A YouTube-related question

When I edit the subtitles that are automatically generated by YouTube, I find that some videos say “you” or “so you” or “so very you” or “foreign” or “do foreign” at the end. It strikes me as odd.

Is this some kind of artefact? Does this happen to other people’s subtitles too?

Does it mean that the YouTube process does not know how to interpret the start of music? But it’s always the same music, so why would it sometimes hear “foreign” and sometimes hear “so you”?

It’s official. As of today, I am no longer a delusional old cow. :)

One by one, literally everything that I have been saying about (my experiences with) hacking and modern communications in the past decade was later echoed in the media. Years later.

Now Ofcom is saying that the UK is behind in tackling number spoofing and that you should not trust caller ID.


And Bol.com – that’s the Dutch version of what Amazon once was – just paid €750,000 to what it thought was the company Brabantia, a brand that makes high-quality products that you can also find for sale in the UK.

Anyone who still believes that I am delusional or paranoid because of what I have said and say about hacking and modern-day communication methods needs to have his or her head examined or finally finally finally update his or her wall calendar to the year 2021.

(Insufficient awareness of the existence of number spoofing and e-mail spoofing could also pull the rug out from under a few convictions.)


So you’re self-employed and someone sends you a spoofed e-mail with work in it. How do you know it’s spoofed? You don’t. Do you open the attached file from your client? Sure, why not. Could it contain custom-written code? Oh yeah. Think your antivirus will catch it? Think again.

Oops. Too late. You’re already toast.

Think that only big companies have to be concerned? Bwah ha ha ha.

“Do not minimize the extent of my having been changed from a vivacious, sensual, happy, loving, athletic, healthy, wealthy, bright, articulate, fairly socially adept human to being melded and moulded to accommodate an autistic adult into exactly the opposite of who I am for the sake of a one-sided relationship.”

This is from this web page:


On more than one occasion, I have suspected that the person(s) I am often dealing with, the anonymous presence in my computers and phones, has or have Asperger’s. There is one other variation of autism, that just like Asperger’s is not universally acknowledged, that may apply. (More below.)

Just in case the above-listed web page disappears – which happens; nothing to do with hacking – I have copied its contents below.

I want anyone who believes that they are dealing with a “narc” to look at this and see the resemblance. I became aware of this resemblance when Sam Vaknin – who does not have Asperger’s – mentioned that people with Asperger’s are often mistaken for people with NPD and vice versa.

You can watch a documentary with Sam Vaknin
online at https://watchdocumentaries.com/i-psychopath/
and there is another one at https://youtu.be/rLCPDYt1wYk

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Here is some more pretend-hacking for you

This guy is not really talking about hacking. He is just pretending that he is hacking so that he can hide that he does not even know how to switch his computer off. And if he is hacking after all, oh well, just block the guy on Facebook and you’re done.

Oh, ha, Meterpreter. Does not exist in real life, of course. That hacker is just making that up, too. Just like Metasploit. Does not exist either. Just like there is no poverty in the UK. Evil people are just making that up for political reasons. That there is a shitload of deep poverty in the UK, along with a lot of hate for women and other kinds of hate. Not true. Ask Piers Morgan.

Twitter got unblocked again

But when I removed two of yesterday’s blog posts from my trash (that I had deleted), I received an e-mail from a company from which I am no longer supposed to get mail because it offered a way to do courses that did not add up so I said good bye to them a year ago or so.

It was the third company that approached me about courses and the second that turned out to be, well, I don’t know what exactly. A spoof? (The third company had contacted me on LinkedIn; it was the first that contacted me, chronologically speaking, but I didn’t follow up on that one because something about it did not quite add up or click.)


Here we go again

I am receiving account statements from companies where I don’t have accounts (Boost and BD Swiss), payments that were supposed to come in have not arrived (not yet, in any case, but they’re usually earlier; we’ll see how it goes) (royalties from Amazon and a repayment from HMRC), the browser buttons including the back button on my new phone’s screen have disappeared as had (yesterday) the bit of video that I shot of the UoP marine sciences building near the Hayling Island ferry (the day before yesterday). Or am I merely imagining this latter bit? Did I cut it from the file, myself, perhaps? Okay, maybe I did! (lol) Okay, I probably did. Yep. (I had to transfer it to the older computer to be able to rotate it by 180 degrees and then transfer it back again so I probably cut a lot from the file to speed it all up a bit.)

Shortly after 4 am (4:12 or 4:21, I think), there were two (?) rotation attempts of a badly balanced washing machine making a racket. It happened to be when my mp3 player ran out of juice and the white noise file stopped playing. But it was me pressing the button to silence it for a moment when I woke up that made it run out of juice so I can’t be sure that it was only two rotations. 

I am getting something else too.

The something else that I am getting confirms the position of slavery that I am considered to be in. The “I will break you, goddammit” signal.

No, you won’t.


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I’m vulnerable!

In this video, I am sharing my darkest secrets and revealing all.

Sure, some things that I originally thought were hacking-related were just quirks. And when important things happen that I may have to respond to but am powerless to do anything about, that’s when the hacking is usually the factor that causes the biggest powerlessness so I am sure that I do rant more about the hacking at such a time.

By the way, I still need something else besides low-pass filtering, but I am not going to say out loud what that is and I don’t know whether I will be able to arrange it. Plus, I have no certainty yet that my door is secure now.

What I say in the video? The following.

Hi. My name is Angelina Souren, in case you didn’t know that yet.
I’m a Dutch woman in the UK.
I’ve previously lived in the United States, in Florida, and spent most of my adult life in Amsterdam.
As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with a heck of a lot of hacking, although it’s been said that I’m just an older woman who doesn’t know where to find the on / off button on her computer and is no longer able to cope and ascribes everything that goes wrong to hacking.
And particularly when something considered stressful is going on in her life, she becomes delusional.
<sarcasm>Yeah right</sarcasm>
I took some programming at university, I went to university a little bit later in life, I have built computers from scratch, I have built large websites, written my html in notepad…
I am not an IT expert but I’m nowhere near as stupid as the people… some people in Portsmouth make me out to be.
I am usually being hacked via the electricity circuits in this building.
How did I catch on to that?
One day when I left the building, I realised I’d forgotten something, dashed back into my computer (lol) dashed back into my office where I had left a computer on, an offline computer.
And a program had been opened on that computer.
I had not opened that program.
That’s when I thought it had to have something to do with the power lines.
So I looked into that and sure enough, power line hacking is possible.
And i understood that you have to put an extra resistance on the line.
So I took a timer, put it between the socket and the plug and there was a heck of a lot of clicking.
You know, the way these timers do.
And after a little while, there was a window that popped up on my screen that said something like “Thought you could keep me out?”

<sarcasm>Yeah, I’m making this up. I’m delusional.</sarcasm>

Anyway, how this happens is as follows.
Five years ago, I would have sounded completely crazy, but most of you now plug in these little things to spread wifi through your place.
There is unused bandwidth on the electricity wires.
Power has a frequency of 50 – 60 Hertz.
Data has a much higher frequency so these two don’t interact, usually.
That’s also the solution to my problem.

I wish someone would have told me this years ago but everyone just… shrugs, I guess.

A low-pass filter is what I need. Low-pass filtering is what I need to cut off apparently all the power line hacking.
It’s as simple as that.
It’s not expensive as far as I can tell.

But everybody pretends that it’s 1985 and that we’re all still sending paper postal mail and that the digital world does not exist or basically is 100% safe and that anyone who pretends -pretends! – hacking exists is crazy.

<sarcasm>Yeah right.</sarcasm>

And before anyone starts hollering that you need physical access to be able to do that… yeah my locks were getting picked all the time.

I’ve just installed a new lock.
I’d installed a new lock before, I’d added locks.
It was not sufficient because we’re not talking regular burglary, we’re talking targeted mischief.
Hopefully this new lock is going to be sufficient.
I don’t know, time will tell.
But, yes, physical access was possible.
I don’t know exactly what they’ve done.
I do know this: the people who do this or the person who does this is or are very good at hardware hacking.
Hacking basically consists of three components.
People hacking, also called social engineering.
This is a very important part of hacking nowadays.
Software hacking.
And hardware hacking.
Tricking the computer into thinking that for example its hard drive is filled.
I have been looking around for gadgets.
I did at one point find that a socket, a light socket, had been opened and the screws had been loosened.
One of the screws was lying in the recess behind the light switch.
I had actually fixed that particular light switch before so I knew for a fact that both screws were in their places, tight and needy.
Yeah, neat and tidy and tight.
But I didn’t see a gadget.
There may be gadgets that I have missed.
And it’s been suggested quote unquote that there are bugs all over the place.
I don’t think that’s the case.
But how the hell do I know that it’s not the case?
I haven’t spotted anything weird, anything out of place but that may just be me, unfamiliar with that kind of stuff.
Who knows.
Maybe… maybe… maybe…
Maybe this thing here, maybe this thing has a secret camera in it.
Who knows.
(I’m just kidding.)

(I was just kidding about there being a hidden camera in that picture frame. Not about the rest!)

For all of you who still believe it’s 1985

The first bit in the first video – two years old – happened to a CRYPTOCURRENCY EXEC. Not the checkout girl around the corner or the older female adult who barely knows where to find the on/off button on a computer. (The latter would be a stereotypical assessment of me, ha ha, and my assertion that I am genuinely often dealing with hacking would typically be attributed to that plus that I “get delusional when stressed”.)

A friend/colleague of mine in the Netherlands, with PhD in math/physics/computer science, also recently got tricked TWICE, over the phone. Thankfully, other companies spotted the problem and protected her finances.

So I have been trying to tell Portsmouth City Council that currently, for example, anyone can call – or e-mail – local people, pretend to be PCC and ask people to pay, say, council tax over the phone, using their bank card. Because of the lockdown, this type of fraud is much easier at the moment.

Yes, PCC, it is possible to fake an e-mail address and it is possible to fake a phone number.

I have raised this problem with several UK electricity companies – that they have NO SECURITY on the accounts and anyone can mess with your account if so inclined, such as close it or tell them that you have a new address – and the people I spoke with had NO IDEA what I was going on about.

One snapped at me that she simply had to ask me questions because of privacy regulations. She of course knew my DOB and likely quickly made the “useless old cow” judgement. She did not GET that the answers to the questions she asked are largely all over the internet – for example because I am a Company Director – and are in various databases that are accessible to literally thousands of people.

(I hung up on that person. She was rude.)


Below is a video that I have posted before. It is about 18 months old.

The other side of this can be that if for example you lose your Google Authenticator app because your phone quits on you and you made no backup, some accounts ask you to supply a list of all your recent transactions as well as (a list of logins with) IP number – if you don’t have a static one, this can be a pain – and take a selfie with an ID document in such a way that the ID document is legible. It can be annoying and I have once gotten really annoyed about it because my selfie with ID kept getting rejected. But it’s better than the alternative.

Speaking of ID, if you need to supply an ID document WRITE ON IT, either digitally or with pen or pencil if you scan a copy, when and to whom you are supplying it. Through the actual document, in large letters, such that it cannot be easily used by someone else to steal your ID. This is a tip given to me years ago by the local Dutch consul.

You’ll also want to watch this one.

How to hack and do stuff to someone else’s gear

Which can happen with the full cooperation of landlords, by the way. Because the gear needs to be on the network.

Ha. this may explain why I couldn’t find my phone’s MAC address yesterday when I searched for it when I wanted to tether another phone via Bluetooth.

And my HDD is being way too active again right now.

(Ah. I think that someone was desperately looking for my webcam? I’d unplugged it as I have decided to stop using it because it makes me look like I am in 1999, lol.)

Hacking: Tampa Bay area water system contamination

Are you going to tell me now that these people, too, simply do not know how computers work and should get with it or become delusional when under stress? Must be the pressure of the pandemic that causes that stress. They’re merely imagining it. </sarcasm>


Pinellas County is where I used to live. I’ve visited one of its water facilities. A different one.

Found my phone’s bluetooth on again this morning

But my phone is cold. Yes, cold.

And yes, I am pretty sure that I am not getting all my e-mail.

Also, somehow, stuff from my eyes is making it into my throat. Via the tear ducts? I found an eyelash (!) in my mouth yesterday and traces of eyeliner in my mucus a little earlier. The latter has happened before, relatively recently.

I have pigment dispersion syndrome in both eyes and I take eye drops to combat the effects of that. I know that my eye drops can acerbate asthma and can also “cause coughs” so I press my tear ducts shut after I apply the eye drops to stop them from getting into my system.

Unfortunately, the dropper bottle is not well designed and I often end up with the stuff all over my face, so some of it gets absorbed by the skin and still gets into my system.

But I am not quite sure what to make of what is happening right now. Do my eye drops somehow widen my tear ducts? My lungs are clear. 

These eye drops also cause new eyelash growth. I have to extract eyelashes – some of them grey-white – growing inside the corner of my eye from time to time as they can cause irritation. Do I have eye lashes growing inside of me, ha ha?

The various issues with my eye drops are the reason why I want an assessment of whether I’d be a good candidate for surgery – when the pandemic eases. 

Update 17 February 2021: I think that the “eyelash” was a plucked eyebrow hair that made it into my coffee or food. That solves that mystery!

The “Clair Stevens” thing (continued)

I just received another message from her:

“Hello Angelina, I’m sorry that you feel this way, I am going to get in touch with our Information Governance team and ask if it would be ok for me to send you a photo of my ID Badge. If I can, would this be acceptable to you?”

It sounds rather bizarre.

I was going to write back to her

“Dear Clair,

I do not “feel” this way. I am just being a responsible 21st-century citizen who appears to be much more aware of the digital reality of today than you. “

I am not so sure that I want to.

There has been a little bit too much of this “you feel this way” in her communications. Why does she have so much trouble showing to me that she is who she says she is? Why is she often so vague when I ask her clear questions? Why can’t ANY of her colleagues at PCC confirm that she is who she says she is?

Why did that message that I was typing to her disappear off my screen the other day and why did the CC addresses disappear from the next message I then started writing? I want to cover my ass in this bizarre stalking and bullying story that Portsmouth has been for me from the start. Why does nobody step forward to convey that this woman is who she says she is?

What she is doing is demonstrating the essence of spoofing, the way in which so many people get scammed at the moment when they are contacted by people who are not who they claim to be. The time she is taking over this suggests to me that she might be creating something to e-mail me that is not genuine either.

Why was I unable to call the number from when her call came when the call was dropped when she first called me?

There have been other occurrences not entirely unlike this and the hacker – whoever it is – has indicated that it was part of the “game” he plays.

I will have to do some thinking about this.

With all the offices continuing to be closed, I cannot verify independently that she is who she says she is. Is she the same woman who called herself Clare Simmonds, a few years ago, and who did something a little similar, to do with a dog?

Okay, so this – see below – is what I am writing back and then I will put her out of my mind because…

all she does is gobble up my attention, doesn’t she?

Dear Clair,
Thank you for your message. You do not sound convincing at this point.
I am being a responsible 21st-century citizen who appears to be much more aware of the digital reality of today than you, that is, IF you are who you say you are.

There is no way for me to verify independently that you are who you say you are. I cannot assess in advance whether anything you send me will even be remotely acceptable. You could be sending me a child’s drawing of an ID badge, for example.
If you are legit, shouldn’t you have come up with an answer to the question as to whether there is any funding that can help me secure my door by now?

On the phone, you said that I had a lot going on. NO, I DO NOT. I have much too little going on and I want my life back. In order to do that, the first step I must complete is make my door more secure so that the lock-picking stops.
I have meanwhile started two crowdfunding actions and the locksmith has been. I have received two donations, one for £25 and one for £100. One of those donations came from a lawyer who has stayed with me here in Portsmouth when all this began. She, at the time, also noticed a few strange things in my surroundings; she also visited The Cellars at Eastney with me.

When you and I spoke, Clair, there were angles that you did not pursue and should have, if you are who you say you are. Some of the questions you asked, on the other hand, suggested that you know who has been doing these strange activities that we were talking about and why. 

In addition, have you spoken with Steve Pitt in the meantime? 

I look forward to hearing your answers to my questions at this point (funding for securing my door and asking Steve Pitt for details). We’ll take it from there.
You see, this sort of contact has happened before and my hacker indicated that it is all just part of the “game” that he plays… He calls it a game, yes.

Best regards,
Angelina Souren