See? It’s not just me who says this.

(He also said that during his trip to Europe, he learned that there are still a lot of good, nice, friendly people in the world.)

What makes a sadistic stalker?

How does something like sadistic stalking come about?

Why does someone decide to target a stranger and wreck that person’s life? A lot of it seems to be a loud scream to be heard. To get noticed.

But how do you deflect that kind of behaviour into something neutral or constructive?

Sadistic stalking is horribly destructive. That destruction seems to be its sole purpose. Where does that urge to destroy a stranger’s life come from?

One of the things I want to do is help starting and existing business owners avoid becoming stalked.

(It makes sense, really. As negative as it sounds, anything else I undertake only causes me to be a risk to anyone I work with. A liability. My hacking and stalking experience becomes an asset, however, if I use it to help others within this context..)

As a business owner in this day and age – or anyone whose career takes place online for that matter – you have to be online.

It means that anyone can find you and anything you do or say may set someone off. It could be as simple as someone not liking your business name that draws his attention and make him decide to take a closer look.

Very few occupations may still allow you to operate without having any online presence at all and without using e-mail, text and chat.

How did I become targeted? I still don’t really know, but I have recently begun to realize that there is a possibility that the people stalking me already started to take an interest in me when I joined an online forum related to a hobby. I was anonymous but I joked a heck of a lot on that forum and it may have been in a manner that my stalkers did not like. They were on that forum. Then I asked for a reference on that forum when I was looking for someone who could do some repair and maintenance work. That set it all in motion.

Nobody ever sees it coming. Serious, highly destructive talking.

I certainly never expected to find myself stalked this way. 

Stalking is on the increase. As a business owner, there are things you can do to protect yourself and limit your exposure to stalkers. I can help you with that.

(Think police will help you if you ever were to get stalked? Think again. In England and Wales, even the police forces themselve are now admitting that they fail stalking victims as a rule, not merely incidentally.)

By the way, stalking is usually directed at women, but does not have to be.


What a horrible incredibly nasty mess sadistic stalking is…

Sigh. And the only thing that gets victims help is if they are attacked and seriously injured or killed.

And that is just not good enough. Not good enough at all.

This evening, I realized that there is absolutely nothing else I still want to do and can do other than fight stalkers. Help other women fight stalkers and help other women stop becoming victims of stalkers.

This evening, the piece of shit deleted another directory on one of my computers, just to taunt me. Message? To me?

“You are nothing. You are entirely in our power. Nobody is listening to you. Nobody is going to step up for you. Nobody is going to help you get your life back. Nobody is going to stop us. We will destroy you. Because we can.”



She’s making it up!

This woman in Hampshire is making it all up, of course. Everybody knows such things do not occur in real life. The woman just does not know how her computer and her phone work, but she does not want to admit it so she makes up a story.



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Women / This / The end

“We are the authorities on male violence, from rape and domestic abuse to murder, but we aren’t believed. The result, today as it was four decades ago, is predictable – and fatal.”

By Joan Smith. Joan Smith is a journalist and chair of the Mayor of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Board


How to stop a sadistic stalker

Once you have one, it is incredibly difficult to stop him. This means that you may have no choice but to incorporate him into your life somehow. Acknowledging that the person exists could be a major first step in dealing with a stalker.

Let’s face it, stalking behaviours essentially are a loud cry from people who want to be heard and whose needs are not addressed in society.

But how do you protect your boundaries? How do you keep your life liveable? How do you stay well and healthy?

Stalkers do not understand or deliberately cross other people’s boundaries. Each stalking case is different. Stalkers are unique people and want to have that uniqueness acknowledged and honoured. 

Cyber security expert, stalker or both? There is no sign on his forehead.

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Poverty in the US versus poverty in the UK

Good morning!

The BBC just announced that the real living wage is going up to £9.50 an hour:


Yesterday evening, I spotted a tweet expressing concern for the fact that nearly half of Americans earn less than $15 an hour.

If you put “almost half less than 15 dollars” into Twitter’s search, you’ll see plenty of such tweets pop up.

The dollar has slipped a bit but the GBP/USD exchange rate (called “cable”) is still only at 1.1316.

The real living wage is what conscientious companies in the UK sign up for. It is not the government’s minimum wage, which is now called the National Living Wage. That’s lower.

In Florida, where life is much cheaper than in the UK, people just voted to increase their state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026.

Yeah, horrible people, those Americans. They are worried about people who earn higher wages than what many in the UK consider outrageously high.


Stalking. Not as flattering and romantic as you thought

Stalking. Maybe not as romantic and flattering as you thought.

This is too often the reality for stalking victims. Someone breaks into their home, rips the couch apart with a knife, takes a photo album and attacks all the photos that have the victim in it and the police do nothing, take no finger prints.

I’ve had stuff like this – lockpicking and crap carried out in my flat – happen for the past eight years or so. There is nothing you can do to stop it other than, as she puts it, “take yourself out of the equation”.

And people laugh about it…