When your customer forgets to collect a repaired laptop

Like everybody else, I occasionally take items to repair shops to have them repaired. I have done that with shoes, with stereo equipment and with computers, including a laptop.

laptopI always collect my stuff timely. Sometimes, the shop owner will text me when the item is ready for collection. If not, then the shop owner will have already given me a date from which I can collect the item. I usually give the shop an extra day to make sure that the product is indeed ready. If I am too busy to stop by sooner, then I collect my goods at the first available occasion.

But what are you as repair shop owner to do when a customer forgets to collect an item? It may sound incredible, but there are customers who still show up ten months later and ask for their stuff.

I have template letters for you that you can send to your customers when they don’t collect whatever it is that they left with you, provided there is no dispute. You can complete those letters yourself. Again, you can only use these templates if there is no dispute regarding the item or items.

Repairer’s template letter 1:    add to cart

Repairer’s template letter 2:    add to cart

Repairer’s template letter 3:    add to cart

We’ll e-mail you your template within 48 hours, usually sooner.

If you don’t have the time to complete any templates yourself, then we will happily custom-write a letter for you. You can use the buttons below and e-mail us all the information (and your digital stationery file, in Word).

After receipt of payment and the required materials, we’ll write the letter for you and send it to you by e-mail (or postal mail, if needed). Then you can print it, sign it, copy it and post it.

Repairer’s custom-written letter 1:    add to cart

Repairer’s custom-written letter 2:    add to cart

Repairer’s custom-written letter 3:    add to cart

If you chose this option, but didn’t send us the the required information, we’ll contact you.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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