Eco tips

  • You’d think it’d be easy to find…

Unbleached, recycled, biodegradable toilet paper.

Amazon has it.

The packaging is compostable, too. Made from potato starch. (At least, that was the case when I enquired in June 2017. I understand that Ecoleaf also uses LDPE 04 produced from recycled LDPE – recyclable but not compostable. I think you can return the LDPE packaging to them for recycling.)

(Here is an example of how paper packaging of toilet paper works:

Ecoleaf, from Suma. Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue 9 Rolls (Pack of 5, Total 45 Rolls)

Renova rolls (82 rolls for £32.99 except when they’re on sale for £10 or so less) also sound good, but I don’t know anything about their packaging yet.

  • And while you’re ordering this… why not get the paper towels too?

Ecoleaf Three-Ply Kitchen Towel (Pack of 12)

  • Ecover products
  • All-Natural hair colour!

I am pretty grey-white. A regular “granny”. (My first grey hairs appeared when I was still in my twenties.)

I love this Auburn/Dark Mahogany Henné Natural Henna Hair Colouring Dye Powder, which I am currently mixing with Mahogany.

Comes in plastic-free packaging, and in a wide range of colours.

I’ve used this brown version before, which I also really like (worked out as dark blond on my grey hair, as you can see on the left).

In practice, this is also much cheaper than those nasty chemical dyes, because you can use as little as you need. And if you find you have taken more than you needed, don’t throw it out. If you keep it moist, you’ll still be able to use it a few days later, when you discover that spot that you missed.


  • Things that I do

I don’t know about you, but I produce a lot of plastic waste and I also use products that aren’t good for the environment. I am trying to cut back on that.

      • I stopped buying toothpaste a few years ago. I use baking soda (look for varieties packaged in paper and cardboard, which are also often the cheapest), or nothing at all. Occasionally, I do use a dollop of toothpaste, from two tubes I still had. But get this: Baking soda make my teeth feel much cleaner than toothpaste does!
      • I try to grow small crops (indoors), with varying degrees of success, mostly using used plastic packaging as containers.
      • I no longer buy liquid hand soap, but make my own once or twice a year, from bars of soap and water. One package of soap (paper-packaged soap is hard to find) will last me more than ten years, or maybe even twenty or thirty! I refill used pump containers that I still had from when I did buy liquid hand soap.
      • I recycle as much as I can (but that’s not much).
      • I don’t own a car, but am a member of a car club, use buses and trains, but mostly… walk a lot! It helps keep me fit!
      • I don’t always buy new. For example, my microwave came out of someone else’s kitchen remodelling project; I’ve placed it on two small cardboard boxes as it lacks “feet”. A lot of my furniture pieces and other items are other people’s discards (some upcycled).
      • I only very rarely have to throw food away.
      • I’ve found that I don’t really need to use a refrigerator. It does require some adjusting. I only switch it on very occasionally, as I don’t want to have to throw food out either, but at the time of writing, it’s been mostly off for about a year.
      • Having had pet birds for decades and having a sensitive respiratory system myself has meant that I don’t use a lot of household nasties.
      • I mend socks.
      • When I buy anything that is filled into a plastic bag on the spot, I’ll keep the bag and simply get it refilled next time.
      • Tip: It is usually best to buy desk chairs and shoes new, unless you find a good way to disinfect them (which you may be able to do by for instance misting with F10 veterinary disinfectant, which is biodegradable).
      • By the way, the F10 range is perfect for use around pet birds, for example this concentrated cleaner/disinfectant product. I reuse old spray bottles of products I bought in the past, but you can also use a plant mister/sprayer. (I discovered F10 through my avian vet.) I’ve also found that pouring a tiny little bit of this cleaner down the toilet can help prevent, and help clear up blockages. (Do distinguish between the cleaner and the disinfectant.)

And I have another, completely unrelated tip that I want to share because Boots does not sell it and when I enquired there, they’d never heard of it, and assumed it was sold only in other countries. It works really really well for digestive issues that may perhaps particularly be caused by a combination of age, lack of exercise, diet and mild food allergies or sensitivities.

Maalox plus oral suspension, lemon flavour, 250 ml. This does come in a white (opaque) plastic bottle, so please recycle or reuse it. Read the instructions and recommendations first.

P.S. Yes, the links above are affiliate links, but this won’t affect you.