Is this what crappy local leadership looks like?

Is he aware of these issues? Has he quietly discussed them with these folks?

(Yeah, okay, it’s a difficult balancing act in a place where just about everyone hates just about everyone else. In practice, you may have to cater to lots of small sections of the local demographic, hoping to cater to everyone that way.)

I’ve been told by the folks at Hale Court that they overcharge people who use their services and that the level of the courses they provide sucks by nurse Ruth Mbvundula, who was in her 60s but found a better course at The Learning Place; I helped her with a laptop when she was living in Stamshaw Road and this was possible because she was not English so, unlike English people, she did not think that I was after sex, marriage or another kind of romantic relationship when I offered to help. I also happen to know that they only seem to want to cater to white English people or maybe “Pompey born and bred” people.

In the past, this organization has been in the news because of the exorbitant salaries of its management. I don’t know if that is still the case.

I’m in my sixties too now, but I can’t get any support from them. I no longer want their help. (Someone else in Portsmouth – one of the pleasant, capable and decent public library employees, so someone who isn’t sadistic and hateful – told me to seek their help some time ago. I think I had asked her if she was being pestered too merely because she is no longer under 45. I sometimes ask random people such questions to get a handle on what is going on this town.)

I was looking for something else, when this popped up in my view for some reason (not the hacker’s doing).

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