As everyone knows, almost all forms of modern communication can be spoofed these days (faked) without that being visible (not in the headers or source either). Caller IDs can be faked too. Yes, spoofed communications look 100% authentic and so can sites and profiles that are connected to them.

If you landed on this website because you received a message from me, then you should know that I have been specifically targeted by one or more persistent anonymous hackers/stalkers since the summer of 2008.

I have received lots of spoofed e-mails in recent years, as well as text messages and so on, for example pretending to come from several local city councillors, a trend research agency in London, a teacher in Canada, one of my neighbors, a geochemist in China, a professor at Harvard Law School, the CEO of a large company, a self-employed guy in Baffins (not someone I know), an American undergrad student as well as messages pretending to come from several friends and acquaintances. Those messages were all fake. (NOTE, 12 January 2018: I did just sign up for a meeting related to disabilities. That registration did genuinely come from me.)

I therefore cannot rule out at all that spoofed e-mails, text messages and so on may also have been sent that appeared to come from me – but did not. Please be aware of this.

If you received a message that appeared to come from me and you know me and know what my voice sounds like, I suggest that you call me. If you received a message that appeared to come from me but you do not know me and would not recognize my voice, I recommend contacting me through this site (use the contact form below), then arranging a video call and recording the call.

This also applies to messages sent via channels like LinkedIn, Facebook or WhatsApp.