This is NOT dignity, this is NOT care

This is abuse.

I suspect that the mere therapeutic use of colors, the provision of warm SOFT cuddly materials to decorate the rooms with and the application of nature sounds and music could already make a huge difference.

These kids and adults are locked away the same way wild animals like tigers are kept on concrete or grid floors in bare cages at the facilities where so many people from all over the world are trying to free them from. This is also almost like Yulin, isn’t it?

Nicolas Joncour. He doesn’t speak but he uses a keyboard to communicate, writes and plays the piano. He wrote this article and the above quote in 2016:

This is a wonderful 2018 video about him. He was a university student by that time.

This is him now:

By the way, something similar goes for children with Down syndrome. While countries like Iceland have eradicated Down syndrome from the population (via abortion etc), in the US, more and more people with Down syndrome are graduating from colleges and universities. (So you see, there is another side to almost very story.) Where there is a will to empower people, there is a way.

Surprised? Well, remember that women too were kept out of universities for a long time. Studying would damage their reproductive systems was one of the claims made to accomplish that. Even the length of women’s thigh bones has been thrown in as a measure to prove that women were not suitable for education.

People with Down syndrome used to have short lives because of the medical challenges they are born with, but nowadays, medicine having advanced over time, once they’ve made it into their twenties, they can put that behind them and lead relatively long and happy and even fairly conventionally “productive” lives.

Non-Down people, by contrast, tend to require increasingly expensive medical care the older they get. This goes particularly for women. Because women live longer than men. You don’t eradicate women for that reason, do you? And you don’t talk about the financial cost of constructing highways and homes and office buildings and factories – or of IVF and midwives and caesarians – as a reason for limiting population growth either. So why talk about the financial costs of helping non-mainstream people thrive?

(I addressed such issues in an online course that I made a few years ago after I wrote the first version of my book about the new eugenics.)

PS Henny K also is autistic.

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