Top psychiatrist: Trump’s ‘mental impairment’ poses danger to world

This is a video from 2017, but if you watch the videos on the right, you see a scary man, indeed. He comes across as unhinged. But that seems to be an inherent, permanent state, not an induced temporary state that will resolve itself. (We all get angry from time to time, after all, and we all look ugly when we’re angry.)

There is another video about this book. I missed this at the time, though I had heard about it.

It must be horrible (very hard) to be Donald Trump.

And this is brand-new:

Then I think back to a video fragment I saw on Twitter earlier this week, about Boris Johnson and Trump, with Boris Johnson’s body language appearing to speak volumes for him. He wanted to distance himself from Trump, and also felt that his hands were tied.

Boris Johnson, folks.

(Who’s just stepped on the British, kicked them in the bollocks and kicked against their shins, communicating to them that he does not care what they want and think and need. Which has made many of them so very furious and concerned – Leavers as well as Remainers – that he’s now really mobilized them to stand up against what is essentially tyranny.)

Could any of us have seen either of this coming? In our wildest dreams?

Can any of us predict how all of this will end?

If you’re British, you will want to watch this next video as well because Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and what’s he’s done come up too near the end, in no uncertain words.