Fun stuff

I keep this page so that people who remember me but don’t recall my name are able to reconnect. Of course, I’ve attended other workshops, schools, meetings, beach clean-ups, walks, courses, seminars and other events in addition to those listed below. I’ve also interviewed persons all over the world.

That’s me at an environmental chemistry meeting in the Netherlands, with Willem de Lange, before I relocated to the UK.

Portsmouth, 2016-2017: Created an online course for visual artists. (I have worked with a few artists over the years, first in the 1990s.)
Portsmouth, 2011-2013: Litigant in person. Also, carried out footfall counts etc. and wrote business plan for a local venue.
Portsmouth, UK, 2010-2011: Participant and graduate, Taking the Lead, including visit to London Assembly and attending one of its meetings.
Portsmouth, UK, 2009-onward: Various events to do with democracy and TakePart (such as Big Society debate and a panel with Vince Cable).
Portsmouth, 2009-2015: Attended meetings of Café Scientifique and Café Jurist.
Portsmouth, 2009-2010: Member of Portsmouth Environmental Forum.
Portsmouth, UK, 2009(-2010?): Member of samba drumming band Sambatida.
Oxford, UK, 2007: Attended Distinguished Public Lecture Michaelmas Term 2007 James Martin 21st Century School “Genomics – From humans to the environment” by J. Craig Venter.
Southampton, 2005(-2008?): Member of SHEA Business Club.
Oxford, UK, 2006: Attended LTL Special Summer Networking Event.
UK, 2005: Participated in two workshops (“Training women to win”) organized by University of Surrey and two tax workshops organized by Inland Revenue Business Support Team.
The Netherlands, 2004: Participant workshop “Zapping through cultures” (Berenschot), “Basistraining KP6” (FP6) (SenterNovem/EG-Liaison) and “Samen bouwen aan innovatie” (Innovatiesubsidie Samenwerkingsprojecten) (Senter).
The Netherlands, 2003-2004: Member of Toastmasters of The Hague and of Amsterdam American Business Club.
The Netherlands, 2003: Attended symposium “Bèta Boeiend in Beeld” at the University of Groningen, SOLAS workshop at KNAW in Amsterdam, Millipore seminar, and Dutch-American Friendship Day event at Schiphol Airport.
The Netherlands, 2002: Panel member at symposium for women in science and technology, participant postdoc course “Speciation and Bioavailability”, SENSE research school, Wageningen University and Research Centre and attended Ironages Meeting at KNAW.
The Netherlands, 2001: Contributed to Ben Vroom’s “Checklist voor goede websites”, participant short course “The Mineral-Water Interface – Macroscopic and Spectroscopic Approaches” taught by Laurent Charlet of Grenoble University at Utrecht University and volunteer at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.
Oxford, UK, 2000: Attended Goldschmidt 2000.
Plymouth, UK, 1999: Participant meeting “Progress in Chemical Oceanography-III” (PICO-III).
St. Petersburg, Florida, 1995: VG Plasmaquad Basic Training Course – Theory and Operation  (Fisons) and participation in Chamber of Commerce showcase.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1999: Participant course “Hoorcollege geven”, Vrije Universiteit and invited to speak at “7th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium”, Hong Kong (not attended).
The Netherlands, 1998: Attended SCOR iron meeting at KNAW in Amsterdam.
US, 1998: Convened AGU session in Boston and visited WHOI in Woods Hole.
The Netherlands, 1997-2004: Extra for film and TV off and on (Hollands Glorie).
Tierra Verde, Florida, 1994-1995: Volunteer at Pinellas Seabird Rehabilitation Center
(Lee Fox).
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1984-1993: Earth science, geology (petrology, geochemistry, structural geology, Swedish Proterozoic) and chemical oceanography (ID-TIMS, REEs, Weddell Sea, Scotia Sea), but I also had various places of work in those days, such as the KBB Holding (in the days of Eichholtz, Tailleur, Plagge and Maas).
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, early 1990s: Flamenco at Wladimir Dance Studios.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1980s: Participated in self-defence courses at Kenau and in anti-apartheid demonstration. (I had a subscription to Amandla and many other magazines, also glamorous ones such as AvantGarde.) Also, joint planning of publicity to deter serial rapist, with Amstelveen police and two other women.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1981-1985: Crest Hotel Amsterdam, De Boelelaan.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1980: Tourist Office Amsterdam (VVV Amsterdam).
Leiden, the Netherlands, 1978: Was enrolled in German language and Literature at the University of Leiden for one semester.
The Netherlands, 1970s: Member of three choirs, including performances of Matthäus Passion (Jeff Somers and LSO), horse-riding at Stal Heihof van Abdisssenbosch (Haaze) and organization of a “puzzle tour” for cyclists in which the participants had to solve clues as part of their directions. Began collecting rocks and minerals and started going to the theatre; the “Cocktail” series at Stadsschouwburg Heerlen was my first theatre season and included for example the musical Foxtrot and the ballet Giselle.
Heerlen, the Netherlands, around 1970: French grammar and conversation at talenpracticum Nobelstraat as well as arts and crafts activities at School voor Vrije Uren.
Heerlen, the Netherlands, early 1960s: Violin lessons. I had a very good teacher.