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Below is a video about where I’ve been living since the beginning of 2009. (Before that, I was in Southampton.)  Highest CCTV density of the UK. The football matches are usually under control now, but there is often a lot of yelling and screaming and fighting going on any day, yes, and usually it has nothing to do with football. (It’s not that different in Southampton, but there it is usually restricted to weekends.)

Every once in a while, I have to open my window and yell. Get a grip! GET! A! GRIP! Sometimes, when I encounter a street situation that may be about to explode, I just stand and watch and make myself tall and very visible, giving off the signal “I am watching you” loud and clear and strong. It often works.

Violence and aggression are extremely boring and unattractive. Ugh. What many Brits apparently see as “tough” is no more than “totally immature and/or zonked out” behaviour. It’s like people who take a gun and literally shoot themselves in the foot to show how “tough” they are. Gets stale very quickly.

Bigger problem can be that if you’re not into this kind of stuff, people think that you’re a “stupid sissy” who can’t even do basic arithmetic or say “thank you” and “please” so, genuinely helpful as they are, they then set out to teach you that, and keep shooting you in the foot in the process without realizing it. They have no idea that the rest of the world moves at a much faster pace and is much tougher in many ways even though people there don’t go around beating each other up all the time, sigh. But you’d better not say that out loud. If you do, well, you may find that you suddenly have no internet connection. That’s part of the “strong community spirit” that the first video talks about. (They also help each other find second-hand microwaves, printers and such, which is great.)

They believe in getting stuck in whatever life deals you instead of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and getting on with life again, but a lot of that probably has to do with the massive poverty and inequality of Britain. Lots of people in Britain genuinely are stuck because the government and Britain’s class system keep them “under the thumb”. So there is often very little that they can do. However, Brits also love drama!

Incidentally, the UK’s current Prime Minister, is absolutely in favour of this way of life in which people get drunk a lot and beat each other up and so on. He has a bit of habit of ridiculing hardworking and/or decent people who are happy and content. To be happy and content is quite “not done” in Britain, seen as “dull”. I wonder how that came about. Maybe it’s because Brits who aren’t into beating each other up tend to indulge in knitting and needlepoint, memorizing encyclopedia pages and such? Maybe that is where the “sissy” meme comes from.

What do Brits have in common, you ask? The habit of discussing other people at length and making stuff up about other them as well as reading up on celebs. And the habit of making you guess what they’re going on about or what they’re thinking of.

Welcome to my world.

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