UK inequality is like a diamond

So hard that nothing shatters it…

This morning, I filmed this short video below. A few hours later, I spotted this JAW-DROPPING BIT OF BRITISH NEWS in The Guardian. Turns out that there is no pandemic, according to close to 50% of Brits. Because if you lost your job because of the pandemic, that’s on you. Nothing to do with the pandemic, these people say.

“Despite the exceptional circumstances [of Covid], Britons are more likely to think that job losses caused by the crisis are the result of personal failure than chance.”

They also say this:

One in eight Britons think lower earnings and higher unemployment among black people are due to a lack of motivation or willpower. Because most black people have “less in-born ability to learn”.

‘scuse me???!

Britain has something that no other country has. The class system. It makes people believe that they have few options and it makes them overlook opportunities. (This class system also impacted India because it used to be under British rule and it meant that the associated cronyism became applied in India.)

It makes others believe this too. It makes others believe that lower-class people and others who have little income are inherently limited in terms of skills and abilities. But not because of their poverty. These people see the poverty of others as a result of who those others are. They don’t see their poverty as a result of lack of income as a result of massive inequality which also brings low wages with it.

I too became heavily influenced by British class thinking after I moved to the UK so I know very well how heavy its burden can be. But I am still much more aware of it than Brits.

In 2019, there was a day for which I had train tickets to go to London but someone told me that it would be better not to go to London that day. I listened to that advice and did not apply my critical thinking skills.

The person who gave me that advice – I won’t name any names – is the kind of person many people turn to for advice. He is heavily influenced by class ideas and at the same time, has no idea of the extent to which poverty alone can hold people back, because of the many practical implications that poverty has. And he sees these kind of people are powerless, not as people who  seem very different people when empowered. Appearances can be so deceiving.

If I had gone to London that day, I might have returned with a boatload of paid work and if not, then I would not have wasted my train tickets – I did now – and have had a good day out. And in times of stress, such little bits of leisure are very important, particularly if they take you out of your regular environment and habits.

That I did not go to London, that’s fully on me, however.


In the video, I mention the CAB. I know that there is a lot of variation among the CABs but their main problem seems to be that they, too, operate with a class system mindset. They see powerlessness. Depending on where you are in the UK, there may be better advice options for you locally.

But… please, try to think from true strength as opposed to from weakness and powerlessness. Because thinking from strength will support you and carry you.

And don’t confuse admitting to feelings of insecurity or fear with weakness. See them and embrace them. Don’t fight them. If you don’t fight unpleasant feelings, they will move on. If you fight them, they will cling to you. 

When I was in my twenties, I bought a book that taught me about this stuff, that you shouldn’t focus on how poor you are – if that is your challenge – but more or less pretend that you already are where you want to be.

Stay well. Be prosperous and resourceful. You deserve it.

My electricity account has been CLOSED YET AGAIN? Who keeps doing this?

Dammit!!! That would be the umptieth time!

(Let’s hope that it is just a technicality this time. But I am fed up with various accounts being closed and transferred all the time not to mention with so much of my postal mail disappearing. So this had better be a technicality.)


I am also being FLOODED with robocalls from one other electricity company.


Update 14 February 2021
Yes, I am now deliberately posting this relatively private information online. Do you know how annoying it is to have to start calling companies and tell one of them that they DO have your account even though they can’t find it and when they tell you about postal mail that you never got and refuse to tell you the name of the person who opened the account for you – for privacy reasons – while they do tell you that it wasn’t you?
The screen I get when I log in is about the same was what I got about a year ago. It was NOT what I got on my screen on the day that I signed up again, however.


Here is the earlier screen, from about a year ago:

I got this by e-mail, yesterday, but that kind of thing also happened, about a year ago. I continued to get e-mails from the previous provider as well as if I was still their customer. I never got any communications from the actual provider. The key had one name on it, the receipts another, but neither were supplying my energy.

Kids are suffering under the burden of the lockdown

Today, I happened to pass two children who looked really miserable. I waved at one of them and it helped a little, I noticed. (She started to smile but was not sure what to think as I was wearing my face mask and she couldn’t see me smile.)

I saw a third one knock on a door or press the doorbell and then run away fast. All three were children on their own, though one of them was accompanied by adults a few paces behind the child.

Yesterday, I signed a petition asking that children be allowed to play with a friend in spite of the lockdown. I didn’t look into it but it made sense.

Today, I was not thinking of that petition at all. I was struck by the children’s faces. And that made me remember the petition and realise that the reality behind that petition is… more pressing than I realised.

Kids are starting to feel really miserable.

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But racism? Nah, doesn’t exist in the UK

(I am so pleased he is suing. It’s been enough! And he’ll be creating a better world in doing so. Suing the Met.)

Sorry, this just turned up in my stream. It’s over six months old but still highly relevant and undoubtedly active.

When I searched for more, I found this:

Covid-related suggestion for Portsmouth City Council

Open an enquiry window at the Civic Offices.

Payments are possible there and I believe that this payments area is secluded, bank-like. So workers would be protected.

Right now, anyone can call us – residents of Portsmouth – and claim to be calling on behalf of PCC and quite a few of us may have absolutely no way of verifying that properly right now. The Civic Offices have been CLOSED SINCE 23 MARCH 2020.

Scam calls and e-mails and text messages abound in chaotic situations like this pandemic. There are other things that some of us might like to be able to verify in person somewhere and currently cannot.

For me personally, it is like that too. My hacker typing the word “yes” on my screen or otherwise suggesting things on my screen, that does not count as verification. (Interestingly, this paragraph disappeared and I had to re-type it.)

I have had so many spoofed calls, texts, e-mails and other messages in the past decade that I have become very aware of the possibility that almost any communication that comes in could be a spoof. And I am finding that I can’t verify most of what comes in because so many offices are closed. Face-to-face communications have almost disappeared.

I’ve sent an e-mail about this to the City Council Leader and the Deputy Council Leader.

Have set up another fundraiser

Am sick of being told to apply for benefits, too. Without all this crap going on, there is no reason why I should not simply be able to support myself again, like I used to do! Without all this crap that’s been going on, there is absolutely no reason why I should need to depend on benefits, dammit.

And what happened within this context? Another button in my browser window was pressed, not by me, but that I can ascribe to an odd coincidence. But also two e-mails were doubled. And I am on the 64-bit computer right now. The e-mail message that mysteriously went out twice over the weekend, that happened on my 32-bit computer.

THIRD message for Clair Stevens and one thousandth for all PCC staff, including Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Stop playing silly games. Are you people all between 5 and 10 years old and in that stage at which you test the adults’ patience or do you all have a narcissistic personality disorder, perhaps? Are you all Boris Johnson clones? WHAT?

I very very rarely hear back from anyone at PCC (and when I do hear back, it is usually only 6 to 12 months later). There’s plenty of silly insulting game-playing going on at PCC that is against English law, however. (Ask Mr Thomas Young. Ask GVJ, too.) 

I have to ask clients in the Netherlands to call GVJ to get to talk with you people? That’s RIDICULOUS. That’s a disgrace!

Karel Keesman, a professor at Wageningen University who does not even know me personally, called last time.

Should he really call you again? Why would he, after the local hacking forced me to stop accepting any work from my clients in academia as of 29 September 2020? 

If I had known that Portsmouth was such a disgusting smelly cesspool in which 5-to-10-year-olds muck about day in day out, making fun of the grownups who they love to see fall with their faces in the muck, I would never have moved here in the first place.

Southampton was unpleasant but it was nothing like Portsmouth.

All that bizarre class shit and other kinds of disgusting bigotry (that also seem to be at the root of all the hateful hostile local bullying crap) here in Portsmouth are a disgrace! Shameful!


In the past, I have contacted the Red Cross about this, the United Nations and also my Embassy (but I did the latter anonymously, from an e-mail address that I have only used for my communications with the Embassy; all they can do is come visit you should you end up in prison here). A colleague of mine in Amsterdam once reported me missing to Dutch police, in a period when there was a heck of lot of messing with my e-mail. All Dutch police did was… e-mail me. They wanted me to e-mail a selfie back. I initially was very angry about my colleague having gone to Dutch police because he thought that they would contact my local police and that would likely have led to even more local crap. But I understand why he did it. 


Messages sent to Clair Stevens at PCC

I received a phone call this afternoon that I could not answer for some reason. When I tried to call the person’s switchboard/central number, the call would not go out. When I called the person’s direct line, I got a voice mail message telling me that she was unavailable. I left a voicemail and sent the e-mail messages below.


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Ouch! The Netherlands!

Okay, I fume a lot about England, but have also already admitted that the Netherlands has handled the pandemic badly. They should have had real lockdowns from the start.

Imposing a curfew was bound to meet with resistance, but what’s been going on, the smashing up of the shops of store owners who have nothing to do with any of this, it breaks my heart.

Those are scenes I’d be quicker to associate with England, not with the Netherlands.

I am ashamed of my home country at the moment.

Are EU citizens in the UK the world’s only undocumented legal migrants?


In case you didn’t know that… indeed, legally residing EU citizens in the UK have NO PROOF of that so there is never a guarantee that when they leave the country for a holiday or a work visit abroad, they will be let in again.

Why? If you need to ask that, you’re asleep.

But why did the EU go along with this???