Privacy policy

In a nutshell

I largely adhere to the ICO’s guidelines (UK Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent authority set up to protect your interests) which boils down to GDPR compliance).

I only store contact data with your consent. Your consent is automatically implied when you contact me – or even specifically given by you, depending on how you contact me – and you give me those contact data so that I can communicate with you.

I will never sell any information or give anyone else freely access unless required by law.

When necessary, I will purchase a burner phone to communicate specifically and only with you, as specified where and when applicable.

I have been the target of long-term hacking in connection with lock-picking and even hundreds of pounds’ worth of lock upgrades couldn’t put a stop to the lock-picking. (The local authorities are aware of this.) I therefore ask you not to be too explicit if you contact me in relation to stalking concerns or stalking prevention. Leave that for later, please, when I have purchased a burner phone to communicate with you. I will always keep this on me so that nobody can interfere with it directly.

If you are being stalked, I urge you to get a burner phone with a removable battery and keep the battery out of the phone except when you are actually using the phone. Do not use the phone at home but use it at no more than 3 public locations, so that on the one hand, there will be too many other phones around you but not in so many locations that your phone signal can be correlated with your presence. If you go to coffee shops, shopping centres etc, there will often be other regular visitors around you.

If you purchase CCTV cameras or the like, do not buy equipment that has remote access options. Because anything that has remote access – WiFi to your computer or access via your phone – can get hacked. A motion-triggered wildlife camera with a memory card may be best.