White versus Black?

I’m not black, but I too am very pleased with Harry and Meghan calling things as they are and not sugarcoating them. I have gotten tears in my eyes a few times when reading about various things Meghan’s experienced here.

The affinity I feel with Meghan strikes me as ridiculous because at first sight you’d think that we have very little in common other than that we are both women from overseas. Maybe that alone says it all.

The way Harry and Meghan speak out about things that go on here was long overdue. I am very grateful they had the guts to do this. It’s not just the Royal Family this is about and we all know it.

So I’d been pretty disgusted and disappointed with some of the responses that I’d seen so far. I’m pleased to see some have the guts to call those responses out too.

Click on image to access Nels Abbey’s article

Next day: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/commentisfree/2022/dec/10/meghan-and-harrys-documentary-has-hit-the-raw-nerve-of-tabloid-prejudice

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