The illegality of British government actions

A pattern is starting to emerge. The British government does not display a lot of respect for the law.

At least one judge has commented that the government is wasting the tax payers’ money as well as judicial capacity.

The pattern shows unequivocally that the British government goes after the most vulnerable in British society and seeks to protect the wealthiest in society.

Apparently, the Lord Chancellor has the task of ensuring the government’s compliance with the rule of law. As of the beginning of this year, that is David Gauke, appointed by HM the Queen on advice of the Prime Minister. So the Prime Minister recommends who gets to monitor the legality of her own government’s actions? Hmm.

His predecessors were Chris Grayling (2012-2015), Michael Gove (2015-2016), Elizabeth Truss (2016-2017) and David Lidington (2017-2018). All Conservatives.

3 thoughts on “The illegality of British government actions

  1. In the meantime, EU migrants in Britain contribute big time in taxes in spite of all the myths the government spouts about an imaginary concept called “benefits tourism”:

    The Home Office is also currently attempting to deport a victim of child trafficking who was kept in Britain as a slave, in spite of the government having promised to “put victims first” in the clampdown on child trafficking. He’s turned 18.

    And today, MPs on the Commons Health Committee had to urge NHS chiefs to stop giving patient data to the Home Office, as requested by the Home Office in a Memorandum of Understanding, because it clashes with the duty of confidentiality and raises health concerns. See for example


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