I’m vulnerable!

In this video, I am sharing my darkest secrets and revealing all.

Sure, some things that I originally thought were hacking-related were just quirks. And when important things happen that I may have to respond to but am powerless to do anything about, that’s when the hacking is usually the factor that causes the biggest powerlessness so I am sure that I do rant more about the hacking at such a time.

By the way, I still need something else besides low-pass filtering, but I am not going to say out loud what that is and I don’t know whether I will be able to arrange it. Plus, I have no certainty yet that my door is secure now.

The problem with being bullied and sabotaged anonymously

You don’t know who is doing it or, more importantly perhaps, who is behind it and why on earth it is being done. What you don’t know either is whether it could in fact be more than one party.

It’s a Catch-22. When you don’t know who’s doing it, people here tend to not believe you yet when you mention anyone, people here tend to say that you’re obsessed or paranoid.

No matter what you say, you are going to sound like an idiot. Because what is going is idiotic. Except… you are not the one doing it. You are merely the one describing it. Describing a bank robbery as a witness does not make you a bank robber. (I know. Bank robberies are rare these days.) 

But when it happens anonymously, this kind of stuff, there isn’t anyone you can address. Anyone you can talk with. Anyone you can tell to stop it.

And when after years of being unable to do much, people suggest to you that you “have a lot going on”, you just want to slap them, frankly, because the opposite is the case. They have no idea what poverty and lack of income do to a person’s life, for starters. You can’t spend hundreds of pounds on home security, for example, so you may look “mentally incompetent” but you’re merely financially powerless. You do the little bit that you can. And that is not enough.

And in fact, all you want is to get away, to leave it all behind (and get your life back). That is what your focus is on. Patience. But you can’t say that either because that too will be held against you when you’re a migrant and certainly when you’re in a place as insular as Portsmouth. It may be felt like a betrayal of their precious Portsmouth.

And then again… that is no way to live either!

I remember when Kevin H. came over, must have been 2011, and someone was literally hiding in the bushes here, to see what we were up to. Does it get any crazier??? Yes, it can get far crazier, I know now.

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Is impersonating a social worker a criminal offence?

I am going to investigate that. If there is a register, then it may be a protected profession and that may mean that impersonating a social worker is an offence.

Yes it is, as it turns out.

“The Care Standards Act 2000 made it a criminal offence to pretend, with intent to deceive, to be a qualified and registered social worker.”

Postal mail and other developments

The letter that I e-mailed that I wrote about in that other post went missing from that blog post, not surprisingly. Here is the link:

So as I mentioned before (here), we are currently getting almost no postal mail at all and I am still missing an envelope from the Home Office. Today, there was no postal mail all day, and I just left for Asda and there was no postal mail when I left, but when I came back just now at 21:25, there suddenly was an envelope for me.

This very likely means that someone has been holding on to an envelope and put it on the staircase while I was out as there is no light on the patio and in the narrow passage to the front building’s back door, where our postal mail gets delivered. (Anyway,  postal mail does not get delivered in the evening.)

(And I bet I know who that horribly nasty person was! The same person I caught leisurely leaning back against the wall and perusing my mail with such excessive interest that it literally made my jaw drop. There were two envelopes for me, that day. He took his time before he put them on my staircase.)

I have now opened this letter that I just found – I thought it was from Murphy – and it turns out that the (non-existent!) “social worker” who contacted me a while back has been talking with someone else without my permission, in a way that I think is would be illegal…

IF the letter was genuine!

Meanwhile, either, that person too apparently did not check the social worker register, and unless I have somehow been directed to an online social worker register and an online temporary social worker register that are both fake, this “social worker” simply does not exist.

In that case, I am not the only one who fell for her act, then! I feel good about that because I felt like an idiot when I discovered that there was no such person working for Portsmouth City Council.

But, wait, here is the thing.

The fact that she supposedly contacted that party indicates that either the letter I received was fake (the letter sounds unprofessional, too) OR it is yet another indication that there is no such social worker (but that there was contact and the person in question did not check the register). Because the “social worker”, if real, could not have known that the party she contacted has any ties to me at all. That information is not known at Portsmouth City Council either.

I do hope that the e-mails I sent today really did reach their destinations and that the responses I have received weren’t spoofs, but there is NO WAY TO VERIFY THIS!

Very sloppy, Portsmouth City Council!

(The fact that you do not seem to understand what spoofing is, well, that is your problem. You should not put the burden of your lack of awareness on your citizens, however.)

Thankfully, I also received a response from Shelter and from Stephen Morgan MP besides from someone at Portsmouth City Council. It makes it more likely that the response from the person at PCC was genuine.

For those of you out there who still don’t get it, I don’t operate from a poverty mindset. I don’t operate from a class mindset either. Most Brits do. They operate from weakness. There is a big difference. The fact that I do not behave like a typical (lower-class?) Brit does not mean that I am crazy. It means that I am much more aware of what is possible, both for me and in life in general, than most Brits.

It comes from having had a rich life with plenty of experiences before I moved to England and from having grown up in a much more egalitarian country.

That idea – of having a rich life with plenty of experiences and opportunities – seems to scare Brits. I remember an article in the Guardian back in 2010, that talked about how bad it was for people to have many choices. Excuse me?!

(I remember the response at the Coop in Southampton when I said I was looking for a Duvel or Hoegaarden. Alcohol is alcohol, beer is beer, what difference does it make. That is a common English view. I also remember standing in the supermarket after I moved to the US and seeing such a wide array of brands on the shelf, such a vast number of options, by contrast.)

This is one of the reasons why I’ve always felt that Brits live in all kinds of poverty. Mental poverty. A lack of ambition. A lack of drive. Sadly, a lack of values, too, very often.

(To clarify this very bluntly: England, overall, is very boring. I, for example, am supposed to sit at home and knit and watch telly, not much else. I may attend an embroidery group, perhaps. Thank you very much but that is not me.)

(And also, I don’t suffer fools gladly. But I usually don’t bother with letting them know either.)

I will probably take legal steps about this. Because the party who wrote to me – if the letter was genuine – has violated my rights. That party has violated my rights before. The previous time, I let it slip. This time, I sure as hell will not. And while I don’t suffer fools gladly and would much rather ignore them, sometimes it would be very wrong to ignore them.

23 February 2021: What this seems to be was simply another bucket-load of the highly illegal (criminal) Portsmouth-based brand of hate towards strangers or towards women. (The whole thing is so alien to me that I have no good idea what drives this phenomenon.) It’s no different from the bucket of liquid that was dumped over me after two young men said “good afternoon” to me from a window on the 1st floor along London Road/Kingston Road, near Kingston Crescent. Just as bizarre. Or coming home to find your door standing open and discovering the next morning that some really weird shit had been carried out in your bathroom while you went for a walk.

You can’t report it anywhere because it’s considered perfectly normal, in Portsmouth. You’re not supposed to “make a fuss” about it. There is this “Why do you get angry when we pull this kind of shit time and time again?”. I am supposed to respond like a sweet little doormat. And it is suggested that there is something wrong with me when I don’t respond like a doormat to this kind of shit. Excuse me?!

You go talk with Portsmouth City Council and they tell you that you must be crazy to want to put a stop to this kind of shit, such as anonymous people picking the locks when you’re out and carrying out crap in your flat when you’re out and hacking into your computer. They tell you that you must be crazy to want to support yourself financially like you used to before you moved to Portsmouth. Excuse me?! Are these people for real?

So they give you a pretty band-aid and the sad thing is that after so much abuse, you are grateful for the band-aid. But the band-aid does not change a thing about the situation.

So when Portsmouth City Council sends me another questionnaire on how it can attract more businesses, I have to keep saying that the first thing PCC must do is address Portsmouth’s vicious culture of hate and hostility.

Later, yesterday evening, while I wrote an e-mail about this matter, suddenly part of my e-mail was wiped off my screen – the bit about someone in Portsmouth having apologised to me in the past about some nasty and highly illegal thing that she had done; her apology was profoundly insincere, too, to add insult to injury – after which my browser tab reloaded itself. I found the message sitting among my drafts so I finished it and sent it off. 


PCC / Murphy

I just sent a bunch of e-mails to PCC, with copies to Steve Pitt, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Stephen Morgan, the3million and Shelter. My e-mail is acting up big time, so I don’t know whether the e-mails actually went out. I forwarded them to The News as well.

In 2019, I had one of my clients in the Netherlands call Gerald Vernon-Jackson – the local city council leader – to ask for help with my situation because that situation meant that I was unable to support myself. I had just come home in the middle of the night to find that the locks had been picked once again and a small act of vandalism had been carried out again.

The lock-picking is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to support myself for a long time. (Because it provides access to my computer equipment, among other things.)

Between that call and the day I finally got to talk with Mr Vernon-Jackson, there had been other developments. (My landlord was making another attempt to evict me.) Mr Vernon-Jackson did enable me to combat that eviction attempt but he did not do a thing about my crappy situation that meant that I could not support myself. Mr Vernon-Jackson spent a heck of a lot of time with me that day, which surprised me, but I realised why he had probably done that when I saw the letter that he sent to my landlord. Mr Vernon-Jackson repeatedly called me “vulnerable” for a while and I think that he spent time with me to assess how “vulnerable” I was.

Nothing changed in my situation in a fundamental sense.

Then the lockdowns started. I received letters that certainly in one case seemed to have been timed such that I had little access to offices and services.

What I probably have not mentioned before – with regard to what appears to have been the landlord having turned off my water – is that the order of the doorbells and other utilities here is illogical and I suspect that the landlord expected this “vulnerable” woman not to know about this and having panicked and been stuck without water. I am in the top flat of three but my water supply valve is the one in the middle of the three.

I am not sure who I am most disgusted with within this context, frankly, because I think that I was in a way a fool when I went to Mr Vernon-Jackson for help.

Here is the letter that I just sent, with 24 attachments:



Still haven’t heard a word from PCC in ages and haven’t heard back from Murphy either. It does not matter. It’s despicable to be told to apply for benefits all the time here in Portsmouth while places like Southampton simply allow you to support yourself, by contrast. Instead of paying too much attention to the usual local bile-spewing by whoever Roger Downey hangs out with, I am focusing on what I – yes, I – need in order to support myself again in spite of Roger Downey and his pals and others here in Portsmouth apparently having a major problem with the idea of a woman supporting herself.

(Yep, was using a different phone and should have looked at where its camera actually is, lol.)

The hacker is still active, unfortunately, but not being too disruptive as far as I can tell. That he managed to knock out my HDDs – yes, I am pretty sure that he had something to do with that – probably makes it easier for him to make me sound crazy – because I can no longer show the files that he messed with, among other things – but it does not matter if you are able to look beyond that and see the relative insignificance of it.

Why I am up at this hour? My immediate downstairs neighbour (the bully with the insecurity problem, who is connected to Murphy’s outfit) left the flat and building (without dog) at 2:24 and returned at 2:38. A minute later he honked. There is often honking between 2 and 3. Sometimes it’s other sounds or yells, such as “what’s up”. I didn’t have my sound file with sea surf playing on repeat. So I woke up.

So I posted this, to distract myself, then put the sea surf on repeat and went back to sleep.

There is also this (Roger Downey, Grant Murphy, PCC, hacker)

A few days ago – the day after I had the original appointment with Murphy last week – I asked the man who runs the motorcycle shop next door whether he knows what Murphy looks like.

(I don’t. That is, years ago, there was someone hanging around here a lot who seemed overly interested in me and I suspect that that was Murphy, because on 31 October 2016, Murphy told me on the phone that he was often hanging out here on Saturdays. A bald-ish guy I think that was, that guy who was hanging out around here a few times and who seemed a bit too focused on me.)

He said that he could not swear to what Murphy looks like. The motorcycle shop guy. Roger Downey. But Downey had this weird wary “is she going to jump at me with an axe” look in his eyes again when he spoke with me. It means that some kind of nasty gossip about me has been cooked up and spread about me behind my back again. (I hate Portsmouth and its Portsmouth’s vicious bile-spewing machinery.)

I said that I’d arranged meeting with Murphy but had decided to cancel (that is, postpone) because I don’t know a thing about locks, wanted an expert present and the expert could not be there that day.

Then he suddenly said “oh, yeah, yeah, there was a bloke hanging out here with a clipboard. I saw him on the CCTV, yeah”. Since when does Roger Downey have CCTV that covers the buildings next to his?

What I had heard the previous day was the voice of what sounded like one of Downey’s staff, however, walking around (a guy with an unpleasant grating voice that you tend to notice). And I had earlier – maybe two weeks ago? – seen Downey indicate – from the Guinness patio next-door – broken windows in his garage roof. So maybe they had been walking around with a guy with a clipboard?

There is more. My hacker started indicating “everyone in town thinks you’re going senile” last year. So, did my hacker know that my postal mail from PCC was going missing? Did he know that there was postal mail that I had not received?

It is easy for me to assume that my hacker is the one who caused my postal mail to go missing, but there is an alternative explanation. It is possible that all he knew was that there was this rumour going around again.
(This “the old cow is losing it” is one of the persistent rumours about me in this vicious town, where I don’t know anyone.)

It is possible that someone else held on to that letter for five months, just like someone else appears to have started withholding/delaying my letters after I moved into the property here in 2011. I remember going to Farnborough to meet up with someone and I found a hugely delayed letter that day, from the electricity company. I think I found it on my way out and took it with me on the train, opened it on the way to Farnborough.

In 2016, I arranged to meet with Murphy. He never showed. I wanted something done about the lock-picking. I wanted something done about the rubbish, too. I wanted something done about the locks in the front building. 

At 11:23 (am) on 31 October 2016, I e-mailed the following from the train, to David Lancaster, my contact at Murphy’s outfit. (PDF) (headers below)

Dear David,

I just spoke with the landlord.

For you too: I am on my way to the airport right now and expect to be
back on Friday. (Going to Holland, work-related, tickets paid for by
the Dutch.)

As I just walked to the station, someone said “there goes the rent
deposit”. Whatever anyone tells you, I fully intend to be back on
Friday 4 (BE 1020). If I am not back on the 5th, I have either been in
an accident, there was airline trouble or some foul play occurred.

There appear to have been lots of nutty rumours about me in Portsmouth
over the years, cooked up while people were drunk at a pub or the
like, no doubt. Me “running” may be the next one, but I am not running
or fleeing or whatever. I will be staying at the Star Lodge Hotel in
Utrecht, also paid for by the Dutch.

Also, I left my flat in a decent state, but locals have been shimmying
the locks for years. They were up to something on Friday night when
police interfered and did get into the building on Saturday around 3
or 4 pm where they emptied a pot of icecream. As usual, the people in
the motorcycle shop saw and heard nothing, though the empty pot of ice
was standing outside.

I used to be a very happy, friendly and confident person but I am sick
of being terrorised and deliberately sabotaged by anonymous locals who
apparently hated the fact that I was making an independent living –
although at Innovation Space they said I am being targeted b/c I am
from Amsterdam. It goes very far. This has GOT to stop. Period. I have
the right to live peacefully and make a living. So do the people on
the ground floor.

So do other normal folks and business owners in this town, by the way.
Portsmouth has a serious attitude problem. I really liked this town,
and tried to keep liking it in spite of being targeted, but my
patience has run out. Someone has to DO something b/c the town is
going “to the dogs” and that is a shame.

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For those who wonder why I bothered returning from the Netherlands in 2016, I had to finish the project in order to get paid and I could only wrap up the project by returning home. (I did not have any luggage with me.) And then I fell ill, so after I got paid, I still couldn’t leave Portsmouth. Because that too is being held against me, that I am still in Portsmouth, whereas trying to leave is also being held against me.

(19 February 2021: Post updated with preceding sentence, the PDF and the e-mail headers and now adding the remark that the message to my surprise DID come back as undeliverable – see below – and I then forwarded it from my phone to Ester/Esther Smith as far as I can see, at 11:36. The appointment I made with Murphy was on Saturday the 5th, 11-ish, at the rear building. I hung around for about an hour, but he never showed up. Around the time when someone got into the building on the 29th and emptied that pot of ice cream to pester the neighbours on the ground floor, someone also entered my flat in my absence, before the 31st. I used to call it “shimmying”, what is done to the locks, but I later learned that the correct term is “picking”.)

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From 1 September 2012 please send all messages for davidlancaster@gicontractorsltd.co.uk to Grant Murphy at grantmurphy@gicontractorsltd.co.uk .

Any personal messages for David Lancaster should be sent to his private @sky E Mail.  If you do not have this it can be obtained from Esther smith on 02392 817 648 or ester@gicontractorsltd.co.uk. 


The bottom line, Mr Murphy?

Work WITH your tenants instead of AGAINST them.

It would save you some money.

I am sorry that I had to cancel last week’s appointment, but I was not in the mood for being dismissed with another “oh, some WD 40 will fix it” and so I wanted an expert at hand who could have explained to you what exactly the problems with those locks are. Because I can’t. I know my limitations.

Do I know how big a difference a little bit of oil can make to a lock? Hell yes. But I also found a lock in my flat that was not working properly because someone had used the wrong lubricant on it.

(17-2: that is, an unlockable door handle)



Update on the Grant Murphy saga

I just wrote the following (below), with a cc to Amberley AND to Gerald VJ of who my hacker has indicated that he is Murphy’s “man at the council”. Is he? It was also the hacker who gave me the info on Murphy’s legal adviser; see also this and other web pages. That info was certainly correct. But then, hackers can play their own games, too, he’s also been deleting files on my computers among other kinds of mischief and I do not know who the hacker is.

I know that the local LibDems made a lot of noise about the Queens Hotel. That is owned by a consortium led by Yeganeh with whom Murphy often cooperates. That would seem to indicate that GVJ is not Murphy’s “man at the council” then. But Yeganeh is based in Southampton, I think. Certainly not in Portsmouth. I stumbled upon Yeganeh years ago when I looked into who owned the former Havana Club in Southsea. (It is still standing empty.) That was when I also looked into The Contented Pig, met with Laly and attended a meeting of the Planning Committee. I considered meeting with Yeganeh next. 

Have the local LibDems ever protested against anything that was spearheaded by Murphy, while the LibDems were led by GVJ? I know that there was a lot of noise about the Pier and I know that Murphy has some involvement in that, but it changed hands a few times.

(I wrote the above off the top of my head, without any internet searches into the matter, other than the links that I added about Lancaster, which I already knew about.)

Sorry Gerald. You do seem a nice man. But scrutiny should not be a dirty word, and it is, in Portsmouth. And when we met, in 2019, and you said that you had never met Murphy, I thought “that would be rather stupid”. I could not picture myself leading a city council and having no idea who the local real estate people are and never having met with them. 

Why am I doing this, pushing for the locks in the front building to be upgraded, for example? Well, Murphy’s been trying to kick me out for several years and it now very much looks like he has tried to get me to leave in other ways for many more years. So I am not worried about ticking him off so I might as well use my lack of class awareness to push a few improvements through. Do I want to leave? Of course! But in a way, Murphy won’t let me, paradoxically enough.

(And that is why I am also pushing through some changes of my own, for my own sake, so that I can start making a living again, in spite of Mr Murphy apparently disliking the idea that I support myself and me not knowing my place. I have just upgraded a lock on my door after previous improvements did not have the desired effect. I’ve now spent a total of about £206 on that door and that excludes the costs of a lock that I had purchased elsewhere for a different – but related – reason and the cost of a motion-activated camera that I hid but that I couldn’t get to trigger.)

The good thing for me about cancelling today’s appointment is that I do not have to worry about accidentally passing on the corona virus. (I am slightly under the weather and slept till 9 on two consecutive days. It would be nothing to be concerned about, normally. I think it’s my usual sinus issues; I’ve had them since my teenage years and spending as much time indoors as most of us are doing right now does not help and even tends to trigger them and the cold weather that we had may not have helped either. I have plenty of NeilMed saline sinus rinse that I purchased many years ago and it helps.)

Consider today’s appointment cancelled

Dear Mr Murphy,

No, it’s not because I consider myself ill with covid.
I did not hear back from you other than to say that you would not be here. I did not hear back to my recent letter either – and it has been very unusual for you to reply to letters in the first place which made me wonder if your messages might be spoofed – so I decided to cancel the appointment and not waste the time of Amberley Security.

I already made an appointment with you about issues at the building back in 2016 to which you did not show up either, after all.
You Sir, are a disgrace. Tenants are human beings, not rats or some lesser kind of human being. According to Google Maps, you live behind a wall and still have three security cameras on the wall of your house behind that wall, while we have to live with locks that do not work and tenants are often forced to leave the door to the front building open because the door won’t close. When the lock to the back door jams, it means that nobody can get in. Does it also mean that nobody can get out?

You have forced me to live in poverty for a long time and instead of addressing the problems with the buildings so that I can support myself the way I could in Southampton and Amsterdam, you tell me to apply for more benefits!
I do not have the expertise to tell you what is wrong with the locks and I would just get told again that WD40 will fix the problem. That is why I wanted an expert to be present but what I did not want to do is waste their time.

Sorry, Amberley.

Have a good day.

Angelina Souren

New developments (Murphy (?)/Portsmouth City Council)

Just now I discovered that the directions that I had stuck onto the front door so that people can find OUR door has disappeared. It has not been ripped away – which sometimes happens – but it has carefully been removed while my downstairs neighbours’ notice is still on the door.

So, what may happen next is that Murphy will let the guy in 6E – Murphy unwittingly gave too much away yesterday – state that I am, say, a sex worker and that my clients are causing a lot of problems?

Whatever. As I wrote earlier today, I already got really fed up with the other malicious gossip that has been spread about me behind my back too, ranging from “she is demented / not right in the head and potentially dangerous” to “she’s committing fraud”. So I cannot rule out anything. Time will tell!


It could also be the case that we will get a proper sign and a proper mailbox and that they are using my directions as a template. (Yeah, right.)

Money isn’t everything, but landlords who force their tenants to live in poverty or who force £300 a month electricity costs in winter time on their tenants – if their tenants want to keep their homes normally warm  – because the landlords cannot be bothered to consider the position of a tenant are just shooting themselves in the foot.

The practice of using inappropriate materials and blaming the consequences of that on tenants is not one I have a lot of appreciation for either.

So, Mr Murphy et al., before the next rumour about me start circulating, I am not barricading myself in the flat; I am creating the conditions that will eventually enable me to leave the flat and maybe even move to London or some other place where women like me are allowed to breathe more freely.

I haven’t heard from anyone at Portsmouth City Council in weeks now and am still waiting to receive a copy of a form that they mentioned in one of their e-mails. Not that it is important, as my issue has always been and remains “WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO SUPPORT MYSELF IN PORTSMOUTH?” (and more generally “live my life” here). (Did I go through a phase in which I tried too hard to adjust to the local conditions? Undoubtedly. Should not have made a difference.)

Me, I just want my life back. Including making my own living, whether people in Portsmouth like it or not. It’s the 21st century, not the middle ages. Women are allowed to make a living. They do not need to be owned and supervised by men or whatever. 

(And no, I am not talking about the pandemic and its lockdowns. I am mostly talking about all the bizarre crap that happened after I moved to Portsmouth at the start of 2009.)

So I am reclaiming my life step by step so that I can also make a living again, goddammit. It’s crazy that, apparently, only men are allowed to make a living in Portsmouth. It’s the 21st century.

The Grant Murphy saga

I’ve been told that “someone with a clipboard” was at the property yesterday, but the person who told me could not confirm whether it was Grant Murphy. So it could have been anyone, even someone merely walking around with a clipboard and writing down things for show but not really doing anything of relevance. Impossible to tell.

This is what I wrote to him yesterday at 3:44 PM:

“Hello there Mr Murphy,

This message has a “BCC” to the expert mentioned below.

It’s now 3 and a half hours after our original appointment time and I still have not heard back from you. Maybe you had a computer malfunction. 
That said, I am now telling you to be at the front door of 6 Kingston Road at noon on Tuesday 16 February 2021.

My problem is that I am not an expert on locks. The locks in the front building sometimes work and sometimes don’t and I am not able to demonstrate to you what is wrong with them. It is for example quite possible that the front door merely needs a good grip/handle that allows people to pull the door closed properly. But I can’t tell. I think that the lock in the back door needs to be replaced with a different type, one that does not require people to rotate the handle upwards because I suspect that that may be the problem. But again, I don’t know a thing about locks.
So I have asked an expert to be available. That expert could not be there today; this is why I had to reschedule.

What I also suggest that you do is slowly replace all existing 5 lever deadlocks on all your tenants’ doors and buy one extra – and I strongly suggest that you purchase those from the local company whose assistance I have requested – so that you can start rotating these locks when tenants move out, to increase security. It’s a small effort with a big effect. The present 5-lever deadlocks can easily be picked and they too jam sometimes; I have heard other tenants struggle with them and mine just started to jam as well. As you know, there has been one robbery in the ground-floor flat – by now years ago; those tenants moved out then even though they had only just moved in – in which apparently simply a former tenant’s keys were used. You probably have other buildings that use the same locks; they do not suffice, sadly.

I am making a point of the rubbish because this issue has been dragging on for many years. (Also, I did not appreciate being admonished for taking care of rubbish when that happened.) In practice, it is probably better to wait until we’ve had the first week of warm weather again. I don’t want your staff to have to deal with more muck than absolutely necessary and, as you know, I have previously offered to help. 

You can fix the lights in the staircase in the rear building properly – does not have to be that costly, but always using the cheapest things possible often becomes much more costly over time – later; the twinkly lights will suffice for now.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, Mr Murphy. I will not deal with anyone else because they always refer to you for all decisions.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Angelina Souren”

And this is what I wrote to him at 6:27 pm:

“Dear Grant,
Your reply is despicable and in direct ignorance of government guidelines.

And this is what I am writing to the other tenants:


12 February 2021

Hi all,

As I don’t know a thing about locks, I decided to ask a locksmith to be present. The locksmith was not able to make it on the the 10th.

I informed Murphy of this before 10 am and heard back from him at 5:30 pm.

Assuming that the e-mail was indeed coming from him and not spoofed, he wrote back as follows:

  • He can’t make any of the other times that I had suggested and he did not suggest any other times either.

  • He wrote that the rubbish has been dumped there by us tenants (which is in direct contradiction with me having been admonished by Murphy’s staff for having started to take care of it years ago and his lack of response to my letters about it). He wrote that we should contact the council about it so that the council can remove it and that he was willing to write to all the tenants instructing us to do so.

  • The council, however, already knows about it. Hampshire Fire & Rescue informed them.

(It went with the usual irrelevant bunch of BS aimed at me personally.)

I have informed him that he is acting in direct ignorance of current government guidelines and I have instructed him to be here on Tuesday 16 February at noon. The locksmith will be there too.

Do let me know if there is anything you wish to have taken care of. As Murphy has been trying to kick me out for so long, it makes no difference to me whether I tick him off or not so I might as well try to get as many improvements as possible carried out while I still can.

As a result of the lock-picking and other interference (disappearance of postal mail and so on), I can’t do much in terms of work, so from that point of view, getting as many improvements as possible carried out while I still can makes sense too. I do not have much else to do anyway.

You can text me at 077 2977 5974 or e-mail me at angelinasouren@gmail.com



If Murphy’s were a small family outfit, I would not approach things this way but Murphy is a local real estate developer who drives around in a yellow sports car with vanity plates that say
“G I Con”.

New appointment with Mr Grant Murphy

Tuesday 16 February 2021 at noon.


Have finally heard back! At 17:30. Remember that the initial appointment was for noon today.

Grant Murphy will not be there on Tuesday.
For the first time, in years, he has now said something about the rubbish. Says that it has been dumped there by us tenants. That statement is in direct contradiction with me having been admonished for having started to take care of the rubbish a few years ago!  
What on earth can you do with a jerk like that?
He now says that he is willing to write to the other tenants about the rubbish and that we should contact the council about it.
But the council already knows about it! Hampshire Fire & Rescue informed them.

I have written back the following:
“Dear Grant,

Your reply is despicable and in direct ignorance of government guidelines.

Yes, Grant Murphy had a door repainted a while back, the one door that the public gets to see. That’s worthless cosmetics. We need doors with locks that work. The colour of the door is immaterial.

Am meeting with Grant Murphy tomorrow

At noon.

I will only speak with Mr Murphy, not with any of his serfs.

They refer every decision to him and often speak in vague, puzzling phrases akin to “Grant had a bowel movement this morning”.


11 Feb 2021
It’s about this:  Letter to Murphy d.d. 8 Feb 2021

This it not Grant Murphy, but Grant Murphy gives people like him a bad image. It’s my cousin. One of my cousins. And I bet that I  am forcing my cousin to act now without even needing to contact him. (We used to get along very well, as we sort of spoke each other’s language. We used to run through alleyways and hide from the other siblings and cousins.) I am fed up with being shoved aside and jerked around because of the side effects of the English class system and other types of otherisation here in England / Portsmouth. If I am considered not a human being because of all this class shit, then I will have to enlist the support from someone who IS considered a proper human being within these class views. So that is what I am doing. (And that’s probably an understatement.)

Tenants have the right to be safe in their own homes. The doors to buildings need to provide security – not add risk. Etc etc etc etc.

I cannot support myself until the problems with the building that I live in are remedied – and as the landlord and Portsmouth City Council do not want to help with that, even though I’ve been harping on about it for years, I have no choice but to crowdsource every step. It’s ridiculous that I cannot be away for more than 1 or 2 hours if I don’t want the locks to my flat to get picked when I am out.

But other tenants deserve security too.

(I’ve heard another tenant’s flat being accessed in his absence too. Sadly, he didn’t believe me when I told him. I never saw this coming with regard to my own flat either, so I can’t blame him.)  

And we (including me) should have access to our postal mail.

It’s also ridiculous that Hampshire Fire & Rescue and other landlords are supposed to step in to deal with Grant Murphy’s rubbish. 


Kids are suffering under the burden of the lockdown

Today, I happened to pass two children who looked really miserable. I waved at one of them and it helped a little, I noticed. (She started to smile but was not sure what to think as I was wearing my face mask and she couldn’t see me smile.)

I saw a third one knock on a door or press the doorbell and then run away fast. All three were children on their own, though one of them was accompanied by adults a few paces behind the child.

Yesterday, I signed a petition asking that children be allowed to play with a friend in spite of the lockdown. I didn’t look into it but it made sense.

Today, I was not thinking of that petition at all. I was struck by the children’s faces. And that made me remember the petition and realise that the reality behind that petition is… more pressing than I realised.

Kids are starting to feel really miserable.

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The socks story

In July 2020, someone took 5 to 10 pairs of black socks with colourful accents – making them so much easier to match, hence saving time – from my dirty laundry while I was out and dumped a bit of what looked like cigarette ash into my laundry basket.

When I was folding my socks away a little while ago this morning, I discovered that I now have more pairs of a particular type of black sock. I used to have 4 of those socks. Two pairs. Now I have quite a few more.

I’ve started a petition. Take a look.

And then sign and forward it, please. Thanks.
I have also just e-mailed it to the CAB, Advice Portsmouth, Shelter, the local MP and a few other parties.


For visitors from the US: The UK does not have the coronavirus ban on evictions that you guys have. Nope.

When I was evicted back in 2010, at age 50, it was similar weather as now, not that long before Christmas. That eviction would never have happened to me if I’d stayed in Amsterdam. But I didn’t, so that is water under the bridge.

I found out that I still had a £150 car club credit and I used it to rescue my pets from the shelter they had ended up in.

Among other things, I then drove across the country, from Hampshire to Devon. (And back.) That was the first time I had ever driven through snow – let alone thick snow – and the roads went up and down hills. It went well. I didn’t get stuck even once, but I did stall briefly up a long slope somewhere when my wheels slipped a tiny bit. “You can do this”, I said to myself and restarted the car.

Easy does it in those conditions. Allow the wheels to get traction, very gently. Don’t force them. It’s simple physics, isn’t? I passed several cars and a few lorries that had needed to give up or were stuck on that slope. It gave me a real boost at the time. I even had to drive around one, go off the “track” and drive through fresh snow.

It’s not true that people who are evicted or who are on benefits are a useless lesser species. Their circumstances are almost always mostly a side effect of Britain’s excessive inequality.

These photos below, that was me while I was homeless, back then, pretty grey under the hair dye. Yeah, homelessness is quite exhausting. You end up WALKING so much and in all kinds of weather. From office to office to office, finding some closed and having to come back an hour later, finding yourself being shooed away too if you’re not careful. There is nowhere to BE.

So you are often forced to keep walking around even when you have nowhere to go to at that point, nowhere were you need to be. Thankfully, I fit in well enough among the Starbucks crowd and nobody ever even tried to bother me there.

But now, with almost everything closed, there is absolutely nowhere for homeless people to go to.

It really helped to have my kind of background because my confidence confused some people and made them back off if they were about to shoo me away and then they might mutter something about my phone charger not having been PAT tested. It made others identify with me and therefore more willing to help me out while they might have ignored others who they couldn’t identify with.


For me personally, it had the advantage of being out of the “claws” of 24/7 hacking interference and being able to compare information on my phone with information on un-compromised computers.

For most other people, however, staying in their homes is best, certainly right now, with the complications of the pandemic.