Does noise often wake you?

Put the sound of the surf on repeat. You’ll sleep better. Maybe you’ll even dream that you’re a California surfer or a South Carolina van-lifer or camping on the Isle of Wight or Skye or the Outer Hebrides.

You can use an old phone with decent sound quality as your MP3 player. You can plug the phone into these and then these into this or that, and then this or that into that.

Sound complicated? Sound expensive? Nah. I am am just messin’ with ya. Kinda. But not really.

I’ll give you a download of one hour of surf. Below is the mp3 file (75 MB). You can get the 635 MB wav file from my Google Drive.

This sound file below may help you relax and fall asleep. Use it with headphones or earbuds; it won’t work if you put it on your speakers. (Binaural beats, delta.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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