Tabloid-style reporting. Homeless man: “… in business.” Rishi Sunak: “Do you work in business?” The people who criticize Sunak here are the awfully biased ones.

Sunak expresses accepts the reality that ANYONE can become homeless.

He reveals insight.

Sunak is right. A good income gets you out of it.

The people who criticize him are the ones who don’t get it. They are the ones who believe that you need to be a drug addict or schizophrenic or alcoholic or learning-disabled to become homeless. That’s Thatcherist thinking.

I’ve met a guy in Southsea who used to be a stockbroker. Something went wrong and he became homeless. When I ran into him, he was giving free financial advice to people in poverty, helping them with forms etc. at a food bank.

He told me that it might be wiser to register a limited Company.

Because then you’re an employee, he said. If you need help from the council, being self-employed confuses the hell out of council staff.

Being an employee, that they get.

(They know absolutely nothing about running a business, but sometimes assume that they’re the smart ones and that their customers are dumb.)

That guy in Southsea was right. I should have registered a Limited Company back then. For the reasons he had pointed out to me.

There is another guy in Southsea who started a charity to help people in poverty (Provide a Meal, I think it was called). He was based at Innovation Space. He too was highly educated and it was his own experiences that made made him decide to start helping others who are in poverty. He too may have been homeless at some point, but he was not very chatty, so I can only guess.

Now get this….

I wrote the above BEFORE I watched the video.

Then I fell off my chair.

The guy actually SAYS “I’m homeless right now but I’m interested in business.” Then he, the man’s name is Steve, mentions finance. (He may possibly also say something about geography.) He comes across as being educated. Sunak responds to that, responds to what he says.

Business owners DO sometimes end up homeless (and some even very deliberately start living in a car to cut down on expenses and get their business started).

This is AWFUL.

This is absolutely horrible.

But it’s not Sunak who is being awful here.

This is repulsive tabloid-style reporting.

And, for the record, I vote Green Party, not Conservatives.

Now you know with absolute certainty that the Labour Party is not the solution for Britain, if you still had any doubts about that. (They apparently believe that you are all swimming in cash and aren’t struggling, folks.)

I find this horrific, truly horrific. And I am astonished to find myself defending a Conservative politician.

It’s these Labour politicians as well as The Guardian’s Michael Savage that make me cringe.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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