I have been self-employed since 1997 (initially in Amsterdam) and my business is VAT-registered. I am also a company director for my own company (though it’s currently not active).

At the moment, most of my services are “remote” in view of the pandemic. It seems the responsible thing to do and it remains the official advice. For most purposes, it works perfectly fine anyway. That said, it is clear that the way forward for many of us is not “doing more of the same old same old” and that goes for me too.

  • I am available for online brainstorming sessions, participation in meetings and so on. Because I often see the things that other people overlook. (Alternative: Send me your minutes or report and I’ll give you my feedback.)
  • Various scientific services for academics and other parties that work with knowledge. This goes by word of mouth. In my 20+ years of business, it’s only happened once that someone found me on the web and requested this service.
    Other than that, it was mostly the result of me networking IRL in the Netherlands and the US and clients forwarding their colleagues my details.
  • Support for selected landlords. Landlords in England have a bad reputation and many seem to make it their life’s purpose to make the lives of their tenants as expensive and uncomfortable as possible. Often, it’s merely because these landlords don’t stop to think about the effects of what they’re doing and don’t see that they are shooting themselves in the foot. I would like to see that change.
  • I would like to work with responsible developers on creating sustainable high-quality low-rent mini homes for single people on low incomes. You can repurpose empty large buildings for this (including parts of the high street, which could be a great way of creating footfall there later and responding to the pandemic’s effect of emptying many  city centres now). If the government does nothing about wages and benefits, you have to bring expenses down if you want to be able to allow people to lift themselves out of debt and poverty. And the biggest expense for most people is rent. We have too many cheap crappy places that drain people’s resources. The govt wants to build more now?! With the pandemic’s main effects expected to last for a while?
  • The geologist in me who loves to do fieldwork and general outdoorsy nature-loving person who roamed the moors and woods for years – and likes walking – is also very happy in activities like removing rubbish from shorelines and other nature areas or cleaning out horse stables and things like that. (I do that occasionally, remove rubbish from shorelines. In my teens, I used to clean the horse stable next-door and stuff like that. I grew up with relatives’ farms and family pets.)
  • I offer assessment, prevention and remediation of workplace bullying
    This is a culmination of my increasing focus on bioethics sensu lato and my experience with community bullying in England. The pandemic is offering businesses a unique opportunity to prevent or resolve such situations, with so many people now working from home and businesses essentially being forced to reboot and reinvent themselves. How this works in practice depends on the Covid situation. (England may be heading toward a second total lockdown.)
    Workplace bullying is rife in England and is mostly ignored. The problem is costly, however, for various reasons. As a search term on Google, “workplace bullying” dipped at the start of the lockdown but it’s slowly been going up again. See also:



£65 per hour, £300 per half day, £500 per day, £8000 per month (exclusive of VAT, if applicable).