Local pigeons

I feed two specific local pigeons on my window sill (though not all the time, of course).

Because I owe them big time.

Because it helps keep them healthy.

Other people keep/feed cats this way. I have two pigeons.

These two see me as a neighbour, the way humans see neighbours too. You show your babies to some neighbours and may ask them for a cup of flour or sugar (well, that only happens in books) and tell your kids to stay away from other neighbours.

Pigeons see it similarly. Why wouldn’t they?

They have similar needs as humans, aren’t really all that different from us. We have abilities they don’t have. They have abilities we don’t have.

They’re very intelligent. Birds have a capability for understanding humans (human communication) that can be downright shocking, and I have no idea how they accomplish it. I don’t know whether all birds have this or only the smarter ones in a species or whether all bird species have this capacity. I have seen it in very different species of bird, however.

I’ve sometimes wondered whether they are somehow capable of communicating via images. Wouldn’t that be something, if that were the case? But, no, I don’t think that it’s that because there are also things that they don’t get. I do know that they also instantly pick up on human emotions and I wonder if they do that via infrared patterns of for example our blood flow.

Sadly, while people all over the world love pigeons, there are also lots of crazy negative myths and feelings about pigeons and other birds, just like there are lots of people who believe that the earth is flat. Some spend fortunes trying to prove it, too, and some even get killed during their attempts to prove that the earth is flat. It does not make the earth flat.

Something similar holds true for pigeons.

The two birds who see me as a friendly neighbour currently have two youngsters who were still following them around a little bit until very recently. It’s the pair’s first offspring. One of the youngsters became more independent earlier; he or she is almost the spitting image of dad.

These babies rarely stop by on my window sill these days, and when they do, they usually just sit there to seek some shelter from westerly wind and rain. They’re gorgeous.

And until only a few years ago, I paid no attention to pigeons and knew next to nothing about this amazing species…

Columba livia


Pigeons don’t care about my age, or my sex, or my nationality or my education or what class I am from or whether my dad was a Lord or not.