YOU need to be aware of this because YOU will fall for this because YOU do not believe that this happens and that this is even possible

A LinkedIn Learning course about deepfake videos, shallowfakes, deepfake audio and more. And most of this almost anyone can do. Some of this software was made for podcasting, for example.

By the way, sites where you can check the accuracy of news are as well as and

Oh, and you need to check out this too:

Here we go again (hacker interfering with my online access)

Am uploading an article to Indy100 and my hacker blocks it again and my immediate downstairs neighbour moans loudly and disappointed when I realise what’s happened. This has been my life for over a decade now.

So then I submitted in a different browser but I don’t think it matters as I am on someone else’s VPN. He can block and change whatever he wishes.

But maybe I am wrong and maybe this is the one time that my digital experiences are not due to hacker interference.

Because once again, what I wrote has disappeared again. Poof, into thin air.

I click on my own profile’s link and it says:

404 page not found


(But of course, it is also possible that this is merely another smoke and mirrors game to make me look “crazy” should the article suddenly appear online after all.)

This is what I wrote for Indy100:

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Someone losing the plot?

An American colleague is emailing me – in an English accent – and says that he emailed me in 2010 and asked me to meet him and his wife in London back then. Hahahaha.

But he is a bit older so maybe it’s that, but more likely it’s the Martinis talking. 🥳

He and his wife were in London in 2010 and I called them at the hotel and he was not pleased that I rang. Never asked me to meet them there and he knew that it wasn’t possible for me to travel to London at the time.

He’d asked me could I meet them upon arrival and drive them into and around in London so that they wouldn’t have to take the bus etc. Such an odd request, I thought.

So maybe that was spoofed too.

But he also just wrote to me that he was trying to hook up the fridge to the water supply?!! That he had found the fridge out of order when he returned from a visit to his stepdaughter in DC?

My electricity (updated)

I continue to get calls – including yesterday – from a party that shows up on my phone as the name of the company that has now confirmed by email that they will be supplying the energy here soon – but I have had similar confirmation mails in the past that turned out to be spoofs.

But that turns out to be someone else.

The first three calls came in with me not being aware of it; after the first call, I called the number and discovered that the number was for someone else (or for someone else pretending to be that party).

There just was a fourth call which I deliberately decided to ignore.

13 October 2021, 01:35

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Here we go again

I got a phone call from the power company I am now trying to transfer to but when I called back the number, it turned out to be a different party. (And the call I made could have gone to a recording that someone else made. Can’t really tell, can you?)

In any case, that call I got was spoofed.

Big baby

Big baby just wiped out both my computers and is stamping his feet like a 5-year old throwing a 2-year-old’s tantrum because mommie does not come to the loo to look at the big doodoo he’s produced.

You can only laugh about it.

More worrisome is that he also seems to be blocking my umptieth attempt to escape from the country.

That’s also why he is throwing this destructive tantrum.

I just sent an e-mail to Gerald Vernon-Jackson. I wonder if that actually went out. Will be interesting to see.

11 October
While big baby was busy wiping out my old computer yesterday, he apparently changed his mind about that one, but the newer one is still fully NON-functional and this old one may still go too. He’s also knocked out in and outgoing mail signals on my phone. He’s often done this kind of stuff over the past decade. He gets pissed off over something I do – can be anything – or just gets pissed off and then he wipes out all my electronics. Sometimes he enables them again after a week or so.

Incoming e-mails appear to be continue to be withheld by my hacker too; I have just had 5 to 10 older e-mails arrive – some of which telling me that Google has changed some of my settings – while some e-mail accounts are suspiciously quiet (and that particularly concerns one account for which I often have “server unavailable” errors).

Ha ha = wtf?!!


The weirdest thing just happened. I ran into one of the neighbours and wanted to update him – see below – and while he was as sweet as peaches last time I spoke with him, he was extremely hostile now and saying crazy things like “I don’t want to see your face anymore”. (Another one of those remarks that are actually intended for his partner? I hardly ever see the guy!)

But…he also said “I don’t think you should be trying to repair your own electricity” …

Here’s the thing. I never said or wrote anything like that to anyone anywhere!

All I said and wrote is that I was trying to transfer the account to see if that would get the problem resolved! (Because my power company – Bulb – clearly isn’t up to the task.)

(These neighbours don’t speak and understand English very well so we’ve always communicated via notes. They always only speak Russian or something on the phone. And they’re on the phone a lot and usually very loudly, too.)

It looks like someone else has been leaving notes for them that they think are from me.

He also said that he was my stalker when I asked him – after his weird remarks – but I’m pretty sure he was just being a misogynistic asshole when he said that.

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Stalking and Asperger’s

So I did a web search.

That’s the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards. There are people who mediate in courts, who serve as advocates for autistic people and this organisation has training (and a certificate).

From the IBCCES site.

This is a former police officer.

That’s him:

From Michael Fitzgerald’s website… Okay, this fits.

I have meanwhile done some thinking about this. I think it was the detective (link above) who talked about someone following women and taking photos of them. (Yeah, that happened to me too. I thought I was imagining it until the moment came when it was clear that I was not.)

I think I sort of get this, from the Asperger’s side. Having thought a lot about various forms of neurodiversity including certain personality disorders is very slowly starting to give me an intuitive feel for how these things work.

I had a friend with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), have known her for decades. I mentioned that in videos as well as in one of my books. What I didn’t mention is that she actually was the one who brought it up and that is why I looked into it. To protect her identity, I wrote that the friendship fell apart, in the book. It had not yet, but it may have now. Time will tell.

She needles, sometimes in a stealthy way, imagining that people won’t see it. She may give you “Success for Dummies”. She may tell you that the big pharmaceutical companies have programs that give free meds to poor people. She may make fun of you in all sorts of ways. But she also has a lot of genuinely helpful practical tips and a great sense of humor. She’s highly intelligent and for that reason alone already usually highly enjoyable company.

Next, I discovered that I’ve also had an autistic friend for decades. (She’s confirmed that. She is not highly autistic but I have stumbled over hiccups a few times in the past and have apologized to her.)

I am sort of starting to develop a feeling for what brings someone with Asperger’s to stalk women. Autistic people see things from a different angle and that gives them a very different perspective on things. Their logic is different. My autistic friend’s logic is also very different at times, which can be very baffling and even infuriating if you don’t know about the autism and don’t know what’s behind some of her conclusions.

I sometimes see something similar with intelligent non-human animals too. That their logic is different, not flawed, that they see things from their viewpoint, not the mainstream human viewpoint (which is often based on certain facts and without those facts, you can draw very different but equally valid conclusions, I’ve learned).

From the above, it appears that it is not necessarily – as I initially thought and mentioned in one of my books – people with NPD and/or psychopathy – who engage in so-called sadistic stalking.

Okay, the Netherlands keeps messing up too

I tried to do something in one government app – related to me not living in the Netherlands – and it referred me to something else. I just logged into that, to do what I was asked to and it tells me that I can’t do that because I am not living in the Netherlands.

That sort of thing happens A LOT.

I am also regularly told to contact the Dutch municipality in which I am living. (Yeah, every sigh and sneeze gets registered there – with one’s Dutch municipality – and needs to be applied for in triplicate. It can be rather cumbersome, particularly when one does not have a Dutch municipality in which one is living.)

Why some EU migrants in the UK may be toast

We EU migrants get no tangible proof of our status.

If someone challenges our status, we are supposed to get the Home Office to send us a code on the mobile number that we used to apply to stay (which is called Settled Status).

Any hacker – probably even any low-level script kiddie – can interfere with that and stop a legal EU migrant from proving her or his legal status.

In order to apply to stay, I needed a relatively high-end phone that could read the chip in my passport. Had been looking online for a while. One day I found one offered on Amazon, at a good price. (It was supposed to be new. It was a slightly different model with one SIM card slot instead of two slots, and that explained the lower price in my eyes.)

When I got that phone, and wanted to use a brand-new clean SIM card in it that had not yet been hacked, I found that I couldn’t. I ended up being forced to use my regular SIM card, the one on which I already seem to experience a lot of interference at times.

At some later point, a remote access app spontaneously appeared on that phone, too.

So I am pretty sure that whoever is messing with me – also on the phone that contains that SIM card – has the ability to make it impossible for me to prove my legal immigration status. All it takes is to block the Home Office code and/or sending me a fake/altered code.

Like I said, I am pretty sure that all the script kiddies on the block know how to do that.

I am not saying that they will, but that they very probably can.

If you start with a blank, clean phone and SIM card, it’s a different story. If your phone and SIM card already were compromised, you’re probably toast.

The same person who does this kind of stuff to me also knows how to knock out my phone’s access to the nearest cell tower. That is, he was able to do that about five years ago, forcing me to leave my home and walk to the next cell tower every time. I don’t know whether that is still possible. If that is still possible, then that would be another way to block the Home Office’s code of reaching my phone.

Hacking hiccups?

This morning, I found that my gmail login password had been changed. This sort of thing has happened a bazillion times in the past decade.

And, apparently, my 2FA phone number had been removed so that I could not log in.

I also had trouble accessing other e-mail so I currently have no access to my gmail. Working on solving various issues at the moment. This has been my life for over a decade now. One gets used to it.

Earlier this year, I received a strange warning that seemed to suggest that a narcissist was going to destroy me (sure, whatever), but perhaps more significantly, I received the following three non-permanent popups on the SIM-less phone that I was using for my videos.

  1. For you.
  2. He knows too much.
  3. I would go to the police (if I were you).

Oh, yes, whoever’s been pestering me has all my logins. But of course.

11:34 Resolved.

My 2FA phone number had NOT been removed from the Google account so this must have been a Google #fail

Oh, if only every problem in the world was this easy to solve!


My gmail looks fairly normal today, more like what it should look like rather than what it has been looking like for far too long. (If I am still not getting all my e-mail, which I do think is the case, well, then it’s way too late after all these years for this to still be of significance and to worry about it.)

11:49 It turns out to be a PHONE-related hiccup?

(I just entered the new password and once again, it tells me it’s the wrong password.)

Oh, it may be that randomiser thing, perhaps (hacking). I have SEEN that in action in the past.

Is gmail urban slang for something, by the way?

LG shutting down its phone department?

That’s what I just heard. That’s a shame. I bought an LG phone over a decade ago, one that was pretty rare, modelled on a Blackberry, one of those models that O2 does briefly and that you then can’t find anywhere else. It’s indestructible! No, I have never thrown that one at a wall, but I have dropped it many many times – outside too – and all that has been affected over time, by age, was its energy management. (It does not always know whether its battery is full or empty.)

I use it mainly as an MP3 player and for notes and reminders these days.

Maybe that sturdiness is why LG is shutting down its phone department? (If that is the case, then that would show why the planet is going to hell in a handcart because of our wastefulness.)

They’re also very user-friendly, LG phones.

I have another LG phone that I use for 2FA only.

And I have one that I got because of the settlement app and then used mainly for my videos.

(LG had 6 years of losses, tried to sell the department but the sale fell through, is what I gather.)

On another matter, time to stock up on food because if the first jab response is indicative of what happens after the second, I am gonna be ravenous this weekend. And very sleepy. All’s well that ends well, also for little M and Czarina.

But, to come back to the sustainability angle, I started making totes out of lovely old curtains. I freewheeled the first one, on a mini sewing machine, and I use that one as my shopping bag now. It’s far from perfect but it does the job. It apparently makes me look so fancy that street-fundraisers now ask me to sign up for donations in support of big charities again.

They’re lined and lovely, these bags. (I have made two more, am experimenting with size, handles and design – including bottom/bottomless – as well as thread and thread colour, but ran out of thread. I need to adjust the handle placement in one and add a little detail on the bottom, and still need to finish attaching the handles on the other one.)

The fabric has a chintz-like soft sheen and is a washed vintage Texoprint fabric (412-24333). Peach and green and cream against a lovely pale blue.

The original blue was darker, but if you wash it, as I did, as opposed to chemical cleaning, it becomes much nicer for the purpose for which I am using this fabric. Also softer, almost cuddly. I have tons of it. Almost broke my back carrying it home a few years ago, lol. I had used some of it already, but still had a lot left and my own old shopping bag was starting to grow holes, so I decided to give it a go.

(I didn’t use the best part of the fabric for the first bag, obviously. It contains a slightly worn seam edge, in fact.)

(This is my own, freewheeled shopping tote.)

Mysterious Skype calls, anyone ever had one of those?

I have a call of 1 minute and 10 seconds that took place on 6 April 2021. In the call are three other people. I only know one of them and one of the other two is not a Skype account but a German phone number.

In a Skype chat message, the person who I know told me it showed up on that person’s screen too and the person didn’t know what to make of it either.

The person recognised the German phone number as well as the fourth person. Skype indicates that the person who knows me added me to this call.

Is there such a thing as Skype viruses?

Or is there some kind of logical explanation that escapes me?

A YouTube-related question

When I edit the subtitles that are automatically generated by YouTube, I find that some videos say “you” or “so you” or “so very you” or “foreign” or “do foreign” at the end. It strikes me as odd.

Is this some kind of artefact? Does this happen to other people’s subtitles too?

Does it mean that the YouTube process does not know how to interpret the start of music? But it’s always the same music, so why would it sometimes hear “foreign” and sometimes hear “so you”?