Can you identify this performance of Ravel’s Pavane?

This file contains a recording of Maurice Ravel’s Pavane pour une infante dĂ©funte played by an eastern European orchestra. I love this rendition. I had it on an LP that I bought in the Netherlands decades ago and then lost after one of my emigrations. I would very much like help with identifying it as I can no longer remember which orchestra this is and who the conductor was.

During the recording, something fell on the floor, which is audible on the LP (but not in this video). It may help someone identify this wonderful performance.

As you can see, my little poltergeist was active when I created the slides for the video file. (Pavel’s Ravane? Ha ha. One of my poltergeist’s nicknames is “Paul”.)

The YouTube file plays the digitized version of a recording I made with a cassette tape voice recorder when I played the LP in my home in Florida, my two quaker parrots enjoying it too as you can hear. (They’d have hollered if they hadn’t. They liked this music.)