Portsmouth’s gulls are tripping

To my astonishment, there were at least two dozen gulls out here earlier today, if not more.

I wondered what they were after.

When I walked downtown later, I spotted a flying ant. Might that be it? The air certainly had that “flying ant” quality to it.

Do these insects prefer to land or, wait, maybe hatch in grass fields? (No, turns out that ants grow wings when they want to mate. O-kay. There you go.)

I just searched on “Do gulls eat flying ants?” and I found…

Yep, and they trip on them.

They get slightly tipsy on them!

See? Got more in common with birds than you knew.

PS This may

Good news and bad news

I have managed to open up the new phone. (It had stopped charging properly.) I cannot find any traces of glue but some details between two buttons are distorted and that’s likely why the case was jammed shut on that side. Hard to tell whether that is from natural causes or the result of tampering. Let’s assume it’s from natural causes. So that is good.

(Remember that I did say that I would love to be wrong about the phone having been tampered with. Of course!)

The phone appears to be toast, however. So why do just about all my phones seem to develop the same problem no matter what brand? Must be a mere coincidence and the fact that they were relatively cheap.

Good phones? LG. They last. Ironically, of course, in that throwaway culture of ours, that may have been why LG started making a loss on its phones and decided to stop making phones. Ya can’t make it up.

Unfortunately, that was instantly followed by an email to an address that only Google has or anyone who’s hacked into my equipment, about an app that I don’t have installed – but used to, months ago – thanking me for my loyalty and… telling me that I am a mover who will have a new experience soon? I don’t know what to make of that. It’s a bit creepy, isn’t it. But okay, I can decide to see it in a positive light and shrug about it. So let’s do that.

So, that narrows down the previous incident to two options:

  • The new lock was picked.
  • The lock was not picked but someone opened my unlocked door while I was dealing with recyclables outside and went into my flat on that day. That’s the preferred option, from my point of view.

The phone sseems to be charging better now. Hard to tell. Time will.

A weird thing that has happened before is and that has just happened again is that I got all winter commercials on a local website.

Continuing to be worrisome is that a whopping percentage of my postal mail still goes missing. But I think that goes for most people these days.

Autism and the country you happen to have been born in

I’ve recently been reading up quite a bit and thinking about autism and I am struck by how much better autistic people are off in my home country and how unlucky it is to be autistic and in the southeast of England, or perhaps the entire south of England.

What am I talking about?

Honesty and directness.

The Dutch are so much into honesty and integrity that living in the Netherlands is bound to be much easier for autistic people than in England where many people, generally speaking, see nothing wrong with lying. We see this in the UK government almost non-stop at the moment.

Americans too are “a little bit” more into honesty and integrity than the English – again, generally speaking – and that must make life easier for many autistic people.

The Dutch are very direct and so are Americans, but the Victorian age caused a lot of havoc in England of which we can still see the results today. In the stiff upper lip, for example, and the emotional stunting it has led to.

The often highly convoluted way in which English people communicate is often highly frustrating for Dutch people.

If I understand it more or less accurately how many autistic people tick, then living in southern England has to be incredibly tough on them.

It does not and should not have to be this way.

I think that many English people have forgotten all about integrity and have forgotten what sophistication really is. Insulting people in a convoluted way and lying a lot is merely immature and a sign of weakness. Making fun of foreigners who have trouble wrapping their heads around mysterious England is also not necessarily a sign of great savvy.

Trumpian values are becoming the rule in England.

Such a minefield. So much damage.

Did you know that the Dutch are often called “naive” behind their backs in international settings? Because of their penchant for honesty and integrity (and the resulting high level of trust). But it is appreciated highly too, at times. Remember that MH17 speech by Frans Timmermans?

Dutch humour. (Limburg aan zee, dat was ooit echt zo, voordat er mensen op aarde waren)

This is a Dutch parody holiday commercial for “South Limburg on Sea” put together with video fragments of the recent flooding.

Auw hoer = Limburg dialect for 😲

Mosse kieke = dialect for “look at that!”

(both about the fish – trout? bream? – in the street)

Laat ‘m gaan! = Dutch for “let him go!”

(about the eel in the street)

My youngest sister’s home and cherished lovely-looking business are located within a few metres of the Meuse river and she had to evacuate. I am so happy for her that the local water level stayed just under the predicted level.

E-mail to The News with several cc-s: Trashing Travellers also hurts Portsmouth.

Dear editor,

I recently came upon an article in your publication that was so biased and irresponsible that it shocked me. I considered reporting it to IPSO right away but decided to contact you first. I am copying IPSO in on this e-mail, however, and I am also copying in the leader of Portsmouth City Council (PCC), the local Green Party and the MP for Portsmouth South as well as representatives of the groups of people who were disadvantaged in the article.

Why was this biased reporting irresponsible? Because it risked whipping up aggression against one of the most abused minorities in the UK, people who are abused merely because they lead a different lifestyle from the majority. That description – leading a different lifestyle from the majority – also applies to the leader of Portsmouth City Council. Would you have written about him in a similarly biased way? I doubt it.

But the way he lives his life was considered a crime until fairly recently. In addition, he has a mild invisible so-called “disability” (according to what he said to me during a conversation we had in 2019). It is often forgotten but all three groups of people (that is, Roma and Gypsies, technically not Travellers, along with gay people and people with disabilities) were also hunted and “exterminated” by the Nazis in WWII. So why don’t you paint Portsmouth’s City Council Leader with the same brush that you used for the Travellers?

I have no choice but to conclude that you engaged in blatant discrimination of an often persecuted minority, a group that Home Secretary Priti Patel essentially plans to criminalise in their entirety, sadly enough, something that various organizations such as Docs Not Cops and MedAct are greatly concerned about.

“Even the mildest otherisation primes people for aggression,” Oxford neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor wrote in her book “Cruelty. Human evil and the human brain.” You did more than that. That makes your reporting irresponsible.

The article in question is this:


It was followed by this:


It concerns a small group of Travellers (also known as Pavees or Mincéirs, so I understand) who were parked on a triangle of low-lying council-owned land here in Portsmouth right next to a very busy through-road from which commuters could see them. I had spotted them too. There was no concern in the article as to whether there was any flooding on the land in view of the recent rains. Instead, it mentioned rubbish.

When I went to the site today, I discovered not only that the Travellers are gone, but also that there are very good other reasons why you must publish a balanced follow-up article to retain your credibility as an independent reliable and professionally responsible local news source.

Rubbish left behind (photos enclosed; taken on 1 August 2021)

I spotted three main kinds of rubbish on the site in question:

  • Irresponsibly animal-unfriendly rubbish deliberately left behind by the “Stop Aquind” activities
  • Small mountains of garden waste
  • Packaging of a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa and a metal file cabinet, as part of or deposited before the garden waste

PCC’s amateurish response to the group of Travellers

PCC sent the Anti-Social Behaviour unit over. This is not what a responsible city council does. Even though PCC apparently has no specialised unit for Traveller matters, sending the Anti-Social Behaviour unit over is offensive and not aimed at engaging but a hostile act. The way the majority of us are living is very unhealthy, but nowhere have I read that these Travellers were going around knocking on people’s doors in Portsmouth, telling them to stop living in their indoor environments, often contaminated with a large level of toxic chemical compounds that can come from cookware, cleaning products, candles, their furniture and many other items and also often laden with mould spores. Many Travellers, so I understand, also consider the way we mainstream folks live rather dirty because many of us keep animals inside our homes. They leave us in peace. They cause no problems. They stand on a site for a short while and then they’re gone again, like a flock of migrating birds that lands for a sip of water and a few days of repose before continuing their travels.

If this has not persuaded you yet to change your views and portrayal of Travellers, then consider the following.

It has been mentioned in a TV documentary by ITV and I also know from my own experience of 12+ years in Portsmouth that Portsmouth has a problem with excessive insularity and often presents itself in a hostile manner to strangers. We’ve had many fights in Portsmouth recently, some with up to 200 people. Because of the tensions caused by the pandemic, more of this kind of trouble among young people can be expected throughout the UK for a while, not just in Portsmouth. Perhaps Portsmouth is particularly vulnerable in this area, however. In short, the last thing we need is more hostility. We must not fan these fires.

As the City Council Leader recently stated, he is very happy that we will soon have new cruise ships moor here and he would like to see these cruise ship passengers enjoy Portsmouth. More fights do not fit into that scenario. That said, these cruise ship passengers are often “rich” older Americans who are not interested in keeping up appearances (rich from a UK point of view, where 30% of the population lives in poverty and 90% of the population is not immensely well-to-do either). They are also often scientists, retired or not, which is another group of people who are not very concerned with what they look like, perhaps even more so if they’re slightly older.

These cruise passengers, in other words, are often people who may stand out like sore thumbs to many of the locals and many of the locals may mistake them for very poor people and (illegal) migrants. How do I know that? Because I have friends and colleagues who go on such cruises. When I picked two of them up at a cruise terminal in Southampton a few years ago, I was a little bit concerned that they might get hassled in Southampton, because of the way they were dressed, the way they looked, white trainers and all, something that I too used to be oblivious to, things that people in places like Amsterdam pay absolutely no attention to. I was pleased that these two women, a microbiologist and her aunt, were travelling on to London the same day.

I hope I have gotten your attention now and have made my point sufficiently clear.

Below is a list of random links to articles I found about Travellers. There are other online resources too. I learned a few things from them. I imagine that you may too.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

Angelina Souren







the now empty spot in question is next to a very busy through-road, used mostly for commuting in and out of Portsmouth, even still fairly busy on weekends
plain silly, not necessarily harmful
garden waste

E-mail sent to Stephen Morgan, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Age Concern and Portsmouth Disability Forum

Hi Gerald and Steve, and AgeConcern and Portsmouth Disability Forum,

Are many older adults as well as disabled people in Portsmouth currently afraid to leave their homes because of Covid and is their health suffering as a result?

In the Netherlands – with much more prosperity and much less inequality than the UK – clinical geriatric specialists are sounding the alarm because many, even fully vaccinated, older adults are too scared to leave their homes because of Covid. It is leading to malnutrition, broken bones, isolation and exacerbation of dementia etc.

Something similar may also now be going on in the UK. We already knew that Covid has particularly increased food insecurity for people with severe disabilities. 

See the attached 29 June 2020 letter from others to Matt Hancock and the screenshot, which came from this: https://foodfoundation.org.uk/event/webinar-a-crisis-within-a-crisis-food-insecurity-and-covid-19/

Please note that the attached letter obviously does not address the current situation, with almost all older adults having been vaccinated and restrictions being lifted and that unlike in the Netherlands, we also have the complication that older adults tend to be “demonised” (term used by The Guardian) in the UK.

So, I repeat: Are many older adults as well as disabled people in Portsmouth currently afraid to leave their homes because of Covid and is their health suffering as a result?

Do we know what the situation in Portsmouth is? If we do and if necessary, is it being addressed?

Thanks for looking into this.

Best regards,

Angelina Souren

I forgot to add that it’s been in the news recently that many of those who used to have to shield are feeling abandoned right now and I’ve spotted something similar about the situation for disabled people (an article by Francis Ryan, in The Guardian). I assume that they’re either already aware of that or will find out now.

PDF of letter sent by others last year: link

So, what did I just find???

That this page has been messed with again: https://angelinasouren.com/dealing-with-cases-of-stalking/

I have to assume that the text has been messed with too.

In any case, this image, a screenshot of a message sent to me in March 2020, has been removed again:

This image, of a message received in March 2021, had been removed before and I decided to leave it out the second time (because it might upset people). The message only appeared on my computer, not online at the time.

Message to Ina Steiner of Ecommercebytes


This is just a message of support.

I read about your stalking case this morning; it’s a lot more than mere cyberstalking, which is limited to the online realm.

I have not followed your newsletter but I too have issues with eBay, in particular the fact that they still continue to allow the sale of foie gras. (I made a video about that. Had I done that earlier, I might have been targeted by these crazy folks too, who knows.)

As it happens, I have been targeted by something similar here where I live but something else is behind it. Let’s call it “cultural differences”. (I’ve gone to the police, more than once, but that only made things worse.)

I am struck by the fact that the same kind of sentiment, methodology, whatever I should call it, seems to have been behind your case. It’s odd.

So, yeah, I am sorry, I feel sad for you because I know how this kind of stuff can make a person feel. There’s been a lot of lock-picking in my case, for example, and also a lot of hacking. It gets better after a while – you get used to it, because you have to – but the effect on one’s life – including one’s health – is often devastating, even if only for purely practical reasons.

Why am I sending you this? I think because I know how lonely an experience like this can make a person feel. Other people don’t seem to understand how it affects your life and start attributing at least some of the effects to you, blaming you in a way.

It’s not you. You are fine.

Do keep an eye on these people for a while, though, particularly on this ex-police captain. He worries me a bit in the sense that his sense of reality seems to be really off. At the first sign that this is not over yet, that at least one of these people may have become seriously obsessed with you and starts messing with you again, bolt, and start over, under a different name, doing something else. Because it would not be worth losing your sense of safety and peace over. Unfortunately, it’s often the best thing to do in such situations.

Again, it’s not you. You are fine. And bolting, even if it might feel that way, would not be a sign of weakness.

It would be “operating from strength” and a way to empower yourself instead of yielding control to that ex-captain.

Now smile. Because in all likelihood, it is all in the past now. Go pamper yourself, go do all the things that make you feel really good and help restore your sense of safety.

All the best.


UPDATE 2 August 2021:
A few days later, after having a done a lot more thinking and reading and remembering, and finally developing a much better sense of what for example Asperger’s may be like, I decided that the idea of Asperger’s seems to fit best with what I’ve been experiencing. (By which I mean that I am dealing with what appears to be two people who both have Asperger’s. In the end, it clicks best and it clicks well.

It’s very hard to get a good idea of what’s going on when you don’t know for sure who’s behind it, when there are other people involved as well (who are mostly being insular, hostile or poking fun at you, partly because of your confusion), when someone tells you that you are dealing with a malignant narcissist (with very negative psychopathic tendencies) and when that often is the feedback you seem to get from others too and when possibly less than a handful of people know the persons in question well enough to know what is really going on.

Before that, initially, I thought that I was dealing with someone with dissociative identity disorder (DID) and to make matters even more complicated, there was someone involved of whose existence I was not even aware. I don’t remember how I arrived at the idea of DID, possibly because I briefly had a colleague who has DID and talked about it openly. I had no experience at all with autism, or so I thought. (Not only have I meanwhile learned that I have a friend with a narcissistic personality disorder, I also have a friend who is slightly autistic. I had known both women for decades, had no idea. Now knowing where they are coming from hopefully will enable to be more patient and understanding so that I can avoid hurting them through my lack of understanding.)

For over a decade, I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure out what on earth I was dealing with here locally (besides cultural differences, which was challenging enough).

You know, how you sometimes can’t tell what a physical something is, because your perspective is wrong so that something else is in front of it that obscures your view and makes it look like something else? That is what this is like too. Expressions of neurodiversity can resemble each other across a wide range (apart from the fact that neurodiversity is not linear or binary), but the intention and motivation behind it can be very different. And that is what you need to know in order to know how to respond to it, how to approach it, how to deal with it, how to interpret it. How to see it.

I could have deleted this post, but I am going to leave it online.

I don’t see autistic people as there something being “wrong” with them. They just tick differently, that’s all.

(I’ll have to think about what I am going to do with everything that I’ve learned in the past decade, whether I’ll write a book and create a course and leave it at that or whether I’ll do more with it. And then, of course, there’s also the people in question, here locally, and what they want and how that is going to work out.)

Now this pops up on my screen


Some time ago, when I was writing something about autism, an image popped up in that text document that seemed to suggest something about, well, let’s call him a somewhat local person.

Here is the thing.

Yes, it is quite possible that I am (also) dealing with two people who have Aspergers. Oh, yes, I can see that. Sure I can.

But why then has everyone in Portsmouth I have asked always denied ever even having heard of either of these two people and why hasn’t anyone ever come forward to talk with me and did they all let me continue to be openly afraid and why did some even harass me some more?

And why is there not one person I can actually go talk with but do I have to write posts like these to reach whoever it is out there that needs to hear this?


These two folks may have Aspergers, sure. And that’s fine. That’s perfectly fine as far as I am concerned.

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1972 MIT model study confirmed. Looks like we have about two decades left. Human civilization as we know it is doomed.

Unless we do what we need to do.

But we didn’t do it back then either, which is why we are now in such a great hurry.


You can download the PDF of her report “Limits to Growth” here; it was published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. That is a “paper”.

Limits to Growth: https://advisory.kpmg.us/articles/2021/limits-to-growth.html

This is a LinkedIn article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/beyond-growth-gaya-branderhorst/

Does the climate and ecological emergency bill (CEE Bill) now start to make sense to you?

Gaya Herrington did not receive her econometrics degree from the University of Amsterdam but from VU University Amsterdam. (Amsterdam has two universities.) LinkedIn instantly alerted me to the fact that we attended the same university. She and I both have a Master’s – both cum laude – from VU University Amsterdam.

Cultural differences. A form of neurodiversity.

Click on the link below.

What the world at large does not realise is that THIS IS SIMPLY HOW ENGLAND TICKS! ALWAYS.

This is what daily life is like for most of us over here. I even once got a letter from BT Business stating that they increased their rates one or two months ago. Oh-kay.

Yes, it can be exhausting to deal with. Yes, it can make planning anything impossible. Yes, it can come across as highly immature and disorganised.

Yes, it tends to give English people the reputation of being “unreliable” within an international professional context and no, they seem to have no idea of this. (Or do they because they actually often like driving others around the bend. I have another item on this, also within the Brexit context, about the deliberate use of “Trumpian realities” for no other reason thaN to drive the EU negotiators up the wall with frustration. I think it was in The Guardian.)

English people who have sufficient international experience can learn to adapt and overcome this.

No, I don’t think it goes for Scots and I suspect that it does not go for Welsh people either and it may not even go for people in northern England.

Analysis (CNN): Why would anyone trust Brexit Britain again? • 7 min read

The way in which England is different is quite similar to how for example autistic people are different and how both English people and autistic people also still differ greatly from one another.

In the end, it all seems to indicate mostly that we have to keep focusing more on what we have in common.

Oh, then this! (about Myiopsitta monachus)

This just popped up in my stream on ResearchGate.

The Role of Monk Parakeets as Nest-Site Facilitators in Their Native and Invaded Areas

“Invasive species can be harmful to native species, although this fact could be more
complex when some natives eventually benefit from invaders. Faced with this paradox, we show
how the invasive monk parakeet, the only parrot species that builds its nests with sticks, can host
other species as tenants,
increasing nest-site availability for native but also exotic species. This same
pattern is observed in the native range of the species, and when parakeets occupy urban or rural
habitats, although the richness of tenants was higher in invaded areas and rural habitats. Tenants
participated in the cooperative defense against predators, benefiting parakeets with their presence.
As tenants can be both native and invasive species, management plans should consider the complex
network of interactions developed with the invader.”

Oh yeah. If Myiopsitta monachus ruled the world, we would all be better off. I have read that these birds even cooperate with their predators, as tenants, and I have personally seen them stand up FOR CATS.

They build huge condos with separate areas for different activities. Because of the invasion of humans, these parrots have increasingly been forced to build these nests in human-made constructions.

There is another article, slightly older, slightly related, that contains a photo of a quaker parrot and a bird of another species sitting together, the quaker having spotted something (the photographer?) and on alert, the other bird still looking oblivious.

Parrots have been on the planet for around 55,000,000 years. Modern humans only for about 250,000.

We inherited the planet from these more mature species.

I adopted two non-releasable birds of this species in June 1994. I emigrated with them twice. They have taught me so much! We humans are nowhere near as smart as we tend to think we are, as a species. We are quite limited.

And the only thing DEFRA wants to do is kill them all callously. Even though it was not their fault that they ended up in England. They’re a south-american species, after all. They don’t fly across the Atlantic, unless it’s in an air plane, I can assure you.

It’s us humans who spread them around the world, just like we did with Psittacula krameri and Columba livia and so many other species. We particularly introduced a lot of species in Australia, sometimes purely to be able to shoot them (hunting).

The article does end on a slightly negative note, but I reckon it’s quite daring to dare suggest that so-called invasive species can have benefits too. So maybe that’s why. To stave off a wave of criticism, claiming that the researchers overlooked the dangers of invasive species.

This spunky creature was part of my household for 21 years. She was still a youngster when she was brought to a wild-bird hospital in Florida where I was volunteering at the time. It was against the law to release her, and she was unable to fly, so she needed a home. I adopted her along with quaker parrot Mohawk, who had already been given that name by others, so I decided to call this one Sioux. As I had noticed that these birds are never on their own in the wild, I wanted to adopt at least two of them, for increased well-being, and I housed them together.

Are things looking better?

Let’s not talk about yesterday evening and what I may or may not have noticed.

But the good news is that MY BANK PAYMENT HAS GONE OUT!

One of the problems with all this interference is that you start feeling that everything you do is futile, that it no longer matters what exactly you do, which choices you make. Because it all gets interfered with anyway.

But practically speaking, there is also this. If you lose your access to a specific e-mail address or phone number, you often also lose access to any services tied to that address or number. It can mean that various parties believe that they can no longer reach you.

What is it exactly that I am dealing with here? Well, here in town, everyone I’ve asked says that they’ve never even heard of any of the persons in question. Even people of who I know that they know at least one of them.

What that means? Embarrassment over what exactly is going on, perhaps? Their feeling of “Ouch, we’re such asses”? That seems the most likely explanation.

By the way, it’s also possible that the thing about the bank account – did you see that post before I removed it? – is someone’s way of letting me know not to bother with those forms, that it was not important. I notice that I continue to have two unread messages from my bank when I log into in my bank account, even though as far as I can see, there are none.

I often tunnel, that is, someone often has me tunnel. Likely via that person’s computer.

You can pull off a lot of crap that way, when you force someone to tunnel through your computer.

It is so so so exhausting constantly having to hide everything from whoever is doing all this stuff. Having to go into other towns to arrange things so that they will hopefully go undetected, and ending up with many different phones and phone numbers, in the hope that at least one of them will remain undetected and go free from interference.

Constantly having to be aware of which phone is where – two of them are for 2FA only, a third one provides my internet access – just in case its camera might catch me after I get out of the shower.

Your entire life ends up revolving about what one or more unknown persons may or may not do that may or may not hamper you but is guaranteed to distract you.

This morning, this website’s admin page opened at “start monetising this website” or something along those lines.

Maybe that is what I should do too. I decided to launch a donations page.

7:25: Message from ResearchGate in my e-mail on my computer.

9:14: That same message shows up on my phone, the phone to which the computer is tethered.

When I look at the message, I realise that this is because he wants to bring a certain publication to my attention. He filters my e-mail, plays secretary. What this means is that my impression of the world and my access to knowledge gets filtered by him. (This is not how my brain works best because my brain is not able to spot connections to or even remember information that it does not receive.)

It is this publication:

Novel Materials for Myco-Decontamination of Cyanide-Containing Wastewaters through Microbial Biotechnology

(Cyanide. Fungi. Some of the stuff that I used to be into.)

I go to ResearchGate and find that I have been logged out.

I log in and I get this:

405 Not Allowed


I have been getting something similar when I log into my bank on this browser.


So these error pages have to come from, well, whoever the person is, right? Because this is typically the kind of stuff that he does.

Overnight, I got woken up by, eh, someone at 10 minutes past 2 of thereabouts. One-and-a-half hours later, I was still awake and got up to take two tablets of herbal sleep aid (extracts of hop strobile, valerian passion flower). Often, I get woken up again 2 to 3 hours later, sometimes after I have just managed to fall asleep again. That happened this time too.

I have two ways for dealing with this, besides the sleep aid. I am not going to share them.

YESTERDAY, I also suddenly spotted an e-mail from a geologist in Amsterdam that I seemed to have missed before (or that had been slotted in with an earlier time because that is the kind of thing some hackers can do too, as you’ve just realised). Was it really from this geologist or was it a spoof? Looked spoofed to me (but I say that on the basis of its contents, of course, as you usually can’t tell otherwise).

9:50 Regained access to RG.

Here we go again. And I won the jackpot!

Trying to renew the domain name for my business, and similar shit is happening as happened last year, when I lost the business website. Btw, the OLD domain name is now for sale for a few thousand bucks – because it was that good and such a solid website once, yes. Thanks, hacker.

Its associated e-mail address went up poof into thin air at the same time.
(Maybe I did something wrong, here. Will check into that. Did. No, doesn’t look like it.)

I continue to get kicked out of google.

And I just got this e-mail

Your account has been suspended
Your Google Ads account xxx-xxx-xxx has been suspended for violating our Circumventing Systems policy.

I don’t do Google ads. The e-mail looks legit. Is it? No idea.

I’ve reported it as phishing.

And in the middle of the night, I heard a phone ping and it had the strange message on it that it was unable to connect to a network. It does not have a working SIM card in it.

I think it happened to have a SIM card in it at the moment, but it is an un-activated one; see this post for more about this strange story:


Will check and remove any SIM from it, sigh.

I currently don’t even have ONE properly functioning up-to-date phone!

Hackers who attack people who are forced to use ancient phones for which security software does not even exist any longer are cowardly wimps, no matter how loudly they yell


when they break into such a phone.

And if they do so at the direction of Mr GM, then that makes it all the more despicable, doesn’t it?

A few hours later, I spotted another odd message on a phone. It disappeared as I picked up the phone. Something about “the end”, I think.

One or two hours after that, something happened that confirmed something I’d been suspecting for a while.

What that was about? Well, I haven’t had a properly working phone in a long time. They all get hacked and eventually completely demolished, my phones, particularly also because I often make do with very old ones for which there is no longer any security software.

But purchases of new phones get picked up on much quicker than purchases of used phones, in one of the many shops where you can buy a used phone, often at relatively high prices (depends; it’s mainly Cex that sucks).

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a new phone in another town some time ago and I was fortunate enough that it was both still a fairly new one and one that still has a battery that you can take out.

So I NEVER used it in my home.

Not near my home either.

I always put the battery in before I used it and removed the battery after I used the phone, usually at a great distance from my home. Oh yeah, I have learned a few things in the past decade.

And yet, from the second time I used it, I had the feeling that that phone too had already been spotted. Perhaps it was because the SIM card that I purchased with it was not working and I had to go into an official phone shop to get that sorted out. Maybe that is how I gave it all away. Or perhaps because I found myself sitting in front of a closed establishment’s outdoor camera that time, which I spotted too late. But heck, the establishment was closed.

This afternoon, it became clear that yep, this phone too is toast.

And to confirm it, I just got knocked out of my Zoom account on my PC and one of the available addresses for signing in again was “payment” with the name of the provider for that specific SIM card inserted into it.

CC to Mr Gerald Vernon-Jackson. He e-mailed me on 11 July and, in view of all the shenanigans that go on in my life here in Portsmouth, I wonder whether Mr Vernon-Jackson knows that he-mailed me.