Whoa, is Britain finally coming alive???

Boris has kicked the Brits in the bollocks and against their shins – and they’re furious.


‘Stop The Coup’ protests kick off across the UK

Demonstrators gather in cities around the UK to protest Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for 23 working days before the UK is due to leave the EU on October 31.

Lots of people in many places, even in Southampton.

And then there is this.


It’s rather ironic that Brexiteers have been using words like sovereignty a lot (even though the Brexit documentation clearly states that there has never been a loss of sovereignty within the EU context, that it was merely the case that people felt that way) and then do a 180 degree and take it away from their own Parliament and their own citizens.

In Portsmouth, “Stop the Coup” and “Brexit Now” protesters encountered each other 3 days ago. There is a video with the word “clash” in the title, but there is nothing in the video that suggests that there was a clash. (Portsmouth has the occasional far right demonstration. It does occasionally cause problems.)

If you need some distraction from the “Bollocks to Boris” sentiment, watch this (and keep in mind that a Category-4 hurricane (Dorian) is moving toward Florida and cross your fingers that it will fizzle out before it reaches the coastline – does not happen often as hurricanes gain strength over water and fizzle out over land – or veers off and/or stays parallel to the coast – which does happen):