I am seething

I have been seething with anger for days.

Liz Truss is a spineless selfish wuss. I couldn’t believe that she already threw in the towel after a few weeks. It did nothing to help the country. It is utterly self-serving and does nothing for the backward views on women here either.

Now there is talk of the horrible Trump clone returning, the Trump clone who declared that people like me – EU citizens many of who have been living here for decades and have helped the country survive when the English couldn’t manage for example their own power plants because the English didn’t have the required knowledge – shouldn’t get any crazy ideas and expect to feel safe and at home here.

We foreigners are told that we’re all from countries that have no decent healthcare, almost no education, no intelligent people, certainly no universities, no values, no integrity.

We often find ourselves dumbfounded by the low quality of education here.

Slovenia and Poland are about to overtake the UK in terms of average income and income equality too, according to a recent article in the Financial Times.

I get called “vulnerable” because I want to be allowed to make my own living and be free from lock-picking and other malicious interference and because I don’t want to be treated like a recalcitrant 3-year-old just because I am over 45. Because I don’t want to drown myself in knitting, crocheting, embroidery and the art of baking cookies just because that is what any good Englishwoman is supposed to do.

I get mocked because I want to be as healthy as possible. That’s seen as utterly delusional for anyone over 45.

Here in town, I have had two male idiots empty a bucket with liquid over me because, hey, I am not a fully fledged member of the human species and that makes it okay. I have had two women on the same Saturday stop in front of me, look me up and down and start laughing at me on a day when I behaved and looked the same way that I had done in the weeks before and would continue to do in the following weeks.

(Some of you’ve stood at the gates of some of our children’s schools and told our puzzled children to go home or to go back to where they came from.)

I’ve even had stones thrown at me a few times. How dare I object to that.

That is the extent of English values. Making fun of other people’s sensibility. To be sensible is seen as utterly objectionable over here.

To get away with the least effort possible, make as many excuses as possible and be proud of sloppiness, those things became English standards long before I moved here. In fact, some of those “standards” have improved a little since I moved here and are likely to be going down the drain again soon. Mustn’t adopt any of that international quality daftness.

I can’t even make any jokes here because a) most of the English have no sense of humour that doesn’t involve a form of sadism but worse b) it’s usually mistaken for me making a language error.

We foreigners are flabbergasted that the English believe that they’re the best thing since sliced bread and far superior to all the other people out there in other nations, including those in Scotland and Wales. Where on earth do they get that idea from?

I have had it. I am drawing the line. I will take no more shit from any English people. I’ve had it. You people are a joke and this country is a joke. This is not a recent development. It’s been like this for at least about 20 years. You’re only increasingly seeing the cascading results of your own misplaced beliefs in your superiority and your world-dominance. Now you have ended up with a bunch of utterly amateurish fools running your government.

Why do you prefer clowns, fools and bullies over capable and sensible people?

I have held my mouth shut for a long time because I felt that you’re entitled to your own culture with its own idiocies and idiosyncrasies. Every country has them, after all. Even when you voted to leave the EU, I wrote that if this would bring the improvements that this broken country so badly needs, then I was all for it. This was your country, after all, to do with as you pleased.

But now I’ve had it. I will no longer keep my mouth shut and I will no longer put up with any stupid insults and mockery from English folks. It’s you who are the stupid dimwitted ones and it’s you who are making a mockery of yourselves.

I am merely observing and describing.

Please don’t tell me that this only concerns the Tories. This also applies to the Lib Dems and to Labour. Please don’t tell me that the Tories lie all the time. One of the biggest disappointments in my life was discovering that many of the English lie almost all the time. It’s part of your culture. If you want to change that, you have to start changing the culture.

You see people who appreciate honesty and sincerity and doing the best job possible as naive fools. Well, now you have ended up with the results of that.

5 thoughts on “I am seething

  1. Of the three Tories we seem to be faced with, I’d like to see Penny Mordaunt win. Would be good for Portsmouth too, with its chronic inferiority complex. I think she’s capable, yes, and I also think she is capable of learning quickly from her mistakes and not likely to throw the towel in too soon. Do I agree with her on a lot of things? No, does not look like it. But that does not matter right now.

  2. Do I think any of these Tory folks are good enough? No. My favorite had been Tom Tugendhat; he seemed to be the least crazy/most balanced of them all. Rishi Sunak has the smell of the failed previous cabinet(s) hanging around him. Does he understand anything of what the country is actually like? I doubt it. He and his wife are among the richest and his experience is relatively limited (hedge funds, mostly). In that respect too, Mordaunt likely stands the closest to the people and has the broadest experience. Will she be able to get the right people around her? She’d damn well have to, so she will. (She’s already said she’ll keep Hunt. This is England, doesn’t mean a thing. Will it be different this time? We’ll have to wait and see. Sunak would be a better choice for Chancellor of the Exchequer. I don’t believe in letting people run departments they don’t understand but something is to be said for keeping Hunt on.) She brings a sense of fresh change with her because she gets pegged around the globe and in the UK as “who is she?”. So she might be the best also for that reason.

    Rory Stewart would have been a good one to have on the team too, but I think he is no longer available. I hope she gets Tom Tugendhat on board. Rishi Sunak would be good to run health, perhaps. He seems decisive and hard-working.

    But after that, people had better stop voting these clowns into power and make the country swing left if they want (it) to survive.

  3. The Guardian:
    Deltapoll survey of 4,000 voters found Mordaunt was more appealing to voters in seats the Tories had gained in 2019 than Sunak or Johnson. It also found she was seen as more trustworthy.

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