Please, allow Ukrainian professionals in the UK to do the type of work that they are qualified for and don’t force them into poverty and powerlessness

Those who have no good command of English should still be able to work with their fellow Ukrainians in the UK in their professional capacities of psychologists etc.

Many do speak English and some speak several other languages. While their expertise may not translate directly into the British practice, someone who for example was a lawyer or business person in Ukraine, can still serve well in Britain too by making use of their professional background, their insights, their brains.

They don’t necessarily all need to work as retail and restaurant staff or meat factory workers.

There is no more place for neo-colonial thinking. Colonial thinking belongs in the 19th century.

Remember… in terms of prosperity, Poland and Slovenia are about to overtake Britain. Many other EU countries have a great deal more prosperity already. Hence, Ukraine may not at all be as “backward” as some of you may be telling yourselves either, right?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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