Scientific services

As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I became self-employed and VAT-registered in Amsterdam in 1997 and am now based in England. I’ve previously lived in the States.

Initially, back in Amsterdam, I offered my colleagues in academia a way to outsource some of their many tasks, in cooperation with my international network of associates. Commercial parties soon found their way to my business too. Examples of the work we did include writing teaching materials for graduate students as well as some actual teaching, editing drafts of scientific articles, working on grant proposals, carrying out desk research (studies) but also for example the translation of geological reports as well as of pharmaceutical, chemical, medical and environmental technology patents from Dutch into Spanish and English, and even presentation skills workshops.

Here are the logos of a few of the parties I have worked with.

The business that I started in 1997 still exists, but I no longer maintain a proper business website. That’s right, that huge website that had several links from Wikipedia, for example from Wikipedia pages on rare earth elements, no longer exists. Clients have almost always exclusively found me via word of mouth or other ways of networking anyway.

After I moved from Southampton to Portsmouth, doing business became increasingly challenging because of all the interference I then became subjected to.

I now dedicate myself much more to creating online courses, writing books as well as advising clients in a different capacity, in which I no longer create or process computer files for them but advise them one-on-one or by sitting in on meetings and providing my feedback on what I hear.

You could say that the focus of the business remains “the environment” but that it now includes humans and their unique quirks.