UK govt, put the health of people and planet first

Shift to a Wellbeing Economy: put the health of people and planet first

We urgently need the Government to prioritise the health and wellbeing of people and planet, by pursuing a Wellbeing Economy approach. To deliver a sustainable and equitable recovery, the Treasury should target social and environmental goals, rather than fixating on short-term profit and growth.

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This may explain a lot!

If you want an example of how something like this might work in practice, imagine the following scenario.

Benefit recipient says or writes that she’s just gotten 89% on an online course by Harvard Law School. The software is triggered and gives off a loud beep. Because these two things are not compatible in the software. So you get a bunch of tick marks next to your name or your request is simply denied because you’re assessed as being too “vulnerable” to be able to do something about it? Perhaps I am being too cynical. Probably. But you can’t even tell… And that’s the point.

The UK government has been taking that latter approach for years, after all, particularly with regard to mentally ill and mentally impaired benefits recipients. The “system” seems to believe that it is better to cut their benefits to that these folks pass away. So it shortchanged them and when the courts ruled against it, they took ages and came up with tons of paperwork needing to be completed.

And right now, it’s doing the same with the Windrush group. It seems to be waiting for as many people to pass away so that it won’t have to pay out. Ya can’t make it up even though it sounds as if it is straight out of some movie.

“Do not minimize the extent of my having been changed from a vivacious, sensual, happy, loving, athletic, healthy, wealthy, bright, articulate, fairly socially adept human to being melded and moulded to accommodate an autistic adult into exactly the opposite of who I am for the sake of a one-sided relationship.”

This is from this web page:

On more than one occasion, I have suspected that the person(s) I am often dealing with, the anonymous presence in my computers and phones, has or have Asperger’s. There is one other variation of autism, that just like Asperger’s is not universally acknowledged, that may apply. (More below.)

Just in case the above-listed web page disappears – which happens; nothing to do with hacking – I have copied its contents below.

I want anyone who believes that they are dealing with a “narc” to look at this and see the resemblance. I became aware of this resemblance when Sam Vaknin – who does not have Asperger’s – mentioned that people with Asperger’s are often mistaken for people with NPD and vice versa.

You can watch a documentary with Sam Vaknin
online at
and there is another one at

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The post-lockdown experience

Even for me, after over a year of lockdowns, experiencing a society that is slowly returning to what life used to be like is strange. It’s weird. It’s the only word I can come up with to describe it. Weird.

I am not the only one who feels this way!

We all learned a lot about what we value and what we’d rather not or no longer have in our lives.

“Let them eat biscuits” – kids, disabled people and other humans – food deprivation in the UK

This morning, I attended another online meeting about the escalating inequality, poverty and associated misery in England and the rest of the UK. That is, I was 15 minutes late, so I missed a few things.

It was also about how useless the UK government’s response is, as usual.

The only “advantages” coming out of the pandemic are going to the pals of the politicians who get large contracts to supply services and tangible products that they have no previous experience with. (This has led to a lawsuit, as you know, with the court ruling that the UK government is breaking the law through the lack of transparency. The judge wrote: “The Secretary of State spent vast quantities of public money on pandemic-related procurements during 2020. The public were entitled to see who this money was going to, what it was being spent on and how the relevant contracts were awarded. “)



14 million people in the UK live in poverty, it was said. That’s slightly under one entire quarter of the population.

Severely disabled people are currently five times more likely to be food-insecure.

Some links:

Comments from food-insecure people have included that they’d much rather have cash or vouchers over parcels. They are much better at stretching money than they are given credit for, getting cash or vouchers enables them to take food allergies into account and also allows them to buy fresh fruit instead of the obligate tinned peaches and mandarins, cereal instead of cornflakes and helps them avoid the cookies – or “the bloody biscuits” as the person in question put it.

From the chat:

“Let them eat biscuits.”

“The global humanitarian sector has been significantly moving away from food parcels to food vouchers. Cant believe in UK we still at food parcels discussion.”

“Most local authorities in Scotland have been providing cash payments to families, food parcels are not the go-to everywhere in the UK.”

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Twitter got unblocked again

But when I removed two of yesterday’s blog posts from my trash (that I had deleted), I received an e-mail from a company from which I am no longer supposed to get mail because it offered a way to do courses that did not add up so I said good bye to them a year ago or so.

It was the third company that approached me about courses and the second that turned out to be, well, I don’t know what exactly. A spoof? (The third company had contacted me on LinkedIn; it was the first that contacted me, chronologically speaking, but I didn’t follow up on that one because something about it did not quite add up or click.)


Here we go again

I am receiving account statements from companies where I don’t have accounts (Boost and BD Swiss), payments that were supposed to come in have not arrived (not yet, in any case, but they’re usually earlier; we’ll see how it goes) (royalties from Amazon and a repayment from HMRC), the browser buttons including the back button on my new phone’s screen have disappeared as had (yesterday) the bit of video that I shot of the UoP marine sciences building near the Hayling Island ferry (the day before yesterday). Or am I merely imagining this latter bit? Did I cut it from the file, myself, perhaps? Okay, maybe I did! (lol) Okay, I probably did. Yep. (I had to transfer it to the older computer to be able to rotate it by 180 degrees and then transfer it back again so I probably cut a lot from the file to speed it all up a bit.)

Shortly after 4 am (4:12 or 4:21, I think), there were two (?) rotation attempts of a badly balanced washing machine making a racket. It happened to be when my mp3 player ran out of juice and the white noise file stopped playing. But it was me pressing the button to silence it for a moment when I woke up that made it run out of juice so I can’t be sure that it was only two rotations. 

I am getting something else too.

The something else that I am getting confirms the position of slavery that I am considered to be in. The “I will break you, goddammit” signal.

No, you won’t.


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What I got this evening

E-mail about my account from the power company where I don’t have an account and someone – i.e. “the hacker” – moving my mouse away when I wanted to change the name of a file. What the hacker kept pointing me towards was this file. It’s about the many silly word games that are being played with me all the time. I have said that I love solving problems so someone out there may be deliberately creating problems for me for that reason, in his optics. Who knows.

That was followed an hour or so later by an e-mail with a statement from another company where I don’t have an account, lol.

Apps and other crap

After the (very small) flurry of direct home boiler grant stuff in my in-box ceased, app stuff started coming in. Application-building. 

These are teeny tiny flurries.

In 2010, however, I was being BOMBARDED with three types of flurries, not all at once but in separate floods:

  • watches (I’ve also had weird “flurries” of people in Portsmouth asking me what the time was) 
  • pens and bags (years later, I realised that that was about sex) 
  • weight loss pills and herbs
    (I lost a LOT of weight that year because I often couldn’t afford food, but nah, I am not dealing with sadistic stalking. Of course not. I am just an attention-seeking old cow who does not want to admit that she does now know where to find the on / off button on a computer and makes up some shit to hide her diminishing capabilities.)

Postal mail, PCC, Murphy

Had one envelope yesterday, from the NHS. Will hear more from them in about two weeks’ time. Not important.

Home Office envelope still has not arrived.

Had five “read” receipts from GVJ last evening, at 5:32 PM, for mail sent on Sunday.

That loud “ticking clock” read cycle on my HDD (internal, newer PC) seems to have been removed again.

For the record, back in 2016, at the end of October? When that ice cream incident happened? Someone had also been in my flat while I was out. I do not always instantly know that someone has been in my flat. Sometimes, I only become aware of it when I discover whatever it was that was done, if anything was done by the person(s) while in my flat.

Why I am my old cheerful self again in my videos? I have to do what I can to stay above Portsmouth’s petty gossip and also not let my powerlessness get the better of me. But I am human, so yes, I get angry from time to time. (Suppressing anger too much is not good either, though.)

There is almost nothing I can do at the moment so I focus on what I can do. In a few days’ time, I hope to be in a position to do a few more things to improve my situation.

(I still tend to stay in my flat a lot because I don’t think that the new lock is sufficient to keep the lock-picker out. But right now, there is nothing further that I can do in that area.)

I’m vulnerable!

In this video, I am sharing my darkest secrets and revealing all.

Sure, some things that I originally thought were hacking-related were just quirks. And when important things happen that I may have to respond to but am powerless to do anything about, that’s when the hacking is usually the factor that causes the biggest powerlessness so I am sure that I do rant more about the hacking at such a time.

By the way, I still need something else besides low-pass filtering, but I am not going to say out loud what that is and I don’t know whether I will be able to arrange it. Plus, I have no certainty yet that my door is secure now.

What I say in the video? The following.

Hi. My name is Angelina Souren, in case you didn’t know that yet.
I’m a Dutch woman in the UK.
I’ve previously lived in the United States, in Florida, and spent most of my adult life in Amsterdam.
As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with a heck of a lot of hacking, although it’s been said that I’m just an older woman who doesn’t know where to find the on / off button on her computer and is no longer able to cope and ascribes everything that goes wrong to hacking.
And particularly when something considered stressful is going on in her life, she becomes delusional.
<sarcasm>Yeah right</sarcasm>
I took some programming at university, I went to university a little bit later in life, I have built computers from scratch, I have built large websites, written my html in notepad…
I am not an IT expert but I’m nowhere near as stupid as the people… some people in Portsmouth make me out to be.
I am usually being hacked via the electricity circuits in this building.
How did I catch on to that?
One day when I left the building, I realised I’d forgotten something, dashed back into my computer (lol) dashed back into my office where I had left a computer on, an offline computer.
And a program had been opened on that computer.
I had not opened that program.
That’s when I thought it had to have something to do with the power lines.
So I looked into that and sure enough, power line hacking is possible.
And i understood that you have to put an extra resistance on the line.
So I took a timer, put it between the socket and the plug and there was a heck of a lot of clicking.
You know, the way these timers do.
And after a little while, there was a window that popped up on my screen that said something like “Thought you could keep me out?”

<sarcasm>Yeah, I’m making this up. I’m delusional.</sarcasm>

Anyway, how this happens is as follows.
Five years ago, I would have sounded completely crazy, but most of you now plug in these little things to spread wifi through your place.
There is unused bandwidth on the electricity wires.
Power has a frequency of 50 – 60 Hertz.
Data has a much higher frequency so these two don’t interact, usually.
That’s also the solution to my problem.

I wish someone would have told me this years ago but everyone just… shrugs, I guess.

A low-pass filter is what I need. Low-pass filtering is what I need to cut off apparently all the power line hacking.
It’s as simple as that.
It’s not expensive as far as I can tell.

But everybody pretends that it’s 1985 and that we’re all still sending paper postal mail and that the digital world does not exist or basically is 100% safe and that anyone who pretends -pretends! – hacking exists is crazy.

<sarcasm>Yeah right.</sarcasm>

And before anyone starts hollering that you need physical access to be able to do that… yeah my locks were getting picked all the time.

I’ve just installed a new lock.
I’d installed a new lock before, I’d added locks.
It was not sufficient because we’re not talking regular burglary, we’re talking targeted mischief.
Hopefully this new lock is going to be sufficient.
I don’t know, time will tell.
But, yes, physical access was possible.
I don’t know exactly what they’ve done.
I do know this: the people who do this or the person who does this is or are very good at hardware hacking.
Hacking basically consists of three components.
People hacking, also called social engineering.
This is a very important part of hacking nowadays.
Software hacking.
And hardware hacking.
Tricking the computer into thinking that for example its hard drive is filled.
I have been looking around for gadgets.
I did at one point find that a socket, a light socket, had been opened and the screws had been loosened.
One of the screws was lying in the recess behind the light switch.
I had actually fixed that particular light switch before so I knew for a fact that both screws were in their places, tight and needy.
Yeah, neat and tidy and tight.
But I didn’t see a gadget.
There may be gadgets that I have missed.
And it’s been suggested quote unquote that there are bugs all over the place.
I don’t think that’s the case.
But how the hell do I know that it’s not the case?
I haven’t spotted anything weird, anything out of place but that may just be me, unfamiliar with that kind of stuff.
Who knows.
Maybe… maybe… maybe…
Maybe this thing here, maybe this thing has a secret camera in it.
Who knows.
(I’m just kidding.)

(I was just kidding about there being a hidden camera in that picture frame. Not about the rest!)

The problem with being bullied and sabotaged anonymously

You don’t know who is doing it or, more importantly perhaps, who is behind it and why on earth it is being done. What you don’t know either is whether it could in fact be more than one party.

It’s a Catch-22. When you don’t know who’s doing it, people here tend to not believe you yet when you mention anyone, people here tend to say that you’re obsessed or paranoid.

No matter what you say, you are going to sound like an idiot. Because what is going is idiotic. Except… you are not the one doing it. You are merely the one describing it. Describing a bank robbery as a witness does not make you a bank robber. (I know. Bank robberies are rare these days.) 

But when it happens anonymously, this kind of stuff, there isn’t anyone you can address. Anyone you can talk with. Anyone you can tell to stop it.

And when after years of being unable to do much, people suggest to you that you “have a lot going on”, you just want to slap them, frankly, because the opposite is the case. They have no idea what poverty and lack of income do to a person’s life, for starters. You can’t spend hundreds of pounds on home security, for example, so you may look “mentally incompetent” but you’re merely financially powerless. You do the little bit that you can. And that is not enough.

And in fact, all you want is to get away, to leave it all behind (and get your life back). That is what your focus is on. Patience. But you can’t say that either because that too will be held against you when you’re a migrant and certainly when you’re in a place as insular as Portsmouth. It may be felt like a betrayal of their precious Portsmouth.

And then again… that is no way to live either!

I remember when Kevin H. came over, must have been 2011, and someone was literally hiding in the bushes here, to see what we were up to. Does it get any crazier??? Yes, it can get far crazier, I know now.

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Is this the guy who steals (some of) my postal mail?

After I made this video, the downstairs asshole yelled a lot, thereby possibly confirming that he is ALSO the hacker, the guy who’s responsible for the loss of my last bit of income and the last one of my clients. Because he could see on my screen!? (Not that that is a surprise.) An alternative explanation could be that someone else texted him and told him to yell a lot. 9Or that he was just yelling.)

I know he hacked into one of my phones because he – someone in his flat in any case – loudly yelled “Ah, ha ha ha” from right under me when he got in and rebooted the thing. I doubt that that could have been done by someone not on the premises.

My HDD has been rattling like CRAZY since I posted that video on YouTube and my comments on YouTube keep getting wiped out by the hacker time and time and time again.

The downstairs neighbour is connected to my landlord. I suspect he was part of the landlord’s plot to have me declared anti-social. “Drive the old cow crazy so we can get rid of her, please.” I’ve thought that for a while because it is the only logical explanation for this dude’s behaviour (and it combines too well with something else). Why else would a gay guy be obsessed with a woman likely old enough to be his grandmother? And steal (some of) her postal mail?

(Why his interference would not disturb my other neighbours? I use my bedroom as my office. Since that neighbour moved in, I have slept on my office floor several nights and then I found a way of dealing with his noise. White noise. As I have mentioned previously, the idea that he has Tourette’s does not hold up.)

Re the previous neighbour, hints were dropped by the landlord’s staff that there were reasons to be afraid of him. Why?

(22:01 My HDD is rattling like crazy again, but my PC is not actually doing anything.)

This would be more or less typical for how Portsmouth works, doesn’t it?

BUT… the hacker/stalker indicated – 24 Feb: no, suggested! – that there is a likelihood that he is about to destroy me and in view of the fact that his type of personality tends to work with flying monkeys, it is more likely that the neighbour is a flying monkey for my stalker/hacker. “Let’s try to drive the old cow crazy” has always been HIS game. Charles’, Lee’s, Charley’s, Charlie’s. Or Stephen’s if that is who it is. Or just the people in the local community who engage in all the bullying. How on earth would Iknow? It’s all done anonymously!

My landlord would have to be off his rocker to do that. He’d have chosen a much easier, cheaper and quicker route. Unless my landlord is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Is he?

24 Feb:
It was 15 January 2021, the day that I accidentally caught my gay neighbour who is half my age going through my postal mail – two envelopes – with extreme attention. So he goes through my mail and keeps what he thinks will disadvantage me if I don’t receive it? Why is he so obsessed with me? To be fair, a lot of my postal mail goes missing before it gets to the building. But Monday’s letter had definitely been kept behind – and possibly even created – by him, albeit not for long. (Just long enough to ruin my evening. Because I am so fed up with the Portsmouth brand of nastiness. And it never stops.)

Is impersonating a social worker a criminal offence?

I am going to investigate that. If there is a register, then it may be a protected profession and that may mean that impersonating a social worker is an offence.

Yes it is, as it turns out.

“The Care Standards Act 2000 made it a criminal offence to pretend, with intent to deceive, to be a qualified and registered social worker.”

Postal mail and other developments

The letter that I e-mailed that I wrote about in that other post went missing from that blog post, not surprisingly. Here is the link:

So as I mentioned before (here), we are currently getting almost no postal mail at all and I am still missing an envelope from the Home Office. Today, there was no postal mail all day, and I just left for Asda and there was no postal mail when I left, but when I came back just now at 21:25, there suddenly was an envelope for me.

This very likely means that someone has been holding on to an envelope and put it on the staircase while I was out as there is no light on the patio and in the narrow passage to the front building’s back door, where our postal mail gets delivered. (Anyway,  postal mail does not get delivered in the evening.)

(And I bet I know who that horribly nasty person was! The same person I caught leisurely leaning back against the wall and perusing my mail with such excessive interest that it literally made my jaw drop. There were two envelopes for me, that day. He took his time before he put them on my staircase.)

I have now opened this letter that I just found – I thought it was from Murphy – and it turns out that the (non-existent!) “social worker” who contacted me a while back has been talking with someone else without my permission, in a way that I think is would be illegal…

IF the letter was genuine!

Meanwhile, either, that person too apparently did not check the social worker register, and unless I have somehow been directed to an online social worker register and an online temporary social worker register that are both fake, this “social worker” simply does not exist.

In that case, I am not the only one who fell for her act, then! I feel good about that because I felt like an idiot when I discovered that there was no such person working for Portsmouth City Council.

But, wait, here is the thing.

The fact that she supposedly contacted that party indicates that either the letter I received was fake (the letter sounds unprofessional, too) OR it is yet another indication that there is no such social worker (but that there was contact and the person in question did not check the register). Because the “social worker”, if real, could not have known that the party she contacted has any ties to me at all. That information is not known at Portsmouth City Council either.

I do hope that the e-mails I sent today really did reach their destinations and that the responses I have received weren’t spoofs, but there is NO WAY TO VERIFY THIS!

Very sloppy, Portsmouth City Council!

(The fact that you do not seem to understand what spoofing is, well, that is your problem. You should not put the burden of your lack of awareness on your citizens, however.)

Thankfully, I also received a response from Shelter and from Stephen Morgan MP besides from someone at Portsmouth City Council. It makes it more likely that the response from the person at PCC was genuine.

For those of you out there who still don’t get it, I don’t operate from a poverty mindset. I don’t operate from a class mindset either. Most Brits do. They operate from weakness. There is a big difference. The fact that I do not behave like a typical (lower-class?) Brit does not mean that I am crazy. It means that I am much more aware of what is possible, both for me and in life in general, than most Brits.

It comes from having had a rich life with plenty of experiences before I moved to England and from having grown up in a much more egalitarian country.

That idea – of having a rich life with plenty of experiences and opportunities – seems to scare Brits. I remember an article in the Guardian back in 2010, that talked about how bad it was for people to have many choices. Excuse me?!

(I remember the response at the Coop in Southampton when I said I was looking for a Duvel or Hoegaarden. Alcohol is alcohol, beer is beer, what difference does it make. That is a common English view. I also remember standing in the supermarket after I moved to the US and seeing such a wide array of brands on the shelf, such a vast number of options, by contrast.)

This is one of the reasons why I’ve always felt that Brits live in all kinds of poverty. Mental poverty. A lack of ambition. A lack of drive. Sadly, a lack of values, too, very often.

(To clarify this very bluntly: England, overall, is very boring. I, for example, am supposed to sit at home and knit and watch telly, not much else. I may attend an embroidery group, perhaps. Thank you very much but that is not me.)

(And also, I don’t suffer fools gladly. But I usually don’t bother with letting them know either.)

I will probably take legal steps about this. Because the party who wrote to me – if the letter was genuine – has violated my rights. That party has violated my rights before. The previous time, I let it slip. This time, I sure as hell will not. And while I don’t suffer fools gladly and would much rather ignore them, sometimes it would be very wrong to ignore them.

23 February 2021: What this seems to be was simply another bucket-load of the highly illegal (criminal) Portsmouth-based brand of hate towards strangers or towards women. (The whole thing is so alien to me that I have no good idea what drives this phenomenon.) It’s no different from the bucket of liquid that was dumped over me after two young men said “good afternoon” to me from a window on the 1st floor along London Road/Kingston Road, near Kingston Crescent. Just as bizarre. Or coming home to find your door standing open and discovering the next morning that some really weird shit had been carried out in your bathroom while you went for a walk.

You can’t report it anywhere because it’s considered perfectly normal, in Portsmouth. You’re not supposed to “make a fuss” about it. There is this “Why do you get angry when we pull this kind of shit time and time again?”. I am supposed to respond like a sweet little doormat. And it is suggested that there is something wrong with me when I don’t respond like a doormat to this kind of shit. Excuse me?!

You go talk with Portsmouth City Council and they tell you that you must be crazy to want to put a stop to this kind of shit, such as anonymous people picking the locks when you’re out and carrying out crap in your flat when you’re out and hacking into your computer. They tell you that you must be crazy to want to support yourself financially like you used to before you moved to Portsmouth. Excuse me?! Are these people for real?

So they give you a pretty band-aid and the sad thing is that after so much abuse, you are grateful for the band-aid. But the band-aid does not change a thing about the situation.

So when Portsmouth City Council sends me another questionnaire on how it can attract more businesses, I have to keep saying that the first thing PCC must do is address Portsmouth’s vicious culture of hate and hostility.

Later, yesterday evening, while I wrote an e-mail about this matter, suddenly part of my e-mail was wiped off my screen – the bit about someone in Portsmouth having apologised to me in the past about some nasty and highly illegal thing that she had done; her apology was profoundly insincere, too, to add insult to injury – after which my browser tab reloaded itself. I found the message sitting among my drafts so I finished it and sent it off. 


PCC / Murphy

I just sent a bunch of e-mails to PCC, with copies to Steve Pitt, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Stephen Morgan, the3million and Shelter. My e-mail is acting up big time, so I don’t know whether the e-mails actually went out. I forwarded them to The News as well.

In 2019, I had one of my clients in the Netherlands call Gerald Vernon-Jackson – the local city council leader – to ask for help with my situation because that situation meant that I was unable to support myself. I had just come home in the middle of the night to find that the locks had been picked once again and a small act of vandalism had been carried out again.

The lock-picking is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to support myself for a long time. (Because it provides access to my computer equipment, among other things.)

Between that call and the day I finally got to talk with Mr Vernon-Jackson, there had been other developments. (My landlord was making another attempt to evict me.) Mr Vernon-Jackson did enable me to combat that eviction attempt but he did not do a thing about my crappy situation that meant that I could not support myself. Mr Vernon-Jackson spent a heck of a lot of time with me that day, which surprised me, but I realised why he had probably done that when I saw the letter that he sent to my landlord. Mr Vernon-Jackson repeatedly called me “vulnerable” for a while and I think that he spent time with me to assess how “vulnerable” I was.

Nothing changed in my situation in a fundamental sense.

Then the lockdowns started. I received letters that certainly in one case seemed to have been timed such that I had little access to offices and services.

What I probably have not mentioned before – with regard to what appears to have been the landlord having turned off my water – is that the order of the doorbells and other utilities here is illogical and I suspect that the landlord expected this “vulnerable” woman not to know about this and having panicked and been stuck without water. I am in the top flat of three but my water supply valve is the one in the middle of the three.

I am not sure who I am most disgusted with within this context, frankly, because I think that I was in a way a fool when I went to Mr Vernon-Jackson for help.

Here is the letter that I just sent, with 24 attachments:



Still haven’t heard a word from PCC in ages and haven’t heard back from Murphy either. It does not matter. It’s despicable to be told to apply for benefits all the time here in Portsmouth while places like Southampton simply allow you to support yourself, by contrast. Instead of paying too much attention to the usual local bile-spewing by whoever Roger Downey hangs out with, I am focusing on what I – yes, I – need in order to support myself again in spite of Roger Downey and his pals and others here in Portsmouth apparently having a major problem with the idea of a woman supporting herself.

(Yep, was using a different phone and should have looked at where its camera actually is, lol.)

The hacker is still active, unfortunately, but not being too disruptive as far as I can tell. That he managed to knock out my HDDs – yes, I am pretty sure that he had something to do with that – probably makes it easier for him to make me sound crazy – because I can no longer show the files that he messed with, among other things – but it does not matter if you are able to look beyond that and see the relative insignificance of it.

Why I am up at this hour? My immediate downstairs neighbour (the bully with the insecurity problem, who is connected to Murphy’s outfit) left the flat and building (without dog) at 2:24 and returned at 2:38. A minute later he honked. There is often honking between 2 and 3. Sometimes it’s other sounds or yells, such as “what’s up”. I didn’t have my sound file with sea surf playing on repeat. So I woke up.

So I posted this, to distract myself, then put the sea surf on repeat and went back to sleep.