About me

I am a geologist and marine biogeochemist by origin. I initially worked in tourism and hospitality in Amsterdam, but enrolled in earth sciences when I was in my mid-twenties.

This is me, on the left, at an Environmental Chemistry symposium in the Netherlands, shortly before I relocated to the UK. The person on the right is my colleague Willem de Lange. We were both members of the board of the Environmental Chemistry (and Toxicology) Section of KNCV at the time.

Among other things, I am a former board member of the Environmental Chemistry (and Toxicology) Section of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society as well as former editor-in-chief of its newsletter, a former member of the board and various committees of a Dutch foundation for women in science and technology, and former associate editor of the newsletter of the US-based but internationally operating Geochemical Society, which I was for more than ten years.

Among my first contributions to the Geochemical Society was an interview with Professor Sir Keith O’Nions in Oxford. (The interview is also available from my ResearchGate page.) I combined that visit to Oxford with my participation in and a presentation at PICOIII in Plymouth (marine biogeochemistry of metals).

I became self-employed in Amsterdam in 1997, working with an international network of associates for clients ranging from universities, mining companies and high-end consultancies to publishers all over the world.

At the end of 2004, my business and I relocated to the United Kingdom.