Stalking: Take back control

Because powerlessness and isolation is a major factor of your stalking experience, anything that helps break through that will help you.

I regularly meet with stalking victims, not to offer any kind of therapy – I wouldn’t dare – but to let them bask in that warm-blanket feeling of no longer being totally alone in their stalking experience.

Some people will want to talk with one another, but others may not at all. This is why I meet with people to go for a walk in nature, which can be a city park, or for a liter-pick. Particularly litter-picking may return a sense of agency to you, a sense that there are things that you can do that make a difference, that you are not like a ping-pong ball or a leaf in a storm.

There groups are women-only, to take as much pressure off them as possible. Because women are almost always stalked by men, we don’t want men around when we want to bond with other stalking targets.

I urge men who are stalked to do something similar but because I am a woman, I cannot be part of their groups.

I have my own litterpicker, a Bentley. As I am also a wildlife advocate and into humane wildlife deterrence (and have some experience with rehabbing and adopting wild birds), litter-picking actually already fit perfectly within the scope of my existing business activities.