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15 December 2019
As was the case for just about everyone else in the UK, a lot of my recent attention went to political developments and the many tensions in British society as I am based in Britain.

What that means changed profoundly on 12 December 2019. I am an EU citizen and Boris Johnson has stated that he does not want EU citizens to feel at home in the UK. I’ve been living in southern England’s coastal area since the end of 2004. I have previously lived in balmy Florida as well as in Amsterdam.

I ended up feeling immensely proud of, immensely grateful for and ridiculously emotional about the fact that my own constituency voted Labour. It ends one street to the north and that constituency immediately to the north of where I am helped vote Boris Johnson into five more years of power.

That is the same Boris Johnson who has openly been preaching intolerance and violence, not only with regard to EU citizens but also with regard to British citizens who don’t agree with his views and who don’t like his abrasive manner and feel embarrassed by the figure he cuts.

That is the same Boris Johnson who made a mockery of Parliament, of the Queen, of the courts and of their judges along with Jacob Rees-Mogg who stopped short within an inch of dropping his pants in Parliament and mooning his fellow MPs.

I noticed very few people with happy faces when I went to the supermarket two days ago and I felt so sad for them. Most people gave off an impression of worry and of bracing themselves.

The UK has a staggering extent of deep poverty as a result of its massive inequality and a crazy little thing called the British class system, which essentially divides people into worthy humans and lesser humans. Boris Johnson’s political pals have been deliberately harming them and making fun of them for nearly a decade. They can take no more. There have been enough deaths already as a direct result of Tory measures. No wonder many people are highly concerned right now.

Folks, you can do this! We can do this. We’ll get through this! If you have enough power to hang on to a non-Tory MP in this constituency, you have enough power for a lot more.

I, by contrast, looked very happy on Friday, but that has to do with my lung health, with being able to breathe again, which is so wonderful, even though I still have some healing to do. I had been miserable for so long, so powerless (literally too), for so long. I did a lot of reading and contemplating, ordered a substance called n-acetylcysteine, which is basically an amino acid, an analogue of a very common one that you also find in certain meats and legumes, for example. I’ve been taking it for a week now and it’s already worked wonders for me.

The above video offers a wonderful example of the beauty that you can create if you cooperate across borders. English singer, American saxophonist, French drummer, and French percussionist.