Hate groups

Highly explanatory pages about how hate groups like 4chan and 8chan work:

These groups – including “Anonymous” – are nowhere near the benevolent force for good that some people mistake them for (more in The Guardian).

“anything goes”

That is their motto.

A male business owner in Portsmouth was targeted
with similar activity in 2018. The Sunday Times called it a “xenophobic campaign”.

Businessman falsely branded a paedophile by online bully forced to close vape shop after losing £75,000 in trade | The Newshttps://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/businessman-ruined-after-false-online-claims-of-paedophilia-dnkddg93x

The rumor began to be spread that he was a pedophile.

He was a hip, relaxed and “with it” business man and a dad. His turnover tanked (just like mine did within a year after moving to Portsmouth).

He is Scottish, not English, and that certainly played a role.

This is him before he became targeted:


This case actually went to court, which is exceedingly rare. It has clear echoes of Pizzagate. The perp comes from the same small area in town that targets me. This business man became suicidal, developed rapid-onset alopecia and became afraid to leave his home. He has left town, the trademark he took out for his undertaking still running for many years.

I also am aware of a local business owned by non-white English people that is being targeted. A local young entrepreneurial Englishwoman was too, for a while. So was an older self-employed Englishwoman. As far as I know, these cases were not as extreme as this Scotsman’s.

Here is a recent example of the misogynistic hate that abounds locally (5 May 2022): https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/crime/police-forced-to-intervene-as-woman-left-feeling-suicidal-after-widley-street-abuse-from-boys-calling-her-prostitute-and-paedophile-3681465)

(Headline in Portsmouth on 5 May 2022, about abuse that may have happened slightly to the north, on England’s mainland, in Widley near Waterlooville, as there is no “Widley Street” in Portsmouth, but I don’t have access to the actual article. Widley is part of the Greater Portsmouth conurbation, part of three municipalities, including Portsmouth. Most of Portsmouth is crammed onto tiny Portsea Island.)

The problem with abuse like this is that the targeted women are usually blamed for the abuse. Afraid of more abuse, they usually choose to stay quiet and remain anonymous.

I too have been there and I still often vacillate between being open about the abuse and not wishing to attract more abuse, but I have learned the hard way that what I do or don’t do – or wear, for that matter – doesn’t actually make a difference so I might as well be open about what is going on.

I also think that the more public and the longer I protest and the more of us do this, the more effect it will eventually have. This is not solely abuse of women. This is hate against anyone who is perceived as different, for any reason.

These 4chan and 8chan folks don’t just do things like blow up your phones and hard disks, try to get you to commit suicide, block your text messages and e-mails, steal bank cards and ID from your postal mail, change your contact details at HMRC, spread and fuel nasty rumors about you, order loads of pizzas or send a SWAT team to your house (“when she opens the door, you grab her”, I heard a female police officer whisper in front of the door to my home here years ago; I still have no idea what kind of bullshit had gotten the police to turn up that day as I heard nothing further about it when I ignored the yellow sticky note the officer left behind), remove files from your harddisk and text from your website, throw nasty “birthday parties” for you and bombard you with sexual imagery intended to upset you, have gullible people suddenly bark all sort of nonsense in your face, they also sometimes pick locks and vandalize people’s homes and so on.

Hackers are often also into lock-picking and things like knowing how to walk up to unsuspecting people from behind without them noticing, so that they can startle them or pick their pockets. I found out about this by watching a few DefCon videos on YouTube.)

It’s my impression that many of these 4chan, 8chan and incel types are painfully insecure and have a tendency to lash out at anyone who makes them more aware of their insecurities. This of course is already quite common in England anyway, with its Victorian hangups, but these 4chan, 8chan and incel types often take this to extremes.

They’re not only youngsters who work at the local providers as well as various local government offices and so on, but also a few police officers are part of this movement and it’s not only young people but also men in their forties and fifties and even one bitter old cow who works at a library who has sensitivities about her… voice… (Yes, I have a nice voice. Deal with it.) What has caused this woman to be so painfully insecure about her voice? That’s probably the fact that she has a role in which she has to interact with the public. How is that my fault?

There’s another slightly older woman who’s popped up several times over the years, playing a role in my abuse. I am starting to suspect that she is an actual actress. She is into LARPing, gaslighting people, pretending to be someone she is not. She is not necessarily based in Portsmouth. Her physical appearance makes her very convincing, but she is a con artist.

There even used to be one of these types working at my GP practice, but thankfully, she disappeared around the time that the practice became part of Trafalgar. (My blood immune values were off and they saw it as an opportunity to try to make me believe that I had blood cancer. There was a later “incident” as well, to do with my creatinine levels, which my GP had accidentally left ticked, probably because he reused the previous form on his computer.)

These folks are ridiculous. Unfortunately, they’re also immensely destructive and can even be downright dangerous:



The people who engage in this kind of abuse are extremely adept at blaming their victims. The fact that they abuse others is always the fault of those others.

This guy who accosted Chris Whitty (the UK’s version of Fauci) also tried to blame his target for his own actions. He called Whitty shy and timid and said that if his victim had said “Get off me!” he would have left him in peace. (No, he would not. First of all, he had already accosted him at that point. Second, he would have taken it as a provocation and might have started punching or kicking his victim next.)

At around the end of 2008 and the start of 2009, I became the target of what I initially thought might be a damaged individual who badly needed psychological support. Among other things, elements picked from public accounts about an older local case of so-called sadistic stalking (Tracey Morgan’s) have been used to torment me.

It turned out to be mostly potato head haters who were targeting me, however, groups composed of people with more hacking skills and hangups than common sense and life experience. People who gain a sense of significance from ridiculing, targeting and controlling others. While they did make some amends, they also destroyed a lot of trust (not just trust in people).

In the second version of my book “Is cruelty cool?”, I talk about how some of this hate comes about and what may move young people to go to a school or a mall and to start shooting random people or to attack complete strangers in some other way.

The onus for changing and preventing such negative developments is mostly on politicians because it is often politicians who set them in motion. Politicians must avoid otherising language and otherising (discriminatory) policies as much as possible and seek to increase equality and seek to enable everyone to flourish.

To flourish is to be respected as a human being, to be as healthy and content as possible – housed and fed well – and able to support themselves financially – or be supported, free from authoritarian demands and threats and, if able, to have the opportunity to choose work that is not punishment for being alive at a pitiful pay but enjoyable or at least paid well enough to enable people to support themselves and make work worth their while.