Conference services

As you know, it happens more and more often that researchers can’t get into the UK to present at conferences. (More and more academics are being told to leave the country, in fact.) But that is not the only reason why I started offering this service.

There are two variations.

  • I attend various meetings and conference and report back to clients.

I got this idea from thinking back to the days that I said out loud that I wished that I could clone myself so that I could be in two places at once, so to speak.

  • I also hold talks in my clients’ place, when they can’t make the conference for any reason. Having the flu or a child in hospital could be such a reason. Increasingly often, this occurs because the Home Office denies researchers entrance to the UK, though.

Some institutions are now resorting to organizing their conferences and workshops outside of the UK, for that reason. I also saw someone tweet that he’d declined an invitation to come to the UK to speak at a conference because he felt that the visa process is both expensive and somewhat degrading and he didn’t want to deal with it for the third time in a year.

When I speak for my clients, it’s never as brilliant as it would be if they presented their research themselves, of course, but it beats not having any presence at all. Modern technology even allows interactions with the researcher in question in his of her home country at times.

I do a better job than this guy. (Yes, this is what he literally said on that occasion.)

If you know a little bit about REEs (lanthanides), you know a heck of a lot more about actinides like uranium than this.

If you just found yourself stuck and want me to give your talk for you, e-mail the presentation to the conference or session organizer and contact me as soon as possible so that you know whether I am available. Next you can e-mail the presentation to me as well and we can go over it.