Received feedback

The feedback below was left via the contact form on this website. In addition, I have received (spammy) requests to post articles on this site for example about how to move to a big city or get a mortgage if you’re self-employed. There also was a request from a client, a message left within the context of the Green Party and one from a Dutch friend who was unable to reach me via a different channel.

Lisa E. left several comments, in addition to the feedback left via the contact form.

Ruth A.’s feedback came from and was about the opportunities presented by the pandemic, such as this initiative –—en.pdf – taken within the Dutch science world to use the pandemic for good. Ruth A. is a real person; she exists.

In the past decade, I was constantly being pestered by my hacker(s)/stalker(s) on social media and also for example on a professional network for women, for which I received an invitation. On the women’s network site, for example, I received about five communications from… babies and toddlers. I couldn’t use Patreon either and various other websites (including Facebook, for a long time). On Twitter, I for example received an eerie direct message that turned out to be an actual threat against an animal in my care. Someone asked me how my dog was getting along with the bird. I don’t have a dog and the message sounded strangely ominous. The threat was manifested into actual interference with the bird, with an angle grinder, while I was out.

5 October 2021

Robert W. wrote “Just a heads-up that I believe the word “incels” is spelled wrong on your website. I had a couple of errors on my site before I started using a service to monitor for them. There are a few sites that do this but we like and”

14 September 2021

Lisa E. wrote “Can you tell me if the posts that were from dontpoisonme20 or were they from dontpoisonme2020? Can I see these posts by any chance?”

9 September 2021

Lisa E. wrote “My name is Lisa E. I’m a stalking victim. The police are also involved in this because I complained about them. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. There’s a lot to the story. I think I contacted you once via private message. I’ve never posted anything about poisoned cookies. There are quite a few people involved in trying to say that this is all in my mind. Anyone who does something bad to you who doesn’t want to apologize can jump on this band wagon. I think your site may have been hacked because I think there was a posting, that said something about if someone says they are being stalked, they are not crazy. Now, I can’t find that post. Anyway, I’m contacting you as a fellow stalking victim. Can you take my name and email off of the site.”

7 January 2021

Jennifer M. B. wrote: “I’m the victim of sadistic stalking. I have been for 7 years and am quite desperate to connect with someone who will understand what I’m going through and perhaps explain it and guide me in the right direction. This is a case that involves many participants both men and women.”

11 December 2020

Lisa E. wrote: “My life has been completely destroyed by stalkers. I need help.”

26 May 2020

Ruth A. wrote: “Sounds really interesting. Very keen to learn from others. Thanks”

24 August 2019

Ann S. wrote: “Also read a study of 3000 stalking survivors who were asked if they ever got closure. Only one said she did because her stalker killed himself. Which brings up the interesting point of how do you know when the stalking has truly stopped?”
“I have read studies where about twenty percent of survivors of various types of stalkers, not just sadistic as I experienced, said they thought the stalking stopped because they moved away.”
“Experts advise relocation to escape a sadistic stalker. I sold my home and moved far away to escape an acquaintance renter neighbor. What do experts say about the true effectiveness of this in actually escaping the stalker for good?
“Are you aware of any research or anecdotal reports on how successful moving far away is in stopping a sadistic stalker?”