Is this the guy who steals (some of) my postal mail?

After I made this video, the downstairs asshole yelled a lot, thereby possibly confirming that he is ALSO the hacker, the guy who’s responsible for the loss of my last bit of income and the last one of my clients. Because he could see on my screen!? (Not that that is a surprise.) An alternative explanation could be that someone else texted him and told him to yell a lot. 9Or that he was just yelling.)

I know he hacked into one of my phones because he – someone in his flat in any case – loudly yelled “Ah, ha ha ha” from right under me when he got in and rebooted the thing. I doubt that that could have been done by someone not on the premises.

My HDD has been rattling like CRAZY since I posted that video on YouTube and my comments on YouTube keep getting wiped out by the hacker time and time and time again.

The downstairs neighbour is connected to my landlord. I suspect he was part of the landlord’s plot to have me declared anti-social. “Drive the old cow crazy so we can get rid of her, please.” I’ve thought that for a while because it is the only logical explanation for this dude’s behaviour (and it combines too well with something else). Why else would a gay guy be obsessed with a woman likely old enough to be his grandmother? And steal (some of) her postal mail?

(Why his interference would not disturb my other neighbours? I use my bedroom as my office. Since that neighbour moved in, I have slept on my office floor several nights and then I found a way of dealing with his noise. White noise. As I have mentioned previously, the idea that he has Tourette’s does not hold up.)

Re the previous neighbour, hints were dropped by the landlord’s staff that there were reasons to be afraid of him. Why?

(22:01 My HDD is rattling like crazy again, but my PC is not actually doing anything.)

This would be more or less typical for how Portsmouth works, doesn’t it?

BUT… the hacker/stalker indicated – 24 Feb: no, suggested! – that there is a likelihood that he is about to destroy me and in view of the fact that his type of personality tends to work with flying monkeys, it is more likely that the neighbour is a flying monkey for my stalker/hacker. “Let’s try to drive the old cow crazy” has always been HIS game. Charles’, Lee’s, Charley’s, Charlie’s. Or Stephen’s if that is who it is. Or just the people in the local community who engage in all the bullying. How on earth would Iknow? It’s all done anonymously!

My landlord would have to be off his rocker to do that. He’d have chosen a much easier, cheaper and quicker route. Unless my landlord is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Is he?

24 Feb:
It was 15 January 2021, the day that I accidentally caught my gay neighbour who is half my age going through my postal mail – two envelopes – with extreme attention. So he goes through my mail and keeps what he thinks will disadvantage me if I don’t receive it? Why is he so obsessed with me? To be fair, a lot of my postal mail goes missing before it gets to the building. But Monday’s letter had definitely been kept behind – and possibly even created – by him, albeit not for long. (Just long enough to ruin my evening. Because I am so fed up with the Portsmouth brand of nastiness. And it never stops.)

There is also this (Roger Downey, Grant Murphy, PCC, hacker)

A few days ago – the day after I had the original appointment with Murphy last week – I asked the man who runs the motorcycle shop next door whether he knows what Murphy looks like.

(I don’t. That is, years ago, there was someone hanging around here a lot who seemed overly interested in me and I suspect that that was Murphy, because on 31 October 2016, Murphy told me on the phone that he was often hanging out here on Saturdays. A bald-ish guy I think that was, that guy who was hanging out around here a few times and who seemed a bit too focused on me.)

He said that he could not swear to what Murphy looks like. The motorcycle shop guy. Roger Downey. But Downey had this weird wary “is she going to jump at me with an axe” look in his eyes again when he spoke with me. It means that some kind of nasty gossip about me has been cooked up and spread about me behind my back again. (I hate Portsmouth and its Portsmouth’s vicious bile-spewing machinery.)

I said that I’d arranged meeting with Murphy but had decided to cancel (that is, postpone) because I don’t know a thing about locks, wanted an expert present and the expert could not be there that day.

Then he suddenly said “oh, yeah, yeah, there was a bloke hanging out here with a clipboard. I saw him on the CCTV, yeah”. Since when does Roger Downey have CCTV that covers the buildings next to his?

What I had heard the previous day was the voice of what sounded like one of Downey’s staff, however, walking around (a guy with an unpleasant grating voice that you tend to notice). And I had earlier – maybe two weeks ago? – seen Downey indicate – from the Guinness patio next-door – broken windows in his garage roof. So maybe they had been walking around with a guy with a clipboard?

There is more. My hacker started indicating “everyone in town thinks you’re going senile” last year. So, did my hacker know that my postal mail from PCC was going missing? Did he know that there was postal mail that I had not received?

It is easy for me to assume that my hacker is the one who caused my postal mail to go missing, but there is an alternative explanation. It is possible that all he knew was that there was this rumour going around again.
(This “the old cow is losing it” is one of the persistent rumours about me in this vicious town, where I don’t know anyone.)

It is possible that someone else held on to that letter for five months, just like someone else appears to have started withholding/delaying my letters after I moved into the property here in 2011. I remember going to Farnborough to meet up with someone and I found a hugely delayed letter that day, from the electricity company. I think I found it on my way out and took it with me on the train, opened it on the way to Farnborough.

In 2016, I arranged to meet with Murphy. He never showed. I wanted something done about the lock-picking. I wanted something done about the rubbish, too. I wanted something done about the locks in the front building. 

At 11:23 (am) on 31 October 2016, I e-mailed the following from the train, to David Lancaster, my contact at Murphy’s outfit. (PDF) (headers below)

Dear David,

I just spoke with the landlord.

For you too: I am on my way to the airport right now and expect to be
back on Friday. (Going to Holland, work-related, tickets paid for by
the Dutch.)

As I just walked to the station, someone said “there goes the rent
deposit”. Whatever anyone tells you, I fully intend to be back on
Friday 4 (BE 1020). If I am not back on the 5th, I have either been in
an accident, there was airline trouble or some foul play occurred.

There appear to have been lots of nutty rumours about me in Portsmouth
over the years, cooked up while people were drunk at a pub or the
like, no doubt. Me “running” may be the next one, but I am not running
or fleeing or whatever. I will be staying at the Star Lodge Hotel in
Utrecht, also paid for by the Dutch.

Also, I left my flat in a decent state, but locals have been shimmying
the locks for years. They were up to something on Friday night when
police interfered and did get into the building on Saturday around 3
or 4 pm where they emptied a pot of icecream. As usual, the people in
the motorcycle shop saw and heard nothing, though the empty pot of ice
was standing outside.

I used to be a very happy, friendly and confident person but I am sick
of being terrorised and deliberately sabotaged by anonymous locals who
apparently hated the fact that I was making an independent living –
although at Innovation Space they said I am being targeted b/c I am
from Amsterdam. It goes very far. This has GOT to stop. Period. I have
the right to live peacefully and make a living. So do the people on
the ground floor.

So do other normal folks and business owners in this town, by the way.
Portsmouth has a serious attitude problem. I really liked this town,
and tried to keep liking it in spite of being targeted, but my
patience has run out. Someone has to DO something b/c the town is
going “to the dogs” and that is a shame.

MIME-Version: 1.0
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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 11:23:52 +0000
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Subject: Problems at Kingston Road
From: "Angelina \"Angie\" Souren" <>
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For those who wonder why I bothered returning from the Netherlands in 2016, I had to finish the project in order to get paid and I could only wrap up the project by returning home. (I did not have any luggage with me.) And then I fell ill, so after I got paid, I still couldn’t leave Portsmouth. Because that too is being held against me, that I am still in Portsmouth, whereas trying to leave is also being held against me.

(19 February 2021: Post updated with preceding sentence, the PDF and the e-mail headers and now adding the remark that the message to my surprise DID come back as undeliverable – see below – and I then forwarded it from my phone to Ester/Esther Smith as far as I can see, at 11:36. The appointment I made with Murphy was on Saturday the 5th, 11-ish, at the rear building. I hung around for about an hour, but he never showed up. Around the time when someone got into the building on the 29th and emptied that pot of ice cream to pester the neighbours on the ground floor, someone also entered my flat in my absence, before the 31st. I used to call it “shimmying”, what is done to the locks, but I later learned that the correct term is “picking”.)

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Received: from exim by with local (Exim 4.80.1) id 1c1Ah0-0002yd-Nj for; Mon, 31 Oct 2016 11:23:54 +0000
Subject: Re: Problems at Kingston Road
In-Reply-To: <>
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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 11:23:54 +0000

From 1 September 2012 please send all messages for to Grant Murphy at .

Any personal messages for David Lancaster should be sent to his private @sky E Mail.  If you do not have this it can be obtained from Esther smith on 02392 817 648 or 


The bottom line, Mr Murphy?

Work WITH your tenants instead of AGAINST them.

It would save you some money.

I am sorry that I had to cancel last week’s appointment, but I was not in the mood for being dismissed with another “oh, some WD 40 will fix it” and so I wanted an expert at hand who could have explained to you what exactly the problems with those locks are. Because I can’t. I know my limitations.

Do I know how big a difference a little bit of oil can make to a lock? Hell yes. But I also found a lock in my flat that was not working properly because someone had used the wrong lubricant on it.

(17-2: that is, an unlockable door handle)



Update on the Grant Murphy saga

I just wrote the following (below), with a cc to Amberley AND to Gerald VJ of who my hacker has indicated that he is Murphy’s “man at the council”. Is he? It was also the hacker who gave me the info on Murphy’s legal adviser; see also this and other web pages. That info was certainly correct. But then, hackers can play their own games, too, he’s also been deleting files on my computers among other kinds of mischief and I do not know who the hacker is.

I know that the local LibDems made a lot of noise about the Queens Hotel. That is owned by a consortium led by Yeganeh with whom Murphy often cooperates. That would seem to indicate that GVJ is not Murphy’s “man at the council” then. But Yeganeh is based in Southampton, I think. Certainly not in Portsmouth. I stumbled upon Yeganeh years ago when I looked into who owned the former Havana Club in Southsea. (It is still standing empty.) That was when I also looked into The Contented Pig, met with Laly and attended a meeting of the Planning Committee. I considered meeting with Yeganeh next. 

Have the local LibDems ever protested against anything that was spearheaded by Murphy, while the LibDems were led by GVJ? I know that there was a lot of noise about the Pier and I know that Murphy has some involvement in that, but it changed hands a few times.

(I wrote the above off the top of my head, without any internet searches into the matter, other than the links that I added about Lancaster, which I already knew about.)

Sorry Gerald. You do seem a nice man. But scrutiny should not be a dirty word, and it is, in Portsmouth. And when we met, in 2019, and you said that you had never met Murphy, I thought “that would be rather stupid”. I could not picture myself leading a city council and having no idea who the local real estate people are and never having met with them. 

Why am I doing this, pushing for the locks in the front building to be upgraded, for example? Well, Murphy’s been trying to kick me out for several years and it now very much looks like he has tried to get me to leave in other ways for many more years. So I am not worried about ticking him off so I might as well use my lack of class awareness to push a few improvements through. Do I want to leave? Of course! But in a way, Murphy won’t let me, paradoxically enough.

(And that is why I am also pushing through some changes of my own, for my own sake, so that I can start making a living again, in spite of Mr Murphy apparently disliking the idea that I support myself and me not knowing my place. I have just upgraded a lock on my door after previous improvements did not have the desired effect. I’ve now spent a total of about £206 on that door and that excludes the costs of a lock that I had purchased elsewhere for a different – but related – reason and the cost of a motion-activated camera that I hid but that I couldn’t get to trigger.)

The good thing for me about cancelling today’s appointment is that I do not have to worry about accidentally passing on the corona virus. (I am slightly under the weather and slept till 9 on two consecutive days. It would be nothing to be concerned about, normally. I think it’s my usual sinus issues; I’ve had them since my teenage years and spending as much time indoors as most of us are doing right now does not help and even tends to trigger them and the cold weather that we had may not have helped either. I have plenty of NeilMed saline sinus rinse that I purchased many years ago and it helps.)

Consider today’s appointment cancelled

Dear Mr Murphy,

No, it’s not because I consider myself ill with covid.
I did not hear back from you other than to say that you would not be here. I did not hear back to my recent letter either – and it has been very unusual for you to reply to letters in the first place which made me wonder if your messages might be spoofed – so I decided to cancel the appointment and not waste the time of Amberley Security.

I already made an appointment with you about issues at the building back in 2016 to which you did not show up either, after all.
You Sir, are a disgrace. Tenants are human beings, not rats or some lesser kind of human being. According to Google Maps, you live behind a wall and still have three security cameras on the wall of your house behind that wall, while we have to live with locks that do not work and tenants are often forced to leave the door to the front building open because the door won’t close. When the lock to the back door jams, it means that nobody can get in. Does it also mean that nobody can get out?

You have forced me to live in poverty for a long time and instead of addressing the problems with the buildings so that I can support myself the way I could in Southampton and Amsterdam, you tell me to apply for more benefits!
I do not have the expertise to tell you what is wrong with the locks and I would just get told again that WD40 will fix the problem. That is why I wanted an expert to be present but what I did not want to do is waste their time.

Sorry, Amberley.

Have a good day.

Angelina Souren

The Grant Murphy saga

I’ve been told that “someone with a clipboard” was at the property yesterday, but the person who told me could not confirm whether it was Grant Murphy. So it could have been anyone, even someone merely walking around with a clipboard and writing down things for show but not really doing anything of relevance. Impossible to tell.

This is what I wrote to him yesterday at 3:44 PM:

“Hello there Mr Murphy,

This message has a “BCC” to the expert mentioned below.

It’s now 3 and a half hours after our original appointment time and I still have not heard back from you. Maybe you had a computer malfunction. 
That said, I am now telling you to be at the front door of 6 Kingston Road at noon on Tuesday 16 February 2021.

My problem is that I am not an expert on locks. The locks in the front building sometimes work and sometimes don’t and I am not able to demonstrate to you what is wrong with them. It is for example quite possible that the front door merely needs a good grip/handle that allows people to pull the door closed properly. But I can’t tell. I think that the lock in the back door needs to be replaced with a different type, one that does not require people to rotate the handle upwards because I suspect that that may be the problem. But again, I don’t know a thing about locks.
So I have asked an expert to be available. That expert could not be there today; this is why I had to reschedule.

What I also suggest that you do is slowly replace all existing 5 lever deadlocks on all your tenants’ doors and buy one extra – and I strongly suggest that you purchase those from the local company whose assistance I have requested – so that you can start rotating these locks when tenants move out, to increase security. It’s a small effort with a big effect. The present 5-lever deadlocks can easily be picked and they too jam sometimes; I have heard other tenants struggle with them and mine just started to jam as well. As you know, there has been one robbery in the ground-floor flat – by now years ago; those tenants moved out then even though they had only just moved in – in which apparently simply a former tenant’s keys were used. You probably have other buildings that use the same locks; they do not suffice, sadly.

I am making a point of the rubbish because this issue has been dragging on for many years. (Also, I did not appreciate being admonished for taking care of rubbish when that happened.) In practice, it is probably better to wait until we’ve had the first week of warm weather again. I don’t want your staff to have to deal with more muck than absolutely necessary and, as you know, I have previously offered to help. 

You can fix the lights in the staircase in the rear building properly – does not have to be that costly, but always using the cheapest things possible often becomes much more costly over time – later; the twinkly lights will suffice for now.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, Mr Murphy. I will not deal with anyone else because they always refer to you for all decisions.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Angelina Souren”

And this is what I wrote to him at 6:27 pm:

“Dear Grant,
Your reply is despicable and in direct ignorance of government guidelines.

And this is what I am writing to the other tenants:


12 February 2021

Hi all,

As I don’t know a thing about locks, I decided to ask a locksmith to be present. The locksmith was not able to make it on the the 10th.

I informed Murphy of this before 10 am and heard back from him at 5:30 pm.

Assuming that the e-mail was indeed coming from him and not spoofed, he wrote back as follows:

  • He can’t make any of the other times that I had suggested and he did not suggest any other times either.

  • He wrote that the rubbish has been dumped there by us tenants (which is in direct contradiction with me having been admonished by Murphy’s staff for having started to take care of it years ago and his lack of response to my letters about it). He wrote that we should contact the council about it so that the council can remove it and that he was willing to write to all the tenants instructing us to do so.

  • The council, however, already knows about it. Hampshire Fire & Rescue informed them.

(It went with the usual irrelevant bunch of BS aimed at me personally.)

I have informed him that he is acting in direct ignorance of current government guidelines and I have instructed him to be here on Tuesday 16 February at noon. The locksmith will be there too.

Do let me know if there is anything you wish to have taken care of. As Murphy has been trying to kick me out for so long, it makes no difference to me whether I tick him off or not so I might as well try to get as many improvements as possible carried out while I still can.

As a result of the lock-picking and other interference (disappearance of postal mail and so on), I can’t do much in terms of work, so from that point of view, getting as many improvements as possible carried out while I still can makes sense too. I do not have much else to do anyway.

You can text me at 077 2977 5974 or e-mail me at



If Murphy’s were a small family outfit, I would not approach things this way but Murphy is a local real estate developer who drives around in a yellow sports car with vanity plates that say
“G I Con”.

New appointment with Mr Grant Murphy

Tuesday 16 February 2021 at noon.


Have finally heard back! At 17:30. Remember that the initial appointment was for noon today.

Grant Murphy will not be there on Tuesday.
For the first time, in years, he has now said something about the rubbish. Says that it has been dumped there by us tenants. That statement is in direct contradiction with me having been admonished for having started to take care of the rubbish a few years ago!  
What on earth can you do with a jerk like that?
He now says that he is willing to write to the other tenants about the rubbish and that we should contact the council about it.
But the council already knows about it! Hampshire Fire & Rescue informed them.

I have written back the following:
“Dear Grant,

Your reply is despicable and in direct ignorance of government guidelines.

Yes, Grant Murphy had a door repainted a while back, the one door that the public gets to see. That’s worthless cosmetics. We need doors with locks that work. The colour of the door is immaterial.

Am meeting with Grant Murphy tomorrow

At noon.

I will only speak with Mr Murphy, not with any of his serfs.

They refer every decision to him and often speak in vague, puzzling phrases akin to “Grant had a bowel movement this morning”.


11 Feb 2021
It’s about this:  Letter to Murphy d.d. 8 Feb 2021

This it not Grant Murphy, but Grant Murphy gives people like him a bad image. It’s my cousin. One of my cousins. And I bet that I  am forcing my cousin to act now without even needing to contact him. (We used to get along very well, as we sort of spoke each other’s language. We used to run through alleyways and hide from the other siblings and cousins.) I am fed up with being shoved aside and jerked around because of the side effects of the English class system and other types of otherisation here in England / Portsmouth. If I am considered not a human being because of all this class shit, then I will have to enlist the support from someone who IS considered a proper human being within these class views. So that is what I am doing. (And that’s probably an understatement.)

Tenants have the right to be safe in their own homes. The doors to buildings need to provide security – not add risk. Etc etc etc etc.

I cannot support myself until the problems with the building that I live in are remedied – and as the landlord and Portsmouth City Council do not want to help with that, even though I’ve been harping on about it for years, I have no choice but to crowdsource every step. It’s ridiculous that I cannot be away for more than 1 or 2 hours if I don’t want the locks to my flat to get picked when I am out.

But other tenants deserve security too.

(I’ve heard another tenant’s flat being accessed in his absence too. Sadly, he didn’t believe me when I told him. I never saw this coming with regard to my own flat either, so I can’t blame him.)  

And we (including me) should have access to our postal mail.

It’s also ridiculous that Hampshire Fire & Rescue and other landlords are supposed to step in to deal with Grant Murphy’s rubbish. 


A letter that I expect to arrive today

Update Thursday 17 December 2020, 9:58
Still the same. Royal Mail has not attempted to deliver my letter, according to its website. I wonder if a guy I know as Nathan has anything to do with that. He once walked up to me at the local large Tesco (Craswell Street), made the mysterious statement that he and I had never seen eye to eye or something along those lines – huh? wtf was he going on about? – then said that Royal Mail had offered him early retirement because of his severe problems with his spine and that he had accepted the offer. It turned out to be complete bullshit. I have no idea what this dude wanted from me. I don’t know him. He is someone who works at Royal Mail, who (says he) has severe back problems and I’ve brought him and his colleagues refreshments once on a hot day. (I also brought a tea from Greggs to a woman at Wilko on a freezing cold day once and I’ve once given my postie in Southampton a refreshment on a hot summer’s day. I don’t do that kind of thing in other countries, can’t recall any instances.) Other than that, I don’t know him, but he seems to have had some kind of issue with me for a long time. No idea what it might be. I saw him walking toward me on Arundel Street a few weeks ago and I decided to cross the road so that I could avoid him. I have no idea what his problem is and what his problem with me is. He initially seemed really friendly, just a regular guy, friendlier than his colleagues. The guy meanwhile has started to give me the creeps. He was also the one who handed me that package with wet and muddied fairly random letters from about 6 months and he was the one who told me about the package with the SSE modem that apparently had been sitting at the post office for a while after I tried to switch broadband providers for so long, in vain, when he saw me in Lake Road one day.

Portsmouth seems to abound with these types of folks. (Like this “Nathan”, I mean. But he used to have a genuinely pleasant and sane colleague whose son is a scientist. That guy left, though. Overall, Portsmouth is toxic. A lot of that has to do with the widespread deep poverty here as a result of the staggering inequality in England.)


Update Wednesday 16 December 2020, 11:45
The item was posted First Class Signed For on Saturday 12 December 2020 at 2:34pm at the Portsmouth Post Office [PO1 1AB] and still Royal Mail has not attempted to deliver this letter, according to the Royal Mail website.

This one (PDF): Letter Dated 11 December 2020

That older letter that I mention in the above letter had been sent “1st Class Signed For” and it was signed for. So was another letter I sent at about the same time. There was no response to either letter.

There was no response either to the e-mail I sent to Grant Murphy on 30 August 2019, in which I wrote that it was high time for a genuine and serious talk. I suggested meeting at his office on 3 September 2019 at 11am or 2pm.

I usually get ignored when I contact him or his staff for whatever reason, but when they want me to stop by and I contact them and say that I will do so two workdays later because I am hard at work for a client who I can’t let down, I often get a lot of angry words back.

When I wrote to them on 31 October 2016 about “problems at 6 Kingston Road”, I got no response back.

Mon, Oct 31, 2016, 11:23 AM

This was right after I spoke with Grant Murphy on the phone when I called him while I was at Fratton Train station, waiting for my train. He picked up the phone with something like “Student accommodation” but when I said that I thought I had called a different number and was looking for a Mr Murphy, he said that it was him. He told me that people picking the locks all the time was no big deal, but if I wanted, I could install different locks. (I have done that, but it has not helped.) He also said, I think, to go talk to my MP because he seemed to agree more or less that Portsmouth Police is useless (after he suggested I contact police after which I told him that I had already done that many times).

Grant Murphy and I made an appointment to meet on the Saturday after I arrived back because he said he was often at our buildings on Saturday anyway, which surprised me (but I had never met him, so it’s possible). That Saturday, I waited and waited. He never showed.

The e-mail I sent after I spoke with Murphy on the phone I wrote on the train, I am sure, as it was far from my most eloquent e-mail message, but I was upset and I felt that the problems at 6 Kingston Road were seriously getting out of hand to the point of the situation now becoming completely unworkable. (Someone had just emptied dumped one or two liters of ice cream on the doormat of the ground-floor neighbours in some kind of bizarre prank. It is one of the many results consequences of the building not being secure.)

Some weeks ago, I contacted Hants Fire about the rubbish again, which I had wanted to do many times before. (But it all feels soooooooooooo futile. Nobody in England or Portsmouth gives a damn about anything, it often feels like, to me. Nobody here cares. Is that too the result of Britain’s staggering inequality? If not, where does it come from?)

This is part of what I received back.

This below is what I got in the end.


What has also happened is that someone closed my water account one or two years ago – I think it was Portsmouth Water – and a year ago, someone took control of my electricity account and apparently transferred it so many times in a row that the account completely got lost along the way. I have electricity but I don’t know who supplies it (though I probably have made some calls about that by the time this post goes live). The account was transferred by someone who had the meter’s number and all my personal data, such as DOB and address and postcode; such data are in the possession of many people, of course, hence offer no security at all.

This is what happened the previous time, which must have been about a year after I spoke about this at the offices of Grant Murphy and had given up on the rubbish as I couldn’t afford to remove it myself:

I have also previously advised Ruth Mbvundula not to accept Grant Murphy’s refusal to refund her deposit as, in my opinion, his reason for refusing to return the deposit was likely also his fault and I felt that a compromise might be in order. I referred her to the tenancy matters department at Portsmouth City Council.

For the record this is more or less what I recently wrote to Hants Fire, part of which I also let them know in 2018:

Good afternoon Mark,

Thank you for your message.

1. It concerns two buildings, an older one and a newer one, each housing three flats, at 6 Kingston Road, Portsmouth PO1 5RZ. These buildings are owned by Mr Grant Murphy and/or one of his companies. He and his companies can be reached via the Royal Beach Hotel, St Helens Parade, Southsea PO4 0RN; the hotel is currently closed, however. (Guinness owns the newer buildings next to Murphy’s. It was Guinness that removed the rubbish previously, indeed.)

2. The lock to the back door of the older front building is often jammed from the outside. I do not know whether that means that the lock is also jammed for anyone wanting to exit through that door as we in the building at the back do not have keys to the front door of that building. Last time I tried that back door to see if I had any postal mail, a few days ago, the lock was jammed again.

3. Before the start of the present lockdown, some of the landlord’s staff removed a lot of branches among other things. These branches have been on our patio since then, though someone moved them slightly because the heap of branches (dead wood) was blocking access to the back door of the front building. They were in front of the door there.

4. The rubbish is mostly in an open shed and includes a mattress that sticks out a bit. When this area was filled with junk before, it was deemed a fire hazard by your colleague. I had already gotten rid of as much as I could (called scrap metal people and had some people from a charity shop take a look), thinking that it all had been dumped there by others, not by our landlord. When I went to talk with the landlord about getting the remainder removed, I was admonished when I said that I had already gotten rid of some of the junk. I have also offered to help the foreman clean out the area, but my offer was ignored. Last year, I took photos of what the situation was like back then and included printouts of the photos in my letter to the landlord.

5. It may also be helpful to know that my landlord’s legal adviser is a Mr David Lancaster.

I hope this gives you enough information.

Best regards,

Angelina Souren


It may be generally interesting to know that I also once caught a landlord/lady dumping stuff in my forecourt when I was living in Southsea. I talked with her about it. I’d previously taken stuff to the tip that had left behind by another landlord/lady as I happened to have rented a van anyway at the time.

I have also heard this rubbish dumping being blamed on foreign tenants, at the Portsmouth Environmental Forum. In my experience, it’s usually landlords who do this.

I know that a lot of English people are not going to understand anything of the above. Why do I bother? One thing I’ve learned in my 16 years in England is that, here, it makes absolutely no difference what you do. True. So you might as well do the right thing. In my view, it means that you stay true to your values even if there is nothing else you can do. And that feels a heck of lot better than just rolling over and closing your eyes.