Brain structure not as rigid as scientists once believed

While I have said a few times that people cannot change their brain structure on command, which is why it is immensely short-sighted of clinical psychologists and other health professionals to rant and rave about people who have for example a narcissistic personality disorder, I have also mentioned that I hope that new therapies will become available to support people with such brain structures. I’ve dropped the word neurofeedback as a suggestion for an avenue to explore within this context.

This morning, I read that the brain structure and connectivity of clinically depressed people changes within six weeks under the right treatment.

Representative map of the affected connections in the brain. The number of these connections increased after treatment. Credit: Jonathan Repple.
Should read “Radboud” instead of “Rabdoud”:

No longer seen as correct:
“the structure of the adult brain is generally rigid and incapable of rapid change

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