Here we go again

I am receiving account statements from companies where I don’t have accounts (Boost and BD Swiss), payments that were supposed to come in have not arrived (not yet, in any case, but they’re usually earlier; we’ll see how it goes) (royalties from Amazon and a repayment from HMRC), the browser buttons including the back button on my new phone’s screen have disappeared as had (yesterday) the bit of video that I shot of the UoP marine sciences building near the Hayling Island ferry (the day before yesterday). Or am I merely imagining this latter bit? Did I cut it from the file, myself, perhaps? Okay, maybe I did! (lol) Okay, I probably did. Yep. (I had to transfer it to the older computer to be able to rotate it by 180 degrees and then transfer it back again so I probably cut a lot from the file to speed it all up a bit.)

I am getting something else too.

The something else that I am getting confirms the position of slavery that I am considered to be in. The “I will break you, goddammit” signal.

No, you won’t.

I was going to top up my call credit today and call a bunch of businesses today (as I have come up with another idea to circumvent at least some of the hacking; it may not work but I won’t know that until I’ve put it to the test), get coffee and something else – because all I have left is buckwheat and rice – and I was going to take some more steps towards freeing me from the stranglehold of hacking. I guess I won’t? But the day has only just begun. The payments I was expecting may still arrive. (And if they don’t today, then maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.)

Except, I have had twelve years of this. But, we’ll see… It’s still early.

I am just a delusional old cow, of course. Going senile or something. I can’t find the on / off button on her computer and I blame that on hackers so that I don’t have to admit that I am too dim to find the on / off button on my computer. Or into some kind of attention-seeking spiel. Oh yeah! I so love love love being a professional chair sitter.

2 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. As you may know, many of my client payments started to go wrong, sometimes even twice for the same payment, as of October 2019 and I was being taunted about it.

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