COVID-19 gear

If you need a simple face cover for use in public transport or because you are looking after someone who is medically vulnerable to COVID-19, and aren’t able to make your own fabric mask, you could get one of these washable face masks with replaceable filter from Vistaprint.

They are not manufactured to any medical standard. The designs are a bit dull; this white one with the drawn hearts on it may be the nicest, but there is also for example a light blue one with smilies and a dark blue one with dinosaurs. They cost £17 and a pack of 10 filters cost £6 and delivery is free (checked on 8 May 2020). No, I don’t get a commission.

As we’re being told that COVID-19 may be part of our lives for the next two years forever, we may need a reminder now and then that the beast is still among us. And it’s also good to poke some fun at it from time to time.

You can now get a £6 May discount per shirt. It stops at midnight British Summer Time on 2 June 2020. (Price includes shipping to any place that has postal deliveries. So that excludes for example the North Pole and Mount Everest.) The discount will be a refund of £6. Otherwise I have to keep updating the buttons all the time.

T-shirt “Think insect. Six feet.”

Printed white cotton. Fruit of the Loom. Blue print on the left, on chest, saying “Think insect. Six feet.” Let me know what what size shirt you want and whether women’s or men’s and I’ll see to it that you get what you want. Also available with slate-grey print. Price includes shipping.


T-shirt “Stay six dinosaur feet away from me at all times. Thank you.”

White cotton with blue print on the back, saying “Stay six dinosaur feet away from me at all times. Thank you.” Fruit of the Loom. Please indicate whether you want a women’s or men’s shirt and what size and I’ll get you what you want. Price includes shipping. Also available with slate-grey print.


Sarcastic t-shirt. “Not enough people ill? Not enough deaths? Distancing working 2 well 4u?”

White cotton t-shirt with black print on front saying “Not enough people ill? Not enough deaths? Distancing working 2 well 4u?” and image of fishes swimming toward a hook. Fruit of the Loom. Tell me if you want a man’s shirt or a woman’s shirt and what size and I’ll make your wishes come true. With regard to this t-shirt, that is. If you want the word “lockdown” instead of the word “distancing”, well, that is possible too. Just let me know what you want. Shipping included in price.


Feel free to let me know if you’d prefer a different color combination or model and I’ll see what I can do! I can easily adjust the color of most of the prints.

I ship all over the world. Delivery times range from a few days to a few weeks, in practice. If you have any questions, ask them in the contact form below. Thanks.

Lovely triangle-shaped patterned scarf

Lovely patterned triangular scarf. Size: approximately 175 by 100 by 100 cm. Material: cotton. Weight: Around 80 grams. Can be used as face cover. I have several of these myself and I love’m! I’ve tied one around my outback hat and it dresses it up considerably. More images below. I’ll ship them to you instantly. Shipping included in price. Available in pink and in beige. Other colours (black, navy and grey) sold out at the moment.