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I write non-fiction and flash fiction, the latter mostly in the style of people like Spike Milligan and Donald Barthelme or resembling a zen koan.

  • The free downloads below are PDF files, usually print proofs. So they are not true e-books but free content that I decided to make available for who wants it. Why I don’t charge a fee for these PDFs? One reason is that I would have to register for VAT in each of the EU countries from which people purchase a PDF.
  • There is also a sound file for the first chapter of “Is cruelty cool?” (by me). 
  • You can purchase all of my books as proper e-books and some of them are also available in print. You can find some of my books at Barnes & Noble. You can access most of my books on Amazon via my Amazon author profile:

Immediately below are the covers of two of my recent books.

Available from Amazon, drawing heavily on my own 15+ years in England, on Oxford neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor’s “Cruelty. Human evil and the human mind” and on Rebecca Saxe’s Harvard Law School talk on the neuroscience of hate. About bullying and other forms of cruelty. If you click on this image, the link will take you to the e-book on Amazon. (You can also download the print proof of the paperback below.)
Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print and as e-book, drawing attention to the new eugenics. That’s a bioethics topic. Eugenics can be an expression of otherisation and hate, of course. The book also covers related subjects such as inclusivity (inclusiveness, inclusion) and diversity in society. If you click on the image, the link will take you to Amazon. (You can download individual chapters below.)

Free downloads

You can download each individual chapter of the third edition of “We need to talk about this” (about the new eugenics, non-fiction) as a PDF file here:

(Print-proof of the entire book available too: 28 June 2020 version.)


You can download the 2 October 2020 print proof (PDF) of “Is cruelty cool?” here, yep, with a handful of sticky notes addressing typing errors:

I also have the sound file for the first chapter:

I have a whitepaper: “Solutions for dealing with stalking and harassment”. Also available on sites like ResearchGate and Later related work – “What to do if you are being stalked” – is currently NOT available from Amazon (because of content management issues on the Amazon website). I have therefore made it available on my website for free, below. 

Cover - stalked

Stalking victim Helen Pearson rejects police apology over stabbing.”
“She had made 125 reports to Devon and Cornwall Police.”

– BBC News, 29 June 2017

This booklet (PDF version) contains a critique of the current practice of how society deals with stalking and harassment as well as some practical tips for women with concerns. Those tips should serve as a wake-up call for some people in law enforcement.

There are also some suggestions for how we can make things better in the future, namely by setting up a specialised organisation that examines each reported case on its risk and on what action to take (triage). This fits surprisingly well within the current abolitionist thinking with regard to policing (see for example this article in the British Medical Journal, also included in the references in the booklet). In addition, I call upon the medical profession to address the healthcare gap that exists between purely physical conditions and brain-based conditions (including neurodiversity).

I have meanwhile heard back in response to my freedom of information request, as follows. The police forces here have no idea how much money they spend on dealing with reported cases of stalking and harassment as they keep no data on it. There you go! Another reason to start over and let go of the police as we know it!

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