Autism care and autism research

I just caught up on an online seminar that I had missed earlier this week.

As my “keeper” (see the “tamagotchi” page) may be autistic and I discovered, in the course of trying to find out what the hell I am dealing with here in Portsmouth, that I’d known an autistic woman in Amsterdam for decades (which she’s confirmed), I am trying to learn more about autism.

Here are some resources that I just heard mentioned (by Leon Brenner) and that may be useful to you. I haven’t looked at them myself yet.

Watch this.

Γ€ ciel ouvert, a film by Mariana Otero and Anne Paschetta (2013). On the Franco-Belgian border, there’s a unique place that takes in children with mental and social problems. Day after day, the adults try to understand the enigma that each one of them represents and, without ever imposing anything on them, invent the solutions that will help them to live in peace, case by case. Through their stories, ‘Like an Open Sky’ reveals their singular vision of the world to us. This is the trailer.

Books by Donna Williams:

Book by Bruno Bettelheim:

Books by Temple Grandin:

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