Nice to meet you.


Maybe, just maybe… I can help you with some research, consultancy (including ethics advice) and support or… some investigating.

I enjoy brainstorming with highly driven smart people who set high standards for themselves. I like the idea of creating positive change. I know that the latter is often preceded by turmoil.

And you?

“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very POSITIVE and essential part of success.”
– Bo Bennett

“There is only one SUCCESS – to be able to spend your life in YOUR OWN WAY.” 
– Christopher Morley

According to the urban slang dictionary, I am a boss. I’m neither into consumerism nor into speciesism, am a feminist, went to university relatively late and go my own way.

I am also my own boss, having operated a VAT-registered small business since October 1997, first in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and later in the UK.

  • I am a highly versatile professional with a solid background in earth and life sciences (PhD level) and an interest in bioethics sensu lato.

“All living beings are entitled to respect and should be treated not as means but as ends in themselves.”

  • So if, say, you’re a hospital and you don’t have a bioethics committee yet, then I can help you navigate some of the challenges you deal with.
  • I also can help you understand earth & life science angles, for example if you’re a decision-maker at a local authority and, say, need to make decisions related to COVID-19 and the government’s waffling drives you crazy. You don’t get jargon from me. You’ll get plain language, from human to human, so that you can use the information within your own decision-making setting.
  • As I went to university a bit later in life than is usual, my experience also includes a few years of legal experience in an English-law setting, as well as several other areas, ranging from tourism and hospitality to various types of retail businesses as well as IT-related enterprises. This began when I was four or five years old, already helping my dad in his retail business. I’ve even been an extra in a few films and TV series.
  • I am pretty damn flexible and able to wrap my head around a lot of different topics.
    Liz Richards, Esq. (a former Cleveland, Ohio news anchor who turned herself into a lawyer in spite of the poverty she went through after an overdose of domestic abuse that landed her in hospital and her subsequent divorce and who also filed a sexual harassment suit against her former employer and some of her colleagues, according to the web) made me aware of how special this is. I met her when she already was a well-established lawyer in Florida in the 1990s, knowing nothing about her background at the time. (But yeah, it clicks.) Thank you for that, Liz. It meant a lot to me. Nobody had ever told me that. It was also something wonderfully positive for me at the time.
  • I have a highly analytical mindset.
  • I am not a full-blown empath, but I do have the ability to pick up on issues and emotions that may play in your surroundings.
  • I have a highly personal specialty as well. I have dealt with major crises from a young age. (If you want to know details, see the final pages in my most recent book. Most of these things lost their relevance for me a long time ago, but some of them may resonate with you.) This experience may benefit you too. Maybe you can even consider me your patron saint of hopeless situations. Your hopeless situation may not be as hopeless and overwhelming as it feels.

I’ve been residing on England’s south coast since the end of 2004. (That’s within London’s commuter catchment, but that geographical detail no longer matters much.)

I have previously lived in South Florida and in Amsterdam. I’ve also done fieldwork in countries like Spain and Sweden.

    • The column on the right gives you a few pointers to my professional background.

How can we work together in these virus-dominated times? Well, we can have video sessions in which we can brainstorm together. Via Zoom, Telegram or Google Meet, for example.

I usually get along fine with open-minded and pro-active people, such as Americans (or, eh, maybe most adults), the type who the English tend to call “daft”. People who aren’t afraid to smile. People who tend to treat others with normal human respect. People who are positive, sincere, honest, confident, easy-going, who like making a positive difference, contribute to the world, have a can-do spirit and talk sense.

Still think you may want to work with me? Great!

If not, keep reading.

My monthly fee is £8,000 a month, exclusive of VAT and expenses. (I work with an escrow service these days; this benefits all of us.) The minimum period for which you can hire my services is a half-day, at a minimum fee of £300 (exclusive of VAT and expenses).

While I am well aware that my fees are middle-of-the-road, if you have reasons for wanting to negotiate about my fee, I’ll listen. In fact, I often work with a pre-agreed project fee in practice. Makes budgeting so much easier.

By the way, there are plenty of grouchy or short-fused people I work well with! Everyone knows that I too get cranky from time to time. Heck, who doesn’t? Besides, I know plenty about people who are highly driven and very good at what they do.

We all have our moments, our limits and blind spots. That’s why it is so beneficial to brainstorm with people who offer a different perspective. Exceptionalism rarely produces the best results. (“We find comfort among those who agree with us, growth among those who don’t.” – Frank A. Clark)

Feel free to use the contact form below to reach out to me. Include a key word or key phrase, such as “humane wildlife deterrence” or “healthcare bioethics” or “brainstorming” or “project research” if you can.

If you don’t get a reply and really need one, contact me by courier mail, please. Once we start working together, I should be able to offer you a workaround for this communications hurdle.

Below is that contact form. Enjoy your day.

There is something else you need to know about me. I am perpetually torn between wanting to hide the following from prospective clients and wanting and needing to be upfront about it. I need and want to be upfront about it, though. There’s no other way.

See, for a long time, I’ve been the target of something that appears to be a phenomenon called “sadistic stalking” in the classification of forensic psychologist Lorraine Sheridan. It includes extensive hacking.

British humour is often also pretty sadistic, however, so I cannot entirely rule out that it’s really only a bunch of anonymous local people who genuinely believe that they’re hilarious or that’s plain bullying and harassment from a bunch of anonymous Brits.

As I’ve relocated several times and animals have gotten killed and hurt in the course of all this, however, it may well be a combination of genuine sadistic stalking with something called gang stalking, which I’ve only recently learned about.

I’ve been assured that it’s not local humour, but then again, how many people really know all the corners and alleyways of the town that they live in?

Does that worry you? Well, contemplate this…