About Angelina Souren

UPDATE 21 May 2022: BOTH my computers have suddenly stopped working again. At the same time! Like last time. (Before Easter.) When I was warned that if I didn’t shut up about what is going on, I’d be punished again. This comes from local white male English supremacists. They’re into any kind of hate you can think of and they are sadly, widely applauded, also by many local cops.

Hello. Welcome to my website.

Hi there. I’m a critical thinker and researcher. You can consider me an otherisation and hate group expert now, after nearly two decades as an emancipated, independent, older, female boss migrant in England.

My main professional background is in the earth and life sciences and, before I became a scientist, I used to work in tourism and hospitality in Amsterdam.

I have more recently also dabbled in bioethics, law as well as neuroscience. That’s all connected to otherisation as well as to life sciences, of course.

In 1993, I graduated with distinction from VU University Amsterdam, having obtained my MSc in earth sciences, an additional diploma for chemical oceanography research carried out at VU University Amsterdam in conjunction with NIOZ as well as two certificates for evening courses completed at the Netherlands School for Journalism in Utrecht.

While working on my Master’s, I was a member of the university’s “Studium Generale” think tank. I also was one of the organisers of two symposiums for women in science and technology in those days. So, besides for example writing a report and giving a presentation on the then brand-new exciting and Nobel Prize-winning developments of scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy for my department, I also carried out a literature study on gender bias in sociobiology.

My main research interest concerned the (marine) biogeochemistry of metals such as iron, cobalt and manganese as well as the rare earths. The specialisation of my Master’s was in hardrock geochemistry. I did my final two months of fieldwork in the Swedish Precambrium.

Me holding a glass of wine, standing on a boat on a river near Arnhem during a get-together with a group of people from Arcadis.

I have since worked at and with universities and other organisations all over the world and have lived and worked in the United States for a while. In the course of those activities, I made many friends, acquaintances and professional contacts most of who are now lost from my life as a result of persistent hacking. I have been active in more roles and more organisations than I can still remember at this point in my life, but my network is essentially gone.

2002: panel member at NIMF symposium

I am a former board member and member of several committees for a Dutch foundation for women in science and technology (NIMF, founded in 1988), a former associate editor for the international newsletter of the US-based Geochemical Society and a former board member of the Environmental Chemistry (and Toxicology) Section of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society, which is not an organisation exclusively for academics but for all chemistry professionals, regardless of whether they work in the industry, for the government, within their own businesses or at universities.

I am also a former member of Toastmasters of The Hague (part of Toastmasters International), a former member of the UK’s Green Party (for Americans: this is not the same as being a registered voter), a former member of the Portsmouth Environmental Forum (no longer in existence), which was supported by Portsmouth City Council and contained several city councillors, and one of the eleven graduates of the NCFE-accredited course “Taking the Lead”, also supported by Portsmouth City Council.

Me in Portsmouth, in early 2011, receiving the course certificate from the mayor.
(Source: PCC on Flickr.)

To the mayor, it seemed to be as if I was from another planet. I was the only foreigner in this group of 11 graduates of the NCFE-accredited course in community leadership called “Taking the Lead”. It was offered within the UK government’s Take Part initiative, but was cut short by austerity and thus we remained its only graduates.

She asked something along the lines of whether England was very different from my home country. I don’t recall if she knew where I was from. I think that all I said to her in response was “very”. She gave me the impression that she’d never been outside of the UK, but that impression may have been wrong. I remember being surprised that she seemed so highly uncomfortable around foreigners. I, on the other hand didn’t know which political party she was from. I could have asked her that. I should have.

In addition, I am a former member of the Amsterdam American Business Club and of the Southampton-based SHEA business club (Southwest Hampshire Enterprise Agency, no longer in existence). For those who don’t know that, which is common even among people working at the tax authorities, a business club has nothing to do with cocktails and entertainment but is dedicated to business networking. I started my first small business in Amsterdam in 1997 and moved to England at the end of 2004, taking my business with me.

Initially, I offered university scientists the opportunity to outsource some of their many tasks, which I accomplished in conjunction with an international team of associates. Other parties later discovered me too. I have worked with universities such as the University of Twente, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Arkansas State University (desk research, teaching, scientific editing), high-end consultancies such as Arcadis (Elements print magazine), NATO C3 (presentation skills workshops) as well as with mining companies, publishers and the like.

I have been called very creative, immensely versatile, attentive, flexible and highly conscientious. I’ve always been highly driven, have always been a self-starter.

When I was in my mid forties and already living in the UK, I let go of my ambition to become a full professor with my own cutting-edge marine biogeochemistry research group.

It was around that time – looking for a new professional direction in my life – that I became a persistent target of white English hate. I initially had no idea what – or who – I was dealing with, let alone what I was in for.