Update 5 June 2023: I have meanwhile reported to Hampshire Police that a Portsmouth-based real estate developer called Grant Murphy was behind the long campaign of criminal harassment, trespass, hacking, mail theft, vandalism, theft, lock-picking and various other forms of sabotage against me in Portsmouth.

He was the source of the sadistic stalking aka resentful stalking that I was subjected to for so many years. He revealed that himself, in person, on 18 April 2023.

He also revealed that Lib-Dem City Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson apparently was not only fully aware of it but part of it. (WTF?!! 😲😳πŸ₯΄πŸ€”)

Frankly, I don’t quite think that this is fully accurate – unless both gentlemen are deranged Hollywood-style psychopaths…

Grant Murphy certainly appears to be an unhinged nutcase with far too much time on his hands, but I don’t think that Vernon-Jackson is. He’s a mere career politician, and very busy. He doesn’t strike me as a lunatic who would hunt down strangers in Portsmouth in his spare time and make their lives hell.

Right now, however, I continue to be pestered digitally, and possibly also sabotaged again, with a hint of a lot more pestering to follow soon. My clear impression is that I am dealing with a British English person, someone who also speaks a little bit of Dutch but not enough to be able to pass as Dutch in his written communications. Trying to use American English or Dutch occasionally trips him up.

Again, my empathy and understanding do not constitute a license for abuse. Anyone who refuses to communicate with me directly or refuses to communicate with me under his own name is up to no good, period.

I desperately want my life back. I desperately want it out of the claws of the cold-hearted sadistic monster who started attacking my life around the time that I moved from Southampton to Southsea.

For the past ten years, Angelina Souren has mostly concerned herself with diversity, inclusivity, otherization, (in)equality, bioethics, discrimination and related topics, including speciesism.

England’s harsh reality of its excessive inequality made it hard not to.

Bio (pdf)

CV 5 June 2023 (pdf)

Angelina has an earth & life science background and launched a small VAT-registered business in Amsterdam in 1997, in which she worked with various parties in academia and the corporate world who create and/or use scientific knowledge. She did so in conjunction with her international network of associates. She became VAT-registered in England at the start of 2005. She’s a Company Director as well.

Among other things, she has served as board member for the Environmental Chemistry (and Toxicology) Section of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV), as member of the board and of several committees for a Dutch foundation for women in science and technology and as associate editor for the US-based Geochemical Society.



She’s also been an active member of Toastmasters of The Hague, of the Amsterdam American Business Club, the American Society for Microbiology, the American Geophysical Union, and various other organizations and is currently a passive member of the IAPG (geoethics).

She used to write about science and technology for colleagues, for science publishers and for global engineering consultancies. She also used to teach and did research for others. In England, she created several online courses, with hours of video and a wealth of resources.

Nowadays, she writes mostly about the challenges and joys surrounding inclusivity, otherization and diversity and the related neuroscience. She’s also penned a bit of quirky flash fiction in the style of zen koans, Donald Barthelme and Spike Milligan. You can find her work on websites like Amazon’s.

She’s previously lived in the United States where she worked in marine science and volunteered at a seabird rehab facility.

She spent a large chunk of her adult life in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She moved to England in the second half of 2004, which was only supposed to have been for a few years. She had intended to return to the United States soon to continue her academic career there.

In England, in a very insular community off the coast of South England, she eventually unexpectedly found herself in a hotbed of corruption and other unethical entanglements, an ‘ndrangheta-style network of politicians, professionals, business people and also police officers and powerless lackeys. Because of her rights activism, Angelina increasingly became targeted by powerful people in this traditional old-guard Establishment, as it later turned out. Never expecting that, she thought that she had a sadistic stalker who was escalating.

Angelina is like a strong, tall oak tree. Tall trees weather many storms and thus provide shelter for smaller trees and shrubs. (But who looks after the oak trees?) She is also like water, however, surprisingly strong when needed yet gentle, soothing and calm most of the time.

That tripped up the Establishment, which initially supported her activism. Apparently not taking her very seriously?

In any case, the folks in question eventually literally told her that they wanted her gone. This was after they had indulged in a years-long campaign of harassment, lock-picking, vandalism, character assassination and other very unpleasant activities against her, including animal cruelty, even in her home. It wasn’t just that, however. The community in question is known throughout the UK for its extreme insularity.

Angelina still finds it hard to accept the ugly reality that complete strangers around her made her life hell and ruthlessly violated her life and her home for at least around a decade, not to mention that it apparently was considered fully acceptable to do so. It becomes hard to remain effective and accomplish much in such circumstances. Angelina grew very tired of Portsmouth’s constant vile guerrilla wars and its perpetual oh so ugly hatred.

(Want to support her? Her PayPal πŸ†” is @SourenAW and the main e-mail address is still the same.)

Angelina found England’s excessive inequality hard to deal with and strived to help remedy that for some time before it dawned on her that this was a lost cause. The widespread deep poverty, the utter misery, powerless resignation and hopelessness it causes and the so-deeply entrenched associated class thinking that pervades English society among almost all political segments – not just the Tories – is gut-wrenching and soul-destroying.

It dehumanizes individuals as well as large groups of people. It is so overwhelmingly negative, even though there are people and mechanisms in English society that try to compensate for this. It’s certainly not the case that everything in England is bad. There are many good things in England, too, as in any other country.

Before she turned herself into a scientist, Angelina used to work in tourism & hospitality in the hustle and bustle of busy Amsterdam. There, she learned to deal with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. She spoke fluent German, Dutch and English, also a decent level of French, having started to learn French when she was still in primary school, as well as a smattering of Spanish.

Angelina also knows a few things about rehabbing wild birds. She has had a pet pigeon (Columba livia), two feral pigeon friends and she had two formerly feral quaker parrots (Myiopsitta monachus) for a very long time. She also had a cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) for a while. She adopted the non-releasable quakers from the wild-bird rehab hospital in Florida where she was volunteering at the time. They taught her a lot.

The pet pigeon, too, was an adopted slightly handicapped rehab bird, very smart and surprisingly cuddly and parrot-like. She arrived during the first English Covid lockdown, with around 50% of her feathers gone. She had numerous highly visible filoplumes that, after about three years, slowly seemed to be disappearing. (It’s been suggested in research that filoplumes may serve as an indicator of the state of a bird’s feather cover, to the bird’s biological system.)

Angelina grew up around all kinds of animals, such as dogs, cats, stick insects and calves. In her teenage years, she rode horses. She’s also adopted a cat from a shelter, plucked a lost and by then pretty feral cat off an attic in Amsterdam, after previously already having adopted an older cat that decided to move in after having been thrown onto the streets of Amsterdam. The feral cat took nine months to come around and accept the other cat as presenting no danger whatsoever.

Angelina played the violin as a kid, sung J.S. Bach, gospel, Latin-American and other genres in choirs and at home in her teenage years and has toyed with several other musical instruments during the remainder of her life. Her parents had little more than a basic primary-school education. She has two younger sisters who are also self-employed, but Angelina and her siblings are not close and she’s only met with them two or three times in the past thirty years.

She started running in her early childhood and played squash for about ten years, until she moved to the States. She also danced flamenco for a while, also until she moved to the States. In addition, she was an extra for film and TV for a while.

Fun facts about Angelina?

  • She took a flying lesson in an Aero Subaru Fuji FA-200 long before she even knew how to start a car.
  • In 1989, she accidentally dipped her car into an overgrown ditch while on geological fieldwork in Sweden, not once but twice. This was before mobile phones. The first driver who passed on that first road helpfully towed her out, but took a long time to show up. On the second road, the incident happened when Angelina intended to make space for oncoming traffic and that driver towed her out instantly. Each driver made no fuss of this whatsoever. They simply towed her out and drove off again.

Particularly in the winter, the pet pigeon would often sleep peacefully under the fleece blanket, nestled against Angelina’s chest, for up to an hour, wake up, preen her feathers for a while, then fly off for a sip of water. Pigeons are highly intelligent and a joy to have as a companion bird. They can be far smarter and far more empathetic than many humans. Imagine that.