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You can use the form below to contact me if you don’t know me yet.

In view of the prevalence of interference with and spoofing of e-mails these days, I kindly ask you to request a Zoom or Google Meet appointment so that we can discuss the matter at hand face to face.

Please state three time-and-date combinations that would work for you and I will send you an invitation e-mail.

If you don’t get a reply after you submitted this form and really need one, something has gone wrong. In that case, I recommend that you contact me by courier mail, please.

I recommend using courier services for postal mail. (Foreign postal services’ “signed for” options such as the Dutch “aangetekend” don’t work in England and offer no added security relative to regular mail.)

Unless you used a courier service and/or had a video conversation with the party you sent something to and who confirmed that it arrived, you have to assume that whatever you sent did not arrive at your intended destination. (This partly has to do with the complicated address system in England.)

Privacy regulations (GDPR) still require me to ask your explicit consent to contact you in response to your contact request. GDPR is much too complicated in practice, so I have simplified it a little bit.


Thank you.