Stalking and the police

Going to the police because you’re being stalked usually aggravates the situation.

I have been warning against reporting stalking to the police for years. I have also written a white paper describing a solution. Cases of stalking and harassment need to be dealt with very differently, not just in England but also in the rest of the world, and there needs to be exchange of information on stalkers.

Currently, a stalking victim can go to the police and not be believed only to find out later that the police were completely unaware that there already was a string of complaints from others against the same stalker.

However, the public at large also bears a responsibility. The otherization of victims that makes it possible for stalking to continue not only often comes from police officers but also from people in the surroundings of the victims. There is a tremendous amount of hate for stalking victims. Many people pounce on them like a proverbial pack of hyenas.

This is because stalking victims upset people’s beliefs, for example, beliefs about their own safety. This can make stalking victims be perceived as a threat. (This is neuroscience.) It is why the only empathy for stalking victims usually comes from women who have been stalked themselves.

(Here in Portsmouth, however, there even seem to be gangs of vicious people who collectively engage in stalking and harassment activities. They often target female business owners and business owners who aren’t local or who aren’t ethnic white English. If you’re based in Portsmouth and have a stalker, you should be aware of this because these other folks can complicate the picture, making it hard to figure out who is doing what to you and why. These local folks may even latch on to you because they notice that something isn’t right in your life, then perceive you as “vulnerable” and easy to target.)

A Scottish business owner in Portsmouth was targeted in 2018 in what the Sunday Times called it a “xenophobic campaign”. It has clear echoes of Pizzagate. The perpetrator was living within a stone’s throw from me. (Cross the street, then go left.)

Businessman falsely branded a paedophile by online bully forced to close vape shop after losing £75,000 in trade | The News

Time : “What to Know About Pizzagate, the Fake News Story With Real Consequences”
Wikipedia : Pizzagate conspiracy theory

If you have an anonymous stalker and something like this gets added to the mix, certainly if that too is anonymous or starts at around the same time, how can you still tell who is doing what? Chances are that you will quickly lose credibility among those who are not targeting you.

The following was also in the news this morning:

I suspect that some with me in it recently started being circulated locally.

Something I want stalking victims to keep in mind is that homelessness can make it much harder for some stalkers to target you remotely. It can even force a stalker to come out of the woodwork if you do not know yet who your stalker is.

(I learned that the hard way. Hindsight, however, is 20/20. I had no idea what I was dealing with at the time, let alone who.)

There are no more locks to be picked, there is no more postal mail to be stolen and there are much fewer hacking opportunities. Get yourself a clean phone and do not communicate via your usual communication channels (use new email addresses etc). Your contacts’ phones may get hacked, though; keep that in mind. Stalkers can be immensely persistent.

If you’re of a certain age, choosing homelessness as an effective solution that helps you get out of the claws of a stalker is not an easy thing to do, though. It’s easier if you’re in your twenties or thirties or perfectly healthy and in great shape. The season also plays a role. It’s not nice to be out there when you’re cold and soaking wet from the rain.

I wrote this in 2011:

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