UPDATE: Both computers down again

The doorbell rang this morning and someone came running upstairs.

It was surely a coincidence but some time after that BOTH my computers suddenly stopped working again. At the same time! Like last time. (Before Easter.) When I was warned that if I didn’t shut up about what is going on, I’d be punished again.

This morning there was shit on my phone, too. Something flashed on my screen, like an emergency services light, like crazy, when I tried to look at a (different) e-mail.

It said: “(The Future is) Flying You To The Danger Zone”.

I later realized that this was an email, but it wasn’t flashing. It was just an e-mail (from Futurism) and I had not even clicked on it when it did the flashing. Could have been a coincidence. Sure.

Yesterday, as I was typing text the phrase “4chan/8chan”, it suddenly blew up on my computer screen to supersize, however.

Punishment also happened in, for example, 2010. After I had written on my website what was going on, I suddenly could no longer access my business email. I did a traceroute that clearly showed the diversion and printed it. Unfortunately, you can’t take that to the police…

Controlling my computer

What he seems to do is he somehow manages to get me to install an OEM version. And then he logs into the OEM part? I had noticed before that when I installed my computer, the normal formatting of the HDD wasn’t part of it any longer. And he just seems to have done this again. But how he manages to access the thing, that I have not figured out yet. Haven’t detected any added hardware but these things can be tiny.

I’m talking about the newer computer now. The other one, well, let’s just say that he really hates for people to find out what he does. He’s still furious that I don’t keep my mouth shut. He, they, whatever.

But this entire town is rotten.

Ha ha

How COLD this phone is when people aren’t fucking around in it! I have gotten so used to it being warm all the time and often being really hot.

(But make no mistake, these hate-fuelled and hate-spewing 4chan and 8chan creeps aren’t gone yet. They also operate IRL and there was overnight crap.)

Also… turns out that some of my incoming calls were being forwarded to an unknown 078 number.

My two disabled computers

Just before Easter, both my computers were put out of action in retaliation for not keeping my mouth shut about what has been going on locally (the shit coming from local 4chan folks etc).

This sort of thing had happened before.

I removed the batteries and all that to clear any possible shit that way but I had noticed over the years that there is always too much space on my harddisks that I can’t access and for which there’s no reason.

No legitimate reason, that is.

The same people who pick my locks can also simply plug a USB stick into my computers and start them up to do all sorts of shit to them.

Any OS that I download doesn’t have to be clean either, of course, as it may well be provided by these local 4chan and 8chan jokers.

Yesterday, I was suddenly able to reinstall my old OS and that struck me as highly suspicious. With good reason, as it turns out.

I’ll see what I can do.

Portsmouth essentially is one big Mafia organisation. Portsea Island is like Sicily, perhaps? I’ve never been to Sicily.

I know what is in that locked-off bit of HD.

Not having access to clean machines SUCKS! I am not aware of even one clean computer in Portsmouth at the moment. Not one.

(I knew of one, but the pandemic has made it disappear. In the second half of 2016, I discovered 3 that had not been hacked into yet; they then soon were, too, because someone figured out where I had managed to apply for JSA.)

Installed a different OS, which I first tried two days ago, after I had managed to get it to install via accessing and preparing the harddisk first via another portable OS first. (Yesterday afternoon, I tried my old OS, but that did not leave me happy.) But two days ago, I could update the current one after installation. Now I am told “page not found”.

This time, I had about 17 Gig acting up during the prep, but the second OS seemed to install fine… and I seemed to have the entire hard disk available. So that‘s likely not it.

What this may be is a joker at a provider blocking my access to the updates. Or maybe I made a mistake somewhere. (I did one thing differently. Who knows.)

Whatever it is, I will sort it out.

9.06pm: Yep, nope, the computer won’t connect to updates. This is linked to me having lost the internet connection after I called the police yesterday evening and with private DNS.

I noticed some time ago that the latter was getting messed with and already years ago, messing with my DNS settings was how I ended up on someone else’s network, after which I had open ports when I finally managed to get myself off that person’s network.

So yes, the 4chan/8chan folks are still at it.

What is so immensely mean about it is that they first plunge you into the deepest poverty so that you can no longer defend yourself against these criminals.

Then they make sure that you stay in that poverty and can’t make a dime and can’t move away either… 100% access and control.


9:26pm: my phone had been really got for a long time until I typed this bit. Conclusion: hacker wasn’t sure that he had really blocked off this bit of internet access?

Most of this hacking shit tends to coincide with someone else’s presence in this building, just like a lot of other stuff. I’m sure it is merely all a coincidence, each instance of this.

But in a town as hateful towards women as Portsmouth, everyone is okay with this immensely vile shit.

yep, he is back and my phone is getting hot again

What do I do with this? Kill the guy? I may have to. No other options left.

Full on war

Yesterday evening, I called the police, to make a brief statement. I have zero faith in the police.

Shortly after that, my phone was completely offline.

This morning, it would not even update time.

Resetting the network settings remedied that but the problems are far from solved.

I am in a full on war situation and have been since I first visited Portsmouth.

No more.

It’s not an unhinged stalker.

It’s a full on war with (mostly but not exclusively based in Portsmouth) 4chan and 8chan types.

And they seem to call themselves “Google”.

Here we go again

My VPN – I started using it again last night – said that I was connected to the Netherlands. Google said that it thinks I am in London. The phone was acting a bit weird, so I rebooted it. It now says that I am connected to the US and I have examples in Cyrillic in my search bar.

And the phone is suddenly really hot again.

4chan? 8chan? What’s that?

Search the web!

Yes, folks.

I’ve said it before, more or less jokingly. Didn’t really think that it could really be the case, I suppose. Because it would be so utterly stupid.

But I’ve been highly critical of this movement, too. For years. They are nowhere near the benevolent force for good that some people mistake them for.

These are folks who want to be feared.

It’s not an organisation, either. It’s not organised, at all. It’s a very loosely connected mass movement of people who hang out not only online but offline as well.

There are good people in it and there are bad people in it and they sometimes carry out good things but they are also into a lot of really bad sinister shit. I consider them as being mostly about hate. Dumb blind hate.

It explains why over the years I have gotten so many different explanations for what’s been going on, including that it was my business name that had brought this upon me.

It explains it all. Everything.

Every aspect of it.

(Phone gets hot again.)

About a month ago, someone who is tied into this shit too, one way or another, mentioned them. As the solution to my problem. But in a really off way.

Here’s the thing.

This had happened before.

It also explains why years ago, I was suddenly told “You’re actually a really nice woman” after which I thought “No shit, Sherlock!” but that the hate against me continued relentlessly nevertheless.

That’s because that particular person may well have stopped hassling me from that point onward but everyone else continued.

It explains why a Dutch IT person or hacker or whatever suddenly sent me a computer drawing of a train platform with a retractable ramp for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Came completely out of nowhere. It seemed to be intended to be helpful.

An artwork of dark and light? I’ll say! More dark than light, though. A lot more dark. And more fingers and penises than brain cells?

It explains it all. Everything. Every goddamn aspect of it, of what’s been happening to me, the vicious shit that has been done to me, and why I don’t seem to be able to get rid of this stuff no matter where I go.

Consider this: I didn’t actually know anyone in England! So how else could I have drawn this to me? Why else did I also get really bizarre things in my life like being invited to online professional networks where I then receive lots of messages… For example from… babies. The kind that is literally in diapers.

It may even explain that when I wanted to install OpenBSD, trying to get around the non-stop interference, none of the books about UNIX were on their shelf at the public library, but they had not been checked out. It explains why any OS or anything else I download is potentially already tainted.

In my opinion, what Anonymous does is mostly malicious. They don’t want to be seen as doing good, they want to be seen as powerful, a force to be reckoned with and to be feared.

“anything goes”

The so-called good that they do is too often about attacking things and people on the basis of rumours, without any due diligence, and with very little consideration for possible consequences.

Think attacking a nuclear power plant on a whim because they don’t like the woman – or country – that runs it, wanting to make her – or it – look bad or just put the power plant out of action.

Plant explodes, doing a great deal of damage to several countries. This sort of dumb shit. Oops.

No, they have not literally done this yet, but they’ve done similar stupid shit. Oops, wrong person. Oops, it wasn’t all quite what we thought was going on. Oops, wrong country whose government websites we put out of action. Or right country but the problem isn’t actually its government. Oops.

These are also lots of neonazi’s, QAnon folks and so on in this movement. Incels, too. All thrown together with no real coordinator. Just drivers, gas pedals and fingers.

They’re an uncoordinated crowd. Of people who work at banks, internet providers, power companies and so on and so forth.

And apparently this movement is quite massive?

Here’s something about QAnon that explains how this kind of mass bullshit works:


None of it has anything whatsoever to do with who I am. It’s all happening in the basis of utter bullshit nonsense that gets spread around by these types of movements. Doesn’t matter who you are, has nothing to do with who or what you are. Anyone and anything can grab their attention and the whole thing can then spin totally out of control.

Here is another example of how this stupid bullshit works:


He’d warned me

The past few days, he kept scrolling my pages down to this:

He goes “bad” in the middle of the night. Usually does his bad stuff around 3am. I imagine he was busy writing code all night, ready to load it into my computer at the start of my day.

Eh, wait, no. He’s done the same thing before, with this installation. He only needed to adapt the code he already had, because the damage is more extensive this time.

Goes for the other computer too.

Imagine that your life is so empty… It’s sad, really. Not that god-like at all.

I haven’t done any exploring to see which bits still work and which ones don’t or pulling batteries etc just in case he’s mostly messed with the bios. That would be letting him dictate how I spend my time.

I was busy writing and editing today, yesterday and tomorrow. Was going to alternate that with some outdoor activities, but the latter haven’t materialised yet.

So I’m just reading, for the sake of what I was working on. I can’t be bothered trying to get my computers working again. This stuff he pulls has gone stale. He’s been doing this for over a decade. It really does become very boring eventually.

Here we go again. God is acting up.

The hacker’s disabled BOTH my computers. Nothing new. This has been his usual modus operandi for over 13 years.

Let’s see what I can do about that. He’s also disabled the optical drive, by the looks of it, so that I can’t do any repairs or a fresh install. That too has happened before.

Okay, I will do the dishes and laundry and read some more books, then.

Shrinks, fix this dude, please. He’s broken. Thanks.

Egg donors wanted in the UK. Or perhaps not?

I just heard a commercial asking for egg donors.

That got my attention. Has the legislation changed in the UK?

The always admirable and wise even when she was still so very young Hannah Lee Duggan has been an egg donor a few times. In the US, you can get paid for being an egg donor. Off the top of my head, that would be illegal in the UK. This may have changed while I wasn’t looking. Check with HFEA. Or ask Glenn Cohen.

So I searched for the name I heard in the radio commercial. What I got was this!

No, TFP, I am merely running Linux! Facepalm?

Hacking update. Oh, and Russia v Ukraine.

lt is blissfully quiet on my main computer this morning. I discovered that two mistakes appeared to have been introduced in a letter that was on my other computer. Someone was annoyingly visibly active in both my computers yesterday. My phone is usually affected too.

On another note, it’s been very distressing first to read what’s been going on in Ukraine and then second to read that the US won’t take steps that would be “damaging” (economically) to itself and its allies. Blocking Russian oil.

Block Russian oil. Do everything to stop these atrocities in this crazy war started by what has now clearly become an unhinged individual in Moscow who happens to be in power. In most other situations, without this power imbalance between him and his surroundings, he would have been told to see a doctor and would have gotten largely ignored.

We don’t want another Syria. Syria was much more complicated to intervene in, as I learned from a course provided by Harvard’s Belfer Center. Ukraine is a relatively simple story.

If the world does not start to learn how to unite against harms and hazards, it is doomed.

After I posted the above, I spotted this:

It appears that Germany applied pressure to accomplish that delay.

Then this, and similar sounds from the U’s Liz Truss. As per what date will this kick in in practice? And when will the US follow?

Help (IT hiccup in accessing meeting about healthcare access and human rights)

Was about to attend a Zoom meeting (Petrie Flom) as a muted participant, but I have no microphone plugged in and my screen is flooded with about one message per second informing me:

Zoom cannot detect your microphone. Please check your microphone setup.

All other windows are inaccessible and I can no longer hear the speakers either.

No choice but to reboot.

Rebooted and plugged in a headset with microphone. Things are working now.

The topic of this online meeting is very relevant for healthcare in the UK, too.

Otherisation limits access to good healthcare. This is a human rights issue. It also has consequences for the rights of refugees in the UK. Refugees must never be treated as a “lesser species” with diminished human rights.

Once again, I feel so immensely blessed to be able to attend such meetings and this is at least partly a direct gift afforded to me by the pandemic.

The Dutch may reopen their gas reservoirs. Russian cyber warfare situation may escalate. Russia’s Swift access likely to be disconnected.

Further to my earlier post, the Dutch Financial Times just contained an article that talks about the Dutch possibly reopening their gas wells because of the situation with Russia:

Says René Peters, head of gas technology at research institute TNO.

This is seconded by David Smeulders, professor of energy technology at Eindhoven University of Technology and Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute.

Two years ago, the Dutch government drew up an emergency planning for this kind of situation.

Yes, there is still gas in the Dutch gas reservoirs, but its exploitation was increasingly causing problems (earthquakes with damage to homes).

At the moment, reopening the gas wells is not actively on the agenda yet , however.

The matter of Russia’s cyber warfare against Ukraine was also addressed in yesterday’s and today’s issue of the Dutch Financial Times. Among other things, the Russians have released a virus called HermeticWiper; other countries may become affected too. Russia’s cyber warfare has already been ongoing for weeks. (They’ve been attacking banks and energy plants in Ukraine.) In fact, hacking attacks started around the time that Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in 2014.

See links below. Juan-Andres Guerrero-Saade is a cybersecurity researcher at digital security firm SentinelOne.

White hats from all over the world have just been hitting back. There is concern that this may lead to retaliation from Russian cyber crime groups – one of them already stated that it would retaliate for the white hats’ DDoS attacks on Russian sites – and that the situation may escalate.


(Unfortunately, this article also calls Anonymous “benevolent”. That’s a seriously shortsighted view.)

15:23 UK time:

Russia will likely soon be disconnected from the Swift banking transfer system; only Germany is reportedly still holding back on that. This would mean that trading with Russia will become very difficult and close to impossible, though certainly governments will still have convoluted options for paying their Russian gas bills. However, there are also risks for other countries when Russia is disconnected from Swift; it may make money laundering easier and it will also likely push Russia closer to China, and play into the hands of China, as many payments might start running via China’s payment system. The ECB is investigating these risks. (Sounds like more might have to be done than just disconnecting Russia from Swift; there should also be sanctions that address paying via China. Monitoring goods streams and the possibility of more money laundering may be part of the price that needs to be paid when this step is taken. Dutch finance minister Kaag said that the fact that Europe too will be hit hard by it is worth it as it is part of the price to be paid to achieve peace and security.) The final decision has not been made yet.


After I wrote the above, I did a few web searches to see what else I could find.

The Guardian has the latter news too:

Politico does too now (6pm):

Politico’s article mentions Germany’s fear of having its gas supply cut. This is why the matter of the Dutch gas fields came up. Other countries may put pressure on the Netherlands to reopen them.

NewScientist discussed the cyber war a few days ago:

Reuters also has an article on it and Symantec reported having spotted the virus activity in Latvia and Lithuania as well:
What Guerrero-Saade says in this article was also echoed in the Dutch Financial Times, that these hackers are being deliberately destructive.

18:54 UK time:
Germany softens stance on Swift decision:

I am not in LEEDS

And I am not in any of the other places far from here that I have seen my phone – or Google – thinks I am at.

(And no, I am not using a VPN. This is my hacker. He’s been at it for days again, and for days, my phone’s been telling me again that I am in all sorts of places where I am not. I am at my desk in Portsmouth.)

Who is 00 31 6 44206041?

Presumably a regular scam. An American voice telling me that the call was from “national police corps”.

Yeah, haven’t you read about that police captain that got this type of call too? I think they call about “outstanding traffic tickets” and say that they’re about to arrest you unless you pay instantly, lol. Hilarious.

It was automated. I was probably supposed to enter some data or press something, but I hung up.

Oh, the joys of the internet age.

Also, the length of the number is incorrect, methinks. I googled the number but nothing showed up.

Major software threat

Organisations around the world scrambling? Wrong visual used, then, Guardian! This is not just relevant for gamers.

Recently uncovered software flaw ‘most critical vulnerability of the last decade’ | Software | The Guardian


13 December: The Dutch had a big emergency meeting about this, with about 300 cyber experts and they drew up a list of vulnerable software

YOU need to be aware of this because YOU will fall for this because YOU do not believe that this happens and that this is even possible


A LinkedIn Learning course about deepfake videos, shallowfakes, deepfake audio and more. And most of this almost anyone can do. Some of this software was made for podcasting, for example.

By the way, sites where you can check the accuracy of news are https://www.politifact.com/ as well as https://www.snopes.com/ and https://www.factcheck.org/

Oh, and you need to check out this too: https://moondisaster.org/