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In view of the prevalence of interference with and spoofing of e-mails and other digital communication media in my life (and presumably most people’s lives,  these days), I kindly ask you to request a Zoom or Google Meet or Skype or Telegram appointment so that we can discuss the matter at hand face to face as those communications are hardest to fake.

Please state three time-and-date combinations that would work for you and let me know which communication channel you prefer.

Also, I recommend using courier services for postal mail to English addresses. A lot of postal mail in England disappears. (I estimate that I get maybe about 10% of my regular postal mail – envelopes, not packages – sent to me.) This partly has to do with the complicated address system in England.

Foreign postal services’ “signed for” options such as the Dutch “aangetekend” don’t work in England and offer no added security relative to regular mail. Royal Mail Express Delivery is not reliable either.

4 August 2020: We currently have an extra problem with the delivery of post.

I am missing two small parcels (contact lenses and glue), I found a padded envelope for my downstairs neighbour in an alley in another street about a week ago or so (sheer coincidence that I spotted it, got curious and decided to walk over and pick it up; it had a covid test in it, btw, my neighbour told me), one of my padded envelopes with something in it had been torn open as if to check whether its contents were worth stealing and one of my neighbour’s arrived today and had been torn open in a similar fashion. That too had something in it that someone apparently wanted to check for value. As the front door often does not close and has open panels in the door, there is no point in contacting Royal Mail etc about this.

(Apart from that, I know from previous occurrences both here in and in Southampton that contacting Royal Mail about problems with deliveries is a total waste of time.)

Privacy regulations (GDPR) still require me to ask your explicit consent to contact you in response to your contact request. GDPR is much too complicated in practice, so I have simplified it a little bit.



Thank you.