Avalanche, Lech, Austria

Everyone’s been found. Four injured, one severely. The latter one is in hospital. Six escaped successfully.

Also, the total number of people affected was lower than initially assumed on the basis of videos. Some people reported in to the police that they were safe and sound.

About 200 rescuers had been digging for any missing people.

I am posting this because it is news that I haven’t seen on the home pages of the BBC, CNN, and The Guardian. It’s not local news. Lots of foreigners go to Lech to ski.

There’ve also been three or more incidents involving guns in the Netherlands in recent days, but that is local news. One was a home robbery, involving three kids; money and goods were taken. At least one was a police shooting. In a shooting in Amsterdam, a 17-year-old got killed and a 16-year-old arrested. Sadly, there is a lot more major crime activity there these days than there used to be. One of the latest new trends there is the use of explosions rather than shootings in cases of retaliation and intimidation.

13:02: I just spotted the avalanche news on The Guardian’s home page.

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